Azeezia Medical College

Azeezia institute of medical Sciences & Research - Azeezia institute of medical Sciences & Research, Courses, Admission, Campus, Results, Alumni, Fees, Eligibility, Studies, Exams, is an educational initiative by Podikunju Musaliar Memorial Charitable and Educational Trust which was in turn started in 2001 to cherish the visionary and philanthropic activities of Late. Shri. Podikunju Musaliar (1912-1989). .

(Affiliated to University of Kerala and Approved by Government of India & Medical Council of India Ac.B/02/9002/2007 dt.13/08/09.)

Welcome to Azeezia Medical College
Azeezia Medical College is first in kollam district initiative by Podikunju Musaliar Memorial Charitable and Educational Trust is a stand alone institution located in a picturesque environment 6 km away from NH 47.we ensure quality service with ultra modern facilities at a very affordable rates as compared to all other healthcare Institutions in India

Institute Details
Established in: 
Fee Amount: 
Affiliated to: 
University of Kerla
Regular Course
Fee Structure: 
2 - 4 lacs
Kind of courses: 
Post Graduation
Available Courses: 
How to reach
Email id: 
Phone Numbers: 
0474-3069200 Fax: 309397
Contact Person: 
Meeyannoor P.O Kollam Kerala Kollam-37 India
Other Details
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Placement Amount: 
S.I.No Name of Post Name 1. Principal Dr.Y.M Fazil Marickar Shamier manzil,Mosque Lane,Kumarapuram,Trivandrum,Kerala,India pin:695011,Ph:0471-2443891,Fax:0471-2443171 2. Medical Superintendent Dr.L.Reghu ANATOMY 3. Professor Dr.P.C.Kunjumon 4. Associate Professor Dr.Surendra 5. Assistant Professor Dr.Prakash.K.G. 6. Assistant Professor Dr.Yogesh M 7. Tutor Dr.Mahadevappa 8. Tutor Dr.Rizwan Javad 9. Tutor Dr.Shiny T N 10 Tutor Dr.Biji .B.Raj Mrs.Sreevidya.S PHYSIOLOGY 11. Professor Dr.Sasikala.L 12. Associate Professor Dr.Usha Harishchandran 13. Assistant Professor Dr.Shiny George 14. Assistant Professor Dr.Padmanabha B. V Tutor Dr.Amjad Nizamudeen 15. Tutor Dr.Janardhana.T 16. Tutor Dr.Sunuraj Sivarajan 17. Tutor Dr.Pandurangaiah.P 18. Mr.Sandeep.G BIOCHEMISTRY 19. Professor Dr.Subaida.M.R 20. Associate Professor Prof.Dr.Shankar Shashidar 21. Assistant Professor Dr.Jaiprakash M 22. Tutor Dr.Venkatesh.H.A 23. Tutor Dr.Sandeep.A.S 24. Tutor Dr.Darshan Kumar H.S 25. Tutor Dr.Chinnappa.M.Kokatnoor Tutor Mrs. Asha K R PHARMACOLOGY 26. Professor 27. Associate Professor Dr.Ambili Remesh 28. Assistant Professor Dr.Ahmed.A.K 29. Assistant Professor Dr.Heethal Jaiprakash 30. Tutor Dr.Irshad.B.R 31. Tutor Dr.Bharath.M.S PATHOLOGY 32. Professor Dr.V.G.Chellam 33. Associate Professor Dr.Trupti Joshi 34. Associate Professor Dr.Damodaran 35. Assistant Professor Dr.Anitha.B 36. Assistant Professor Dr.Ruby Elizebath alias 37. Assistant Professor Dr.Divyesh Kantivan Goswami 38. Tutor Dr.Ajmal.S 39. Tutor Dr.VirupakshappaIrappa Bagewadi 40. Tutor Dr.Pradeep Kumar.K.S 41. Tutor Dr.Sathish Kumar.D 42. Tutor Dr.Ranjith Kumar.C MICROBIOLOGY 43. Professor Dr.Ramla Beevi .S 44. Associate Professor Dr.Sreenivasalu Reddy 45. Assistant Professor Dr.Leslie Jose Selvaraj 46. Assistant