AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is an nonprofit educational body approved by government of India to encourage, to promote and to ensure the quality education in India. The All India Council for Technical Education is a statutory body and a national level council for technical education, under department of higher education Ministry of human resource development. It established in 1945 as an national level apex advisory body to conduct survey on the facilities on technical education and to promote development in the country in a coordinated and integrated manner. It accredits postgraduate and undergraduate programmes at Indian institutions.

The AICTE has its headquarters in New Delhi. The AICTE comprises of 8 bureaus and for each bureau , advisors/directors is the bureau head who is assisted by technical officers and other supporting staff.

  • Administration (admin) Bureau
  • Academic bureau
  • Approval bureau
  • Finance bureau
  • Planning and coordination bureau
  • Research institute and faculty development bureau
  • University bureau

There are 12 cells constituted for performing specific functions:

  • Anti ragging cell
  • CMAT cell
  • Complaint cell
  • E-governance cell
  • GPAT cell
  • Interna audit cell
  • Legal cell
  • News letter cell
  • NVEQF cell
  • Public grievance cell
  • Vigilance cell


  • Major emphasis on designing effective teaching methodologies and systematicall designing the problem solving approach.
  • Greater exposure to industrial and manufacturing processes.
  • To eliminate/remove outdated technologies and put emphasis on application of new and appropriate technologies.
  • Greater input of management, education and professional communication skill.

AICTE  role only advisory and guidance

The role of AICTE should of a advisory and a note should be given to the UGC for the implementation of the technical courses. MBA was not a technical course and AICTE approval was not required for conducting it.

Colleges affiliated to a university are not obliged to take permission from the AICTE to conduct MBA /MCA courses.

Note for students

If you want the courses have value and acceptance at everywhere, the go for study in those colleges approve by AICTE.

Either AICTE or HRD approval is required for university, otherwise it should be a deemed university. Open University without this approval is useless or not valid.

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