GMAT 2014

In June 2012, the GMAT exam will introduce Integrated Reasoning, a groundbreaking section designed to measure test takers’ ability to evaluate information presented in new formats and from multiple sources, skills necessary for management students in a technologically rich world. The Integrated Reasoning score also will provide a new data point for schools to differentiate among candidates for management programs.

Skills to be Measured

The 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section will test skills that business school faculty worldwide have identified as important for incoming management students:

To assimilate and integrate information from different sources to solve challenging problems.
To accurately interpret data presented visually in graphs to determine or estimate probabilities and statistics.
To recognize and evaluate tradeoffs and the likelihood of outcomes.
To convert quantitative data between graphical and verbal formats.


June 2014: GMAC provides specifications for score report data files taking effect in June 2014.
July - August 2014: Current GMAT test takers sit for a 30-minute Integrated Reasoning research section to help develop the test.
January 2014: Current GMAT test takers sit for a 30-minute Integrated Reasoning research section to help develop the test.
April 2014: The Integrated Reasoning score scale is published, and online training starts on how to interpret and use Integrated Reasoning scores. Upgraded GMATPrep and the Official Guide for GMAT Review, 13th Edition, are available for students.

What's Changing

Test Format

A 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section will be added to the Next Generation GMAT exam. While the order of the sections has not been determined, the total length of the exam will remain 3 hours, 30 minutes (approximately four hours with breaks).

  • The GMAT Verbal, Quantitative, AWA, and Total scores will not change.
  • The Analytical Writing Assessment will consist of one 30-minute essay (Analysis of an Argument) rather than two.
  • The Integrated Reasoning section will have 12 questions.
  • Test takers will receive a separate score for the Integrated Reasoning section. Like the AWA score, the Integrated Reasoning score will not count toward the Total Score.



  • The Integrated Reasoning score scale and information on how to use and interpret the scores will be published in April 2014.
  • Technical specifications for updated score data files for schools receiving scores electronically, as well as the CSV data file format and TXT data file format, are now available. Schools receiving scores electronically must have the updates for their systems developed, tested, and ready to launch no later than June 5, 2014.

Review the Next Generation GMAT Fact Sheet for a complete summary of the upcoming changes to the GMAT exam.

June 2014: Next Generation GMAT exam launches.


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