Professor Dr.Anil Kumar Reddy 47. Tutor Dr.Divya Raj.M.L 48. Tutor Dr.Basavaraja 49. Tutor Dr.Rahul R Menon Tutor Mrs.Neena.A FORENSIC MEDICINE 50. Professor Dr.G.Sujathan 51. Associate Professor 52. Assistant Professor Dr.C.Ranjith 53. Tutor Dr.Nalini.Y.C 54. Tutor Dr.Mahantesh Ghaniger COMMUNITY MEDICINE 55. Professor Prof.Dr.Chitra Somasundaram 56. Associate Professor 57. Associate Professor Dr.Praveen Kanth 58. Assistant Professor Dr.Ajayakumar S.M 59. Assistant Professor 60. Epidem.Cum.Lecturer/Asst.Professor Dr.Catherine Simon 61. Statistician cum Lect. Mrs.Jeffy Binu 62. Tutor Dr.Varun Byrappa 63. Tutor Dr.Madhu Sudan.C 64. Tutor Dr.Varun .N 65. Tutor Dr.Manjunath.V.Goudar RURAL HEALTH TRAINING CENTER 66. Assistant Professor- AMO- R.H.T.C Dr.S.Narayanan Nair 67. Lady Medical officer Dr.Sherin Shajahan URBAN HEALTH TRAINING CENTER 68. Assistant Professor – AMO – U.H.T.C Dr.Deepak M.G 69. Lady Medical Officer Dr.Maina.J GENERAL MEDICINE 70. Professor Dr.B.Satya Narayana Nehru 71. Associate Professor Dr.K Sreekanthan 72. Associate Professor Dr.Rajendran 73. Associate Professor Dr.Venkitta Swamy 74. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Amrithlal.P 75. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Anil Vijaya Kumar 76. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Deepu Rajendran 77. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Annie Jacob 78. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Binu T G 79. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.George Jacob 80. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr. Shanid A 81. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Joseph Cardoz 82. Junior Resident Dr.Sreejith.S 83. Junior Resident Dr.Dhanesh.E.S 84. Junior Resident Dr.Sajin Jose .D 85. Junior Resident Dr.Abdul Jaleel V 86. Junior Resident Dr.Jiju S 87. Junior Resident Dr.Simna Rajan 88. Junior Resident Dr.Junu V 89. Junior Resident Dr.JiJi Justus J.R 90. Junior Resident Dr.Mohammed shafi P.A 91. Junior Resident Drdonald Luke mathew 92. Junior Resident Dr.Arun Ravi 93. Junior Resident Dr.Prabhu K Namboodiri TB & CHEST 94. Assistant Professor Dr.Sanjeev Kumar 95. Senior Resident 96. Junior Resident Dr.Shyni Vetus 97. Junior Resident Dr.Pavan kumar DERMATOLOGY 98. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Rathish.T.Pillai 99. Senior Resident Dr .Hemachandran K 100. Junior Resident Dr.Giron.S 101. Junior Resident Dr. Riyas.A PSYCHIATRY 102. Assistant Professor Dr.Ragesh 103. Senior Resident Dr.Radhakrishnan M.P 104. Junior Resident Dr.Shahikiran K.B 105. Junior Resident Dr Jacob John PAEDIATRICS 106. Professor Dr.A.Abdul Shukoor 107. Associate Professor Dr.Rajendran.K 108. Assistant Professor Dr.M.N Prabhu 109. Assistant Professor Dr Alex Ummen 110. Senior Resident Dr.Sathish.H.S 111. Senior Resident Dr.Salim Thaha 112. Junior Resident Dr.Pournami S.V 113. Junior Resident Dr.Ganesh 114. Junior Resident Dr.Harish K .M 115. Junior Resident Dr.Vasudeva B 116. Junior Resident Dr.Minju george 117. Junior Resident Dr.Sharanayya GENERAL SURGERY 118. Professor & HOD Dr.P.Rajasekaran Pillai 119. Professor Dr.Fazil marickar 120. Associate Professor Dr L Reghu 121. Associate Professor Dr.Renny Nepolean 122. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.R.Venukumar 123. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Murali 124. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Ajayan G 125. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr.Renu Thomas 126. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.N.Rajendra Prasad 127. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Margie Xavier.K 128. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Jacob John 129. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Rajendran S 130. Junior Resident Dr.Ershad.T 131. Junior Resident Dr.Shahina Abdul Latheef 132. Junior Resident Dr.Darsan.S 133. Junior Resident Dr.Jaise jacob 134. Junior Resident Dr.Sibi.G.K 135. Junior Resident Dr.Sudhakara B N 136. Junior Resident Dr.Arun C Menon 137. Junior Resident Dr.Anand P.Kale 138. Junior Resident Dr.Sathya Prasad B 139. Junior Resident Dr.Sushmita Pandit 140. Junior Resident Dr.Kiran B R 141. Junior Resident Dr.Ravi G N ORTHOPAEDICS 142. Professor Dr.Faziludeen.A 143. Associate Professor Dr.Satheesh.J.Philip 144. Assistant Professor Dr.Subhash Mathew Varghese 145. Assistant Professor Dr.Vinod V.S 146. Tutor –cum-Senior Resident Dr.C.Ramanunni 147. Tutor –cum-Senior Resident Dr.Ramakrishnan.S 148. Junior Resident Dr.Binod.R 149. Junior Resident Dr.Ranjeet 150. Junior Resident Dr.Manjunath L 151. Junior Resident Dr.Praseetha 152. Junior Resident Dr.Rajendra K.V 153. Junior Resident Dr.B.S Pradeep Kumar OPHTHALMOLOGY 154. Professor Prof.Dr.K.S.Girija Devi 155. Asst. Professor Dr.S.R.Krishnamoorthy 156. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Praveena A S 157. Junior Resident Dr.Sandeep V.K 158. Junior Resident Dr.Nimish Daniel 159. Junior Resident Dr.Anjana Bahuleyan E N T 160. Professor Dr.N Viswanathan 161. Assistant Professor Dr.Bhaskara.M.N , Dr.Sureshkumar.M 162. Senior Resident Dr.Williams George 163. Junior Resident Dr.Haseena 164. Junior Resident Dr.Guru prasad 165. Junior Resident Dr.Mohammed Aseef OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY 166. Professor Dr.K.Busharath 167. Associate Professor Dr.Jane George 168. Assistant Professor Dr.Asha Rani 169. Assistant Professor Dr.Biju.P 170. Senior Resident Dr.Zaheeda.A.K 171. Senior Resident Dr.Kumar Gopal V 172. Junior Resident Dr.Dona.M.Issac 173. Junior Resident Dr.Sajna Shajeela Saifudeen 174. Junior Resident Dr.Asha Sapna Edward 175. Junior Resident Dr.Sumi Soman Pillai 176. Junior Resident Dr.Renuka T 177. Junior Resident Dr.Prashanth.P 178. Antenatal Medical Officer cum Lecturer/Asst. Professor Dr.Anitha Thomas 179 Maternity and child welfare Officer cum lecturer/Asst. Professor Dr.Ancy.T.Jacob ANAESTHESIA 180. Professor Dr.George.K.George Professor Prof. Dr.Suhura Beevi.M 182. Associate Professor Dr.Alice Baby Karikuzhiyil 183. Assistant Professor Dr.Mahesh Prabhu 184. Assistant Professor Dr.Anup Daniel Varghese 185. Assistant Professor DrAnish M varkey 186. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Ganga Jayaprakash 187. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Usha Devi.P.K 188. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Muhamed Zuhail 189. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Ramesh Chand 190. Tutor/Reg./Senior Resident Dr.Aril Abhraham RADIO DIAGNOSIS 191. Professor Dr.Vinu.C.George 192. Associate Professor Dr.Jose Manuel 193. Assistant Professor Dr.Biju Mohan 194. Assistant Professor Dr.Y.K.Murali 195. Senior Resident Dr.Praveena 196. Senior Resident Dr.Manjunath N 197. Senior Resident Dr.Aneesh DENTISTRY 198. Professor Dr.Cheriyan.K.P 199. Assistant Professor Dr.Muralee Krishnan.M 200. Tutor Dr Rehna Raju Non - Teaching Staff S.I.No Name of Post Name ANATOMY 1 Technicians Vasudevan Balabhadran Hamlet 2 Dissection Hall Attendants Chellappan Salini.A Suja Kumari Aneesh.B.S 3 Steno Typist Jessiya.M.R 4 Store keeper cum clerk Nissam 5 Sweeper Usha Ambili PHYSIOLOGY 1 Technicians Ancy samuel Reena 2 Computer Operator Remya krishnan 3 Sweeper Sindhu.B Geetha BIOCHEMISTRY 1 Technicians Jawahar Raja Lekshmi Lal 2 Store keeper cum clerk Shibu.P.R 3 Sweepers Laila Jasmine 4 Lab.Attendant Asha.V.L PHARMACOLOGY 1 Laboratory Attendants Shyni.S Asha lekshmi 2 Store Keeper cum clerk Hameeda.A 3 Sweepers Sheela Baby.R PATHOLOGY 1 Technicians Rajee.P.R Sandhya.R.M Reena.A Jeemol 2 Laboratory Attendants R.Rajendran Shyni Issac 3 Steno cum compuet Operator Kala Suresh 4 Store keeper cum Record clerk Sindhu Lekha 5 Sweeprs Valsala Susamma S.I.No Name of Post Name MICROBIOLOGY 1 Technicians Nisha Suresh Sunil Raj Niyas Prasad Harilal Binoy.J Sabir 2 Laboratory Attendants Aswathy.P.R Anitha Kumari 3 Store keeper cum Record clerk Jayakumari 4 Steno cum Computer Operator Saju.S.L 5 Sweeper Rema Devi Anna Baby FORENSIC MEDICINE 1 Technicians Julie Jacob Abha Jyothi 2 Laboratory Attendants Aji Kumar Vinod 3 Steno typist Rekha.V.K 4 Store keeper cum clerk cum Najumudeen 5 Sweeper Bincy.L krishna Kumari jaya Anilkumar Anitha COMMUNITY MEDICINE / PREV. & SOC.MEDICINE 1 M.S.W Jose 2 Technicians Azeez.M.V 3 Stenographer Biju.S.K 4 Record keeper cum Computer Ope. Lekshmi 5 Store keeper Babu.K 6 Sweeper Prabhavathy MEDICAL EDUCATION UNIT 1 Stenographer Srija 2 Computer operator Sreejith 3 Audio visual technician Naveen 4 Artist Prakashan RURAL HEALTH TRAINING CENTRE 1 M.S.W Saramma.T.K Sheeba.K 2 Public Health Nurse Anisha Jacob 3 Health Inspector Jayakrishnan 4 Technicians Julie Raju 5 Peon Thajudeen 6 Van Driver Siddiqu 7 Store keeper cum Record clerk Siyad.A 8 Sweeper Laiju.N Sreekala.P S.I.No Name of Post Name URBAN TRAINING HEALTH CENTRE 1 M.S.W Shahanas.S Anju Daniel 2 Public Health Nurse Anup Eldose 3 Health Inspector Stebin Agustin Anu Sivakumar 4 Technicians Jins Varghese Jincy Varghese 5 Peon Rejila.A 6 Van Drivar Arun 7 Store Keeper Isac 8 Record Clerk Ajitha 9 Sweeper Suma Sindhu Raj GENERAL MEDICINE 1 Electo Cardiograph Technician Soumya 2 Technicians Mehnas 3 Laboratory Attendants Wilsamma Umakrishnan 4 Store keeper Rajesh.R 5 Steno Typist Soji Baby 6 Record Clerk Rani Wilson TB & CHEST 1 Record Clerk Nikhil 2 TB&Chest diseases Health Visitor Bincy Kunjumon DERMATOLOGY 1 Technicians Shake Mohammed 2 Laboratory Attendants Mamachan PSYCHIATRY 1 Technicians Haseena beegum 2 Psychiatric Social worker Sulatha Jayasree PAEDIATRICS 1 Technicians Jithu.S.L 2 Laboratory Attendant Ambika 3 Store keeper Shobha 4 Steno typist Maya.G.S 5 Record Clerk Vishnu.J.S 6 Social Worker Jaya Ghosh GENERAL SURGERY 1 Technicians Mary Jose Jismi Raj Robin Mathew 2 Laboratory Attendants Museenath Beevi Anju Aneesh.B.S Lakshmi S.I.No Name of Post Name 3 Store keeper Shahida 4 Steno typist Sreelekha 5 Record Clerk Vipin Thomas Remisha ORTHOPAEDICS 1 Technicians Mahesh Shankar 2 Laboratory Attendants Muhasinath 3 Store keeper Ashok Kumar.N 4 Steno Typist Jessy 5 Record Clerk Shamla Mol OPHTHALMOLOGY 1 Technicians Hridya.P 2 Laboratory Attendants Sukumaran 3 Store keeper Raveendran Nair 4 Steno typist Shaji 5 Record Clerk Raji.B E N T 1 Technicians Minimol.C 2 Laboratory Attendants Bindhu.B.R 3 Store keeper Vincent M Luke 4 Steno typist Asha 5 Record Clerk Jaleel 6 Audiometry Technicinan Shyam Kumar 7 Speech Therapist Bhavya.V.B OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY 1 Social Worker Liji.K Saramma 2 Technicians Midhula Sudhan Mobey Grace 3 Laboratory Attendants Bheema Geethamaniamma 4 Stenographer Syam Lal 5 Record Clerk Anil 6 Store Keeper P K Johnson ANAESTHESIA 1 Technician Hari Lal Benoy Prasad Sunil Raj Princy Shyju Reena V Das Sabir Shyam 2 Steno typist Shine 3 Record Clerk Sheeja.I 4 Store keeper Basheerkutty S.I.No Name of Post Name RADIO DIAGNOSIS 1 Radio Graph Technicians Chandramohanan Rajesh Babu Reena Raj Niyas Seenu George Nisha Sumi.L.S Hamesh 2 Dark Room Assistant Suja John Sini.A.K Reni.P.Babu Mahesh 3 Steno grapher Saritha 4 Record Clerk DENTISTRY 1 Dental Technicians Beena Sunil Thanuja Hridhya 2 Store keeper cum clerk Chithra
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
General Specialities Super Specialities Super Speciality Clinics * General Medicine * GeneralSurgery * Obstetrics & Gyneacology * Orthopedics * Paediatrics * ENT * Opthalmology * Dermatology * Psychiatry * Anaesthesiology * Cardiology * Radio diagnosis * Urology * Nephrology * Neurology * Neuro surgery * TB & Chest Disease * Surgical Oncology * Maxillofacial Surgery * Infectious Disease Clinic * Infertility Clinic * Diabetic Clinic * Cosmetic Clinic * Palliative Clinic * Nutrition Clinic * Super Speciality Dental Clinic * Ultra modern operation Theatres with o M.I.C.U o Neuro ICU o Surgical ICU o Post Oprative I.C.U o N.I.C.U o P.I.C.U * Laproscopic Surgery 24 hours Casualty service is available Special Clinics Medicine * Diabetic Clinic * Neuropathy Clinic * Hypertension Clinic * Hematology Clinic Dermatology * Paediatric dermatology Clinic * Acne Clinic Gyneacology * Infertility Clinic * Cancer Detection Clinic Paediatrics * Well baby Clinic * Adolescents Clinic Surgery * Laparoscopic Surgery Palliative Clinic Nutrition Clinic A consultant dietitian is available in nutrition clinic for the diet consultation. We have a dietary to provide special food for the in patients under the strict supervision of a dietitian
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