Government Polytechnic College -Gulbarga


Our College Govt Polytechnic Gulbarga was founded in the year 1956 and started in 1958.
Initially our College had three Branches i.e Mechanical,Civil & Electrical & Electronics
.In 1972 Electronics & Communication was adopted.
In 1990 Computer Science and Information Science in 2001.
Our College was inaugerated by B D Jatti..
Centre of Excellence was awarded to eight polytechnic our's was one.
We got Autonomy in the year 1999.

New Branches to be Launched in Our College
Our College is going to launh with few more branches, with effect from July 2008.

How to reach
Phone Numbers: 
08472 -220172
Government Polytechnic College Aiwan-E-Shahi Area, Gulbarga- 585102 Karnataka India
Institute Details
Kind of courses: 
Under Graduation
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