Ignou B.Ed 2nd Year Assignment Jan 2016

Welcome to Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) B.Ed 2nd Year Assignment January 2016 Section. All Students can find here Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) 2nd Year Assignment for January 2016 Session.

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ES-334  : Education and Society

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions
i) Briefly explain two essential aims of Education.

(250 words)

ii) What is ‘Pragmatism’? What should be the role of teacher accordingly to it?

(250 words)

iii) As a teacher you must have Inequality in Education. Elaborate those consequences and
suggest ways to minimise them.

(1000 words)


Assignment 01

Answer the following questions

i)          Analyse various professional roles a teacher is expected to perform in a school. Suggest how

she/he can perform these roles effectively and efficiently.                                (500 words)

ii)        Should teachers be given enough autonomy to take decisions in various functional areas of the

school? Justify your answer with examples.                                                     (500 words)

iii) Visit two secondary schools in your locality. Meet the Principals/ Headmasters, and teachers of the schools. Find out from them the types of co-curricular activities which form the part of their school curriculum, how they are planned and organized, and what difficulties they face while organizing those activities... Prepare a report on your findings. (500 words)




Answer the following questions

i)          Explain how you can make a judicious choice of educational technologies to teach contents in

your subject areas at secondary school level. Illustrate with examples.            (500 Words)

ii)        Discuss, with examples, how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) will

influence the class-room teaching in the future.                                               (500 Words)

iii) Identify a topic from the subject of your choice at secondary school level. Develop a video script on the same topic. Development of video script must include development of programme brief, academic note and actual script. (500 Words)

ES-362: Computers in Education

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each:

i)          Explain the criteria you would adopt to select a software for teaching with the help of a suitable

example. (500 words)
ii) Discuss the role of computers in financial accounting in the schools. (500 words)
iii) Select a topic of your choice from your teaching subject. Divide the contents in the form of
frames and arrange then in the sequential manner. (500 words)

ES-363: Guidance and Counselling

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions

a)        Discuss the use of aptitude and achievement tests in classroom teaching. Give examples.

(250 words)

b)    Discuss the role of teachers in the career planning of their students.                 (250 words)

c)        Discuss the concept of inclusive education. You have a learner with disability in your

classroom. Write a report on the instructional strategies you would adopt and the teaching-learning materials and environment you would create for making your classroom processes inclusive. (1000 words)


ES-364: Distance Education

Assignment 1

Answer the following questions in about 1500 words:

i)          Describe different models of distance education institutions with emphasis on their relative

advantages and disadvantages.                                                                          (500 words)

ii)        Discuss the interrelationship between the characteristics of distance learners and those of

distance education system.                                                                                (500 words)

iii)      The use of media in distance education institutions has led to the evolutionary thinking on the development of distance education. Explain the statement in the context of different

generations of distance education?                                                                   (500 words)


B.Ed (IInd Year)

Assignments for two special compulsory courses


Assignment 1

Answer the following questions
i) Explain briefly the profile of HIV and AIDS. (500 words)
ii) Elaborate misconceptions of HIV, AID and STDs? (500 words)
iii) Elaborate your role in a school for preventing Drug addiction and HIV. (500 words)


Assignment 1

Answer the following questions
i) Briefly explain the Personnel and Socio-cultural concerns of adolescents. (500 words)
ii) Elaborate briefly the merits and drawbacks of Joint and Nuclear family. (500 words)
iii) As a teacher, what role do you visualise as an individual in Family life education
Elaborate with Illustrations. (500 words)
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