IGNOU B.Tech - Bachelor of Technology

IGNOU Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech. or B.Tech.(Hons))- Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech. or B.Tech.(Hons)) is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after completion of a three or four year program of studies at an accredited university or accredited university-level institution.

In India, The Bachelor of Technology degree is awarded after completion of a 4 year program. The B.Tech degree is conferred by government and private institutions in various fields like Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering,Mining Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil engineering , Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Production Engineering and Textile Engineering, as well as a host of other prestigious institutes (both public and privately funded) for their professional engineering programs. However, most other institutions in India use the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree.

Scope of B.Tech:
BACHELOR IN TECHNOLOGY (B.TECH) is a massive word with deeper meaning to suggest that how much the Engineers of good quality are needed desperately by the developing nations to make their presence felt and even to the developed nation to keep their momentum on track. Engineering is that field of science which deals with all the major required sectors including the technical IT Field, Core Field, Research Field, Electronic Field, Aeronautical Field, Automation Field, etc.

India (developing nation) a fast emerging IT hub requires Engineers in great demand to lay the foundation of new technical IT India. Nowadays, B.TECH Engineers of electronics field are easily absorbed by the developed countries like China and developing countries like JAPAN  to maintain there standards on international forum. In research field for further investigation in science a troop of Engineers are required to consolidate to become super power.


I am complit diploma in mining engineering in csvtu. How can apply the b.tech in mining engineering

I am Pragati here, I completed diploma course in computer engineering. I wantto admit in B-tech computer engineering. Whatisthe procedure,fee and when the admission is started?

I have completed my diploma course in computer engineering after my matriculation. I want to admit in B-tech computer engineering.What is the procedure?what is the fee structure?When the admission is started?

dear sir,
had done my diploma in electronics and communication engineering..and I want to get admission in b.tech civil from ignou and I want know what is the procedure of admission

I had done my diploma in civil engineering..and I want to get admission in b.tech civil from ignou and I want know what is the procedure of admission.

thanks for your information on btech education course.


Dear sir
i was completed my diploma in electrical engg in 2009 and now i am working in PSU Sector. I want to join B.Tech in IGNOU in electrical engg
i need to know the procedures for admission and fee......
kindly reply......

I was completed diploma computer engineering in 2011 and i have go through the external B.tech in computer field in ahmedabad. We would like to know about the following points.
1. Ignou colleges in ahmedabad.
2. Fee Structure
Please reply as soon as possible.

sir I want to know what is the qualification required for pursuing b.tech in civil.is it possible for an arts student to take admission in be.tech engineering.tell me the fees and admission procedure also

dear sir
i am diploma in mechanical engineer so i want admission b . tech in mechanical through ignou so advice me
abid makrani

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