CBSE PSA Class 9th LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS Grammar & Usage Supporting Material 2014

Welcome to CBSE PSA Class 9th LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS Grammar & Usage Supporting Material 2014 Section. You can download here CBSE Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) Class 9th LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS Grammar & Usage Supporting Material 2014 online with Answer Key.


1 I______ on this line before I realised my mistake.
(a) worked
(b) was worked
(c ) am working
(d) had been working

2 The doctor_____ an operation.
(a) do
(b) performed
(c ) is performed
(d) done

3 I _______ we should accept the offer.
(a) think
(b) will think
(c ) should think
(d) would think

4 We rested _____ the shade of the tree.
(a) in
(b) under
(c ) ourselves in
(d) ourselves under

5 She should be ashamed _____ her actions.
(a) by
(b) at
(c ) of
(d) in

6 He _____ friends has come back.
(a) and his
(b) or his
(c ) along with his
(d) along with them

7 Nowadays,she_____ her drawing board to school.
(a) carried
(b) carries
(c ) take
(d) taken

8 Neither he nor his servants _________.
(a) leave
(b) have left
(c ) has left
(d) is left

9 _______ what he says.
(a) listen to
(b) listen
(c ) hear
(d) hear to

10 When I was in trouble,there was ______ to help me.
(a) anyone
(b) no one
(c ) someone
(d) all

11 I _____ lunch one hour ago.
(a) have had
(b) had had
(c ) had
(d) have

12 He thought that my car______ for sale.
(a) is
(b) was
(c ) has been
(d) going

13 He tried to prevent me _______ doing my duty.
(a) against
(b) at
(c ) with
(d) from

14 I would apologise if I _______ you.
(a) am
(b) was
(c ) were
(d) are

15 He has ____ ulcer on his leg.
(a) a
(b) an
(c ) every
(d) big

16 He promised_______ in this matter.
(a) helping
(b) to help
(c ) help
(d) helped

17 The teacher made the student______the lesson.
(a) repeat
(b) repeated
(c ) repeating
(d) has repeated

18 _______ we did not go to school.
(a) Being a holiday
(b) Since a holiday
(c ) On holiday
(d) It being a holiday

19 He would _____ beg than steal.
(a) not
(b) no longer
(c ) rather
(d) nor

20 I have not met him _____ he left school.
(a) for
(b) as
(c ) since
(d) when

21 The ______ I purchased, had a tear.
(a) cloth
(b) clothes
(c ) clothing
(d) dresses

22 The car was leaking_______ .
(a) oil
(b) much oil
(c ) oils
(d) some oils

23 A lot of money _________ wasted on this project.
(a) is
(b) are
(c ) were
(d) may

24 _______ is expensive these days.
(a) Shoes
(b) Shoe
(c ) A pair of shoes
(d) A pair of shoe

25 There are _____ than sixty boys in the class.
(a) no few
(b) no lesser
(c ) no fewer
(d) no lesser

26 His income______ than yours.
(a) less
(b) is less
(c ) least
(d) is little

27 My brother,Ajay is ___________to me and Shalu.
(a) elder
(b) eldest
(c ) old
(d) oldest

28 He was ____ sad yesterday.
(a) too
(b) very
(c ) much
(d) fairly

29 My brother is ______ than I am.
(a) more stronger
(b) stronger
(c ) strong
(d) most strong

30 My stomach is full.I won't have_______ else.
(a) nothing
(b) anything
(c ) something
(d) little

31 The earth _____ around the sun.
(a) moved
(b) has moved
(c ) is moved
(d) moves

32 He usually_________ breakfast before he goes to school.
(a) has eaten
(b) had eaten
(c ) eats
(d) is eating

33 Why _____ your homework yet ?
(a) didn't you do
(b) hadn't you done
(c ) haven't you done
(d) haven't you been done

34 Last night I _____ a pleasant dream.
(a) could see
(b) saw
(c ) had seen
(d) had been seen

35 At this age he is tired _____ his life.
(a) with
(b) from
(c ) of
(d) upon

36 He takes pride____ his wealth.
(a) in
(b) of
(c ) with
(d) by

37 Due to heavy rains,she is trembling________ cold.
(a) from
(b) with
(c ) in
(d) by

38 I request you not to interfere _____ my work.
(a) in
(b) with
(c ) on
(d) within

39 By the time we reached the station the train __________.
(a) already left
(b) was left
(c ) had already been left
(d) had already left

40 I was reading a book when the telephone bell______.
(a) ringing
(b) had rung
(c ) rang
(d) should ring

Answer Keys:

1 (d) had been working    2 (b) performed    3 (a) think    4 (b) under    5 (c ) of    6 (c ) along with his    7 (b) carries    8 (c ) has left    9 (a) listen to    10 (b) no one    11 (c ) had    12 (b) was    13 (d)    from    14 (c ) were    15 (b) an    16 (c ) help    17 (a) repeat    18 (d) It being a holiday    19 (c ) rather    20 (c ) since    21 (a) cloth    22 (a) oil    23 (a) is    24 (c ) A pair of shoes    25 (c ) no fewer    26 (b) is less    27 (a) elder    28 (b) very    29 (b) stronger    30 (b) anything    31 (d) moves    32 (c ) eats    33 (c ) haven't you done    34 (b) saw    35 (c ) of    36 (a) in    37 (b) with    38 (b) with    39    (d) had already left    40 (c) rang

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