9th Class CBSE PSA Result 2014 announced

The results of the class IX Problem Solving Assessment test, conducted by CBSE for the second time for classes IX and XI this year, were sent to individual schools on Friday.

According to CBSE officials, Chennai was one of the four regions where the results have been declared. The test, which will substitute the Formative Assessment 4 (FA 4) component, carries a 10 per cent weightage in the overall marking scheme.

Though the Board had provided students with sample papers, there was no set syllabus. The paper tested students on aspects such as creative thinking, critical thinking, CBSE problem solving Assessment (CBSE PSA) and communication.

Students who wrote the examination in February and are yet to hear of the results said they found the paper interesting.

Harsh Munoth, a class IX student said that he was quite anxious before the paper, despite the school having given them training because the scores will reflect in four subjects — maths, science, social studies and either English or Language in the FA 4 component. “I really enjoyed the test. Though we faced only one exam, it tested us on four subjects,” he said.

However, some schools said that since the test was conducted for the first time, and the concept was still new to students, the students’ performance has been varied.

Mailing of PSA Result 2014 for class IX

V. Suma Padmanabhan, principal, Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School, said that while the results threw up some individual surprises, it was not very exciting on the whole as the Formative Assessment is a component where students score well.

“While there are students who have scored a 9 on a 10-point scale, most students have scored between 6-8 points. Many have fared well in English and science, while maths might be a disappointment to them. Usually, students get A1s and A2s in the FA,” she said.

TMJ Padmanabhan, principal, Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Avadi said that students in the school have largely scored above 60 per cent. At another school in south Chennai where 176 class IX students took the exam, the highest was 8.89 on 10. However, some of their scores hit rock-bottom too.

“Teachers were saying that students needed more preparation because it is a new format. The lowest score was recorded in social studies. But students have the opportunity to sit for the exam next year and improve their scores,” an official said.

The 90-mark paper, which had 60 multiple-choice questions, tested students on quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis and language conventions.

The PSA score will reflect in the FA 4 scores of the four subjects and will be carried forward to the FA 4 of the next academic year.

The class XI PSA results are yet to be announced.


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