Jubilee Mission Medical College & Research Institute

Lovingly nick-named by the people, ‘POOR MAN’S HOSPITAL”, the Jubilee Mission has a specific mission evident in the motto, “Service with love”. Instead of taking ‘extra charges’ from the patients, we take ‘extra care’ to see that the poor patients, irrespective of cast and creed are given special consideration and concessions. We spare competition to share competence and JUBILEE MISSION is an all-human’s haven.

The Jubilee Mission Hospital, a Christian Minority Institution, was established in the year 1952 under the Canon Law by the Catholic Archdiocese of Trichur and was registered under the Charitable Organisations Welfare Act via Reg. No.29/71 Over the years, the hospital experienced a steady growth and won faith in the hearts of many. The patients form neighbouring districts of Palakkad and Malapuram come here for quality treatment at affordable cost. In order to make the modern medical facilities available to common man, the Jubilee Mission Hospital was expanded to facilitate super specialty treatment as well as medical education and research.

In August 2001, the hospital and other related facilities were brought under the umbrella organization, the Jubilee Mission Hospital Trust, with the Archbishop of Thichur as its Patron and Chairman. Today, the JMH Trust, under the Archdiocese of Thrichur owns and administers the Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute (JMMC & RI), together with its subsidiary units, namely, Jubilee Mission College of Nursing (JMCON), Jubilee Mission School of Nursing (JMSON) and Jubilee Mission College of Allied Health Sciences (JMCAHS)

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University of Calicut
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2 - 4 lacs
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0091-487-2432200, 2421650,2420361 Fax:2421864
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Jubilee Mission Medical College & Research Institute P.B.No.737, Thrissur-680 005, Kerala, India Ph:0091-487-2432200, 2421650,2420361 Fax:2421864
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* ANATOMY Dr. V. Bhagyam MS Dr. P.P. Kurian MS Mr. P. Jeyasingh MSc Dr. Mini Kariappa MS Dr. C.K. Santhakumari Ms. Maria Therese Emmanuel MSc Dr. Sadhana W. Mukundan Ms. Cicy V.George MSc * PHYSIOLOGY Dr. S. Venkidu Samy MD Dr. Gopakumar Kartha MD Dr. N. Suresh Baboo MD Dr. K.R. Indira Kumari MD Dr. Mohammed.Ejas Ahamed Sheriff MD Dr. Jaya Mary George MD Ms. T. Manopriya MSc Dr. A.M. Marzