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Welcome to Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) B.Ed 1st Year January 2016 Assignment Section. All Students can find here Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) 1st Year Assignment for January 2016 Session.

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Assignment 1

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each

i)          Discuss how questioning skill can be used effectively by a teacher in a classroom. Illustrate your

answer with suitable example.                                                                           (500 words)

ii)        Explain the importance of curriculum evaluation. Cite suitable examples to support your answer.

(500 words)

iii) Suppose you have to develop a resource centre in your school, prepare a list of items you will need. Explain briefly how it will be used by teachers and students. (500 words)


Assignment 1

Answer the following questions
a) Describes the abilities that characterize creativity. Give examples. (500 words)
b) Discuss the characteristics of specific objectives and their significance in educational processes.
Mentioning any learning point write two specific learning objectives in each of the three
domains of learning. (500 words)

c)        Select ten adolescents (5 boys & 5 girls) study in secondary school. Interview them on the

various issues regarding their physical, socio-emotional and moral development. Prepare a report. (500 words)



Assignment 1

Answer the following questions

i)          Establish relation among Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation with illustration.

(250 words)

ii)    Explain briefs three criteria of good tool.                                                           (250 words)

iii) As a teacher, you must have been asked to construct a question paper. What will be your base to set the good question paper. Explain its Blue Print and provide examples of different type

of questions to be incorporated in Question paper.                                         (1000 words)


Assignment 1

Answer the following questions

i)     What are the aims and objective of teaching science of secondary level?          (250 words)

ii)        Explain the concept, advantages and limitation of ‘Lecture cum Demonstration method’ for

teaching science                                                                                                 (250 words)

iii)      As a science teacher, you must have realised that some learners are not learning subject content/concepts properly. How did you diagnose these concepts? What remedial measure were taken to help learner for better understanding/learning of those subject content/concepts

(1000 words)


Assignment 1

Answer the following questions
i)Explain briefly the “Axiomatic nature:” of Mathematics.

(250 words)

ii)   Illustrate Problem-solving approach to teaching of Mathematics.

(250 words)

iii) You as a mathematics teacher experienced that certain aspects of mathematics learning can be evaluated through observation methods. Mention any two & illustrate how did you evaluated using observation methods? (1000 words)



BED-I Year


Assignment 01

Answer the following questions in about 1500 words.

Answer the following question:

i)          Discuss the importance of teaching social studies in secondary school curriculum in present day

context.                                                                                                              (500 Words)

ii)        Choose a topic from the social studies curriculum transacted at the secondary school level in

your school. Develop an instructional strategy mentioning specific instructional objectives, teaching – learning activities and evaluation items to teach this topic. (500 Words)

iii)      Organize a field work on a relevant topic from social studies curriculum of class IX of your school. Prepare a report on how you planned, and organized the field work. Also mention in

the report how you evaluated students’ performance in the field work.          (500 Words)

ES-344: Teaching of English

1) a) An individual’s learning pattern is highly personalized. Is a teacher of English language how will you use this observation in the teaching-learning process? (500 words)

b)         Discuss the major phases of the writing process giving examples of writing tasks from real

life context.                                                                                                 (500 words)

c)          Describe three tasks to develop conversational oral skills of students of Class Eight.

(500 words)

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