IGNOU B.Sc | IGNOU Bachelor of Science

IGNOU Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)- A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for completed courses that generally last three to five years.

Whether a subject is considered a science or an art can vary between universities. For example, an economics degree may be given as a BA by one university but as a B.Sc by another. Biology, Biochemistry, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, General science, Earth science and Computer Science are almost universally considered to be sciences.

Bachelor of Science Career Possibilities:
It’s hard enough to wade through the endless stream of information at college without having to decide what type of degree you want. After all, shouldn’t you just have to pick a major and be done with it? Not only do college students have to pick a primary area of interest, they have to decide HOW they want to spend their academic years in that area. And, with college costs soaring, this decision is commonly based on what careers can be had with the different degrees.

Some other career positions that often require Bachelor of Science degrees are:

• Nurses
• Doctors
• Anesthesiologists
• Biologists
• Chemists
• Forensic Scientists
• Psychologists
• Psychiatrists
• Engineers
• Academic Administrators
• Criminologists
• Computer Programmers
• Lawyers
• Teachers

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