9th Class CBSE PSA English Solved Question Papers 2014

Welcome to CBSE Class 9th PSA English Solved Question Papers 2014 Section. You will find here 9th Class CBSE PSA English Solved Question Papers 2014 online which help you for better preparation.

CBSE PSA Class 9 - Quiz (English):

Q1:  The hypocritical minister spoke about the need to save diesel, but drove around in a big SUV. 'Hyocritical' stands for ______________.

(a) highly moral
(b) non sincere
(c) arrogant
(d) sincere

Q2: She has an insatiable love for dancing. 'insatiable' stands for ____________

(a) unquenchable
(b) stubborn
(c) undesirable
(d) voracious
Q3: Impossible is related to Feasible in the same way Theoretical is related to ____________

(a) Radical
(b) Usable
(c) Workable
(d) Practical

Q4: Testimony is to prejury as

(a) crime is to implication
(b) property is to vandalism
(c) reputation is to testify
(d) cheating is to malpractice

Q5: Reading : Knowledge :: Work : ?

(a) Experience
(b) Engagement
(c) Employment
(d) Experiment

Q6: Errata : Books :: Flaws : ?

(a) Manuscripts
(b) Speech
(c) Furniture
(d) Metals

Q7: I think you are talking apples and oranges and I don't think you can consider it an urban issue. 'Apple and oranges" means ________.

(a) comparing completely different things
(b) comparing very similar things
(c) selling and buying fruits
(d) talking unnecessarily

Q8: The Britishers had been ipso facto the real rulers of our country. 'Ipso facto' means ______.

(a) in fact
(b) by the law
(c) once
(d) entirely

Q9: The popularity of yesteryear's' superstars is on the wane. "On the wane" here means ______.

(a) at its peak
(b) declining
(c) growing more
(d) rock-bottom

Q10: I am a god fearing person. I will lay my cards on the table. "Lay my cards" here means ______.

(a) showing your play cards and end the game.
(b) bluffing in a game
(c) telling truth about your feelings.
(d) confessing

Q11: One who is new to a profession is called _________

(a) beginner
(b) entrant
(c) fresher
(d) novice

Q12: Who is the most indispencible player in our cricket team? The correct spelling of 'indispencible' is __________.

(a) indispencable
(b) indispensible
(c) indispensable
(d) indispinsable

1: (b) non sincere
2: (a) unquenchable
3: (d) Practical
4: (b) property is to vandalism
5: (a) Experience

6: (d) Metals
7: (a) comparing completely different things
8: (a) in fact
9: (b) declining
10: (c) telling truth about your feelings.
11: (d) novice
12: (c) indispensable

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