Ignou MSc Chemistry | Ignou Master of Science in Chemistry | Admission, Eligibility, Programme Details

Ignou MSc Chemistry - Ignou MSc Chemistry Admissions 2012-2013, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Procedure, Programme Overview, Duration, Fee Structure, Exams Date and Master of Master of Science in Chemistry (MSc Chemistry) Results.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Chemistry, i.e. M. Sc. (Chemistry), will be offered (on Campus Full Time). The classroom teaching will be imparted on campus by a team of eminent faculty from the Discipline of Chemistry, SOS and visiting faculty from premier national and international institutions. The classes as well as the practicals will be held at IGNOU, Headquarters at New Delhi.

Programme Structure:
A learner has to earn 72 credits to complete the Programme. The programme will be offered in a semester mode. There will be four semesters. Thus, a student has to earn 72 credits in four semesters which means 18 credits are to be earned per semester. The minimum duration of the programme is two years. However, a student can complete the programme in a maximum time of four years. There will be common curriculum for Semesters 1, 2, 3 whereas in Semester 4, the learners will be given an option of specialisation in four streams of Chemistry viz. Analytical, Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. In each semester of which 12 credits will pertain to theory courses and 6 credits to lab work.

Programme Name: MSc in Chemistry (MSc Chem)
Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 4 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 5,000
Eligibility: i) B.Sc. (3 yrs) Degree after 10+2 with Major/Honours in Chemistry

Ignou MSc in Chemistry Programme Details:

First Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MCH-411  Inorganic Chemistry I  3
 MCH-412  Organic Chemistry I  3
 MCH-413  Physical Chemistry I  3
 MCH-414  Analytical Chemistry I  3
 MCH-410  (ICT learning in Chemistry, qualifying course)  1
 MCH-415  Chemistry Lab I – Inorganic-Analytical  2
 MCH-416  Chemistry Lab II – Organic  2
 MCH-417  Chemistry Lab III – Physical  2

Second Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MCH-421  Inorganic Chemistry -II  3
 MCH-422  Organic Chemistry-II  3
 MCH-423  Physical Chemistry-II  3
 MCH-424  Principles of Spectroscopy  3
 MCH-425  Chemistry Lab-IV-Inorganic-Analytical  2
 MCH-426  Chemistry Lab-V-Organic  2
 MCH-427  Chemistry Lab-VI-Physical  2

Third Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MCH-511  Group Theory and Applications of Spectroscopy  3
 MCH-512  Organic Synthetic Methods  3
 MCH-513  Chemistry of Materials  3
 MCH-514  Nuclear & Radiochemistry  3
 MCH-515  Chemistry Lab VII – Inorganic/ Analytical  2
 MCH-516  Chemistry Lab VIII- Organic  2
 MCH-517  Chemistry Lab IX – Physical  2

Fourth Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MCH-521  Analytical Chemistry – III Radioanalytical & Electroanalytical Methods  3
 MCH-522  Analytical Chemistry – IV Separation Methods  3
 MCH-523  Analytical Chemistry – V Hyphenated methods and automation  3
 MCH-550  Analytical Chemistry – V I: Computational Chemistry  3
 MCH-561  Analytical Chemistry Project  6
 MCH-531  Inorganic Chemistry III  3
 MCH-532  Inorganic Chemistry IV  3
 MCH-533  Inorganic Chemistry V  3
 MCH- 550  Computational Chemistry  3
 MCH-562  Inorganic Chemistry Project  6
 MCH-551  Advanced Quantum Chemistry and Photochemistry  3
 MCH-552  Macromolecules  3
 MCH-553  Advanced Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry  3
 MCH-564  Physical Chemistry Project  6
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