Chandra Dental College & Hospital

Chandra Dental College & Hospital is functioning under the aegis of Dr Bim Rao Ambedkar Educational Society. It is affiliated to Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad. It is also approved by the Dental Council of Uttar Pradesh and India, and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.

We provide quality dental education to students and facilitate dental care for the urban and rural masses at a nominal price.

The College is located 15 km from Lucknow and 5 km from Barabanki on the Lucknow-Faizabad National Highway, near Safedabad Railway Crossing.

Set amidst green environs, the college has ultra-modern facilities, supported by 24 hr power and water supply. The college has a fully equipped dental OPD clinic and proposes to set up a full fledged 100 bed hospital and a medical college at Barabanki.

We have state of the art laboratories for studying human anatomy, physiology, prosthetic, haematology, and biochemistry among others. We also maintain a well-stocked library which is backed by services from American Centre and British Council Libraries. An Audio-visual room with multi-media facilities adds academic interest for students. Besides this, all classrooms have Overhead projectors, Slide projectors, PA system and other online information systems.

The untiring dedication of our President Dr C P Choudhary, and Secretary Mr V K Sharma has shaped the college as a premier institute in UP.


Address: 628/19 A, Shakti Nagar, Faizabad Road, Lucknow-226010.
Phone: 91-522-2348855 / 2348856

For further details please contact:


Dr C P Choudhary


0522-2348855, 56
0-9415579117, 9839469493, 9935377912


Mr R K Tripathi

Vice President



Mr V K Sharma


0522-2617402, 0-9415010203


Mr I J Sharma

Joint Secretary



Dr P K Sharma

Executive Member

0-9839073007, 9336088482


Mr Harish Sharma

Executive Member


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Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University
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0 - 2 lacs
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Post Graduation
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05248 - 223533, Fax 05248-233533
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Chandra Dental College & Hospital Near Safedabad Railway Crossing, Faizabad Road, Barabanki(U.P)
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DETAILS OF TEACHING STAFF (DENTAL) Name Designation Qualification / Subject 1 Dr Yogesh Kamthan Professor / Principal MDS (Operative) 2 Dr Satish Chandra Professor MDS (Operative) 3 Dr Ruchi Bhuyan Professor MDS (Oral (Patho.) 4 Dr Koyna Mishra Professor MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) 5 Col (Dr) Farhat Umar Professor MDS (Periodontics) 6 Dr Chandra Prakash Associate Professor MDS (Pedodontics) 7 Dr Swapan Majumdar Associate Professor MDS (Prosthetic) 8 Dr Dilip Kumar Nath Associate Professor MDS (Prostho.) 9 Dr Arup Kumar Ghosh Associate Professor MDS (Oral Pathology) 10 Dr Sandeep Kumar Sharma Associate Professor MDS (Ortho.) 11 Dr Anand Kishore Reader MDS (Periodontics) 12 Dr Praveen Jaitley Reader MDS (Orthodontics) 13 Dr J Chattopadhyay Reader MDS (Oral Patho.) 14 Dr Abha Vishnoi Reader MDS (Orthodontics) 15 Dr Sanjay Narayan Gautam Reader MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) 16 Dr Alakh Prakash Agarwal Reader MDS (Prostho.) 17 Dr Binod Acharya Reader MDS (Prostho.) LIST OF MEDICAL STAFF Name Designation Qualification / Subject 18 Dr Uttam Chatterjee Professor MSc PhD (Bio-Chemistry) 19 Dr R Shankhdhar Professor MBBS MS (Anatomy) 20 Dr A Tripathi Reader MBBS MD (Pharmacology) 21 Dr Kamlesh Tewari Reader MBBS MD (Physiology) 22 Dr Amit Rastogi Reader MBBS MD (Pathology) 23 Dr A K Srivastava Reader MBBS MD (Anaesthesia) 24 Dr Sumeet Seth Reader MBBS MS (Surgery) 25 Dr Monica Khanna Reader MBBS MD (Medicine) DETAILS OF TEACHING STAFF (LECTURERS) Name Designation Qualification / Subject 1 Dr Ravi Kant Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Pedodontics) 2 Dr Pitambar Garktoi Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Pedodontics) 3 Dr A K Jain Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Periodontics) 4 Dr Sarabjeet Singh Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology) 5 Dr Neeraj Pant Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Oral Surgery) 6 Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Orthodontics) 7 Dr Raghuwar Dayal Singh Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Prosthodontics) 8 Dr Vishal Sharma Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Operative) 9 Dr Anurag Tripathi Senior Lecturer BDS / MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology) 10 Dr P K Sharma Lecturer BDS 11 Dr N C Gupta Lecturer BDS 12 Dr Upasana Sethi Lecturer BDS 13 Dr Ritu Mohindra Lecturer BDS 14 Dr A P Singh Lecturer BDS 15 Dr Anju Singh Lecturer BDS 16 Dr Archana Verma Lecturer BDS 17 Dr Savita Singh Lecturer BDS 18 Dr Pradeep Kumar Lecturer BDS 19 Dr Richa Singh Lecturer BDS 20 Dr Swapan Kumar Rai Lecturer BDS 21 Dr Pooja Rastogi Lecturer BDS 22 Dr Mohd. Munnawar Lecturer BDS 23 Dr Poonam Dhawan Lecturer BDS 24 Dr Poonam Verma Lecturer BDS 25 Dr Megha Mathur Lecturer BDS 26 Dr Anju Kesari Lecturer BDS 27 Dr Shivani Sharma Lecturer BDS 28 Dr Prem Basu Lecturer BDS 29 Dr Naresh Dutt Sharma Lecturer BDS LIST OF TEACHING STAFF (LECTURERS MEDICAL) 30 Dr Deepak Saxena Senior Lecturer MBBS MD (Physiology) 31 Dr J P Maurya Senior Lecturer MBBS MD (Pathology) 32 Dr Yogesh Vishnoi Lecturer MBBS 33 Dr Virat Verma Lecturer MBBS 34 Dr S S Singh Parihar Lecturer MBBS 35 Dr Kamla Kant Lecturer MBBS 36 Dr Akhileshwar Singh Lecturer MBBS 37 Dr Saurabh Dube Lecturer MBBS 38 Dr Rajneesh Kumar Yadav Lecturer MBBS 39 Dr Mayank Uppal Lecturer MBBS 40 Dr Shadma Yaqoob Lecturer MBBS 41 Dr Raja Rupani Lecturer MBBS 42 Dr Yogesh Kumar Lecturer MBBS 43 Dr Updesh Kumar Lecturer MBBS 44 Dr Navtej Sharma Lecturer MBBS
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
DENTAL OPD The dental OPD incorporates facilities of Medical OPD and Emergency Services besides regular medical check-up and treatment. Medical Insurance is also available to all students and staff members. The OPD caters to urban and rural masses. The Dental OPD runs on the modus operandi of no-profit no loss. This not only ensures a wide exposure for students but also provides dental treatment to about 80 patients per day. It is open between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm daily. ACADEMIC BLOCK The main academic block is a three storied building. It comprises of Seminar Hall, Lecture Halls, Dental OPD, Labs, Office, and Cafetaria at the ground floor. The third floor has the central library. Auditorium cum examination hall with a seating capacity of 200, is situated on second floor. WELL EQUIPPED LABS The Institute has state of the art labs for Bio-chemistry, Physiology, Dental material, Anatomy, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pre-clinical, Conservative, and Radiology equipped with modern instruments and machines. Under the supreme guidance of highly qualified faculty members and well trained lab technicians, students learn implementation of their theoretical knowledge practically. LIBRARY The library has a meticulously chosen selection of more than 3000 books of Indian and foreign origin. Books on Medical, dental, Pharmacology, Computers, medical / Dental Information Systems and other reading materials are available in the library for ready reference and issue. A good number of national as well as international Medical / Dental journals and periodicals are procured by the library regularly. We have support from American Centre and The British Council Library also. The library provides the following student support services: Book Lending Services Reference and Information Services Reprographic services Reading Room facility National and International Database.
Hostel & accomodation: 
The residential complex accommodates both the boys’ and girls’ hostel separately. Spacious and well furnished rooms with adequate furniture provide the student a perfect, hassle free stay. Presently, rooms are available on a twin sharing basis in both hostels. All necessary arrangements have been made for safety, security and privacy of the students and in particular for girls residing here. Each hostel has a dining hall, recreation room, visitors’ room and beautiful lawns. All food requirements of the students are taken care of by the hostel mess. The food is healthy and tasty. We provide water purifiers and water coolers also, keeping students’ health and hygiene in mind.
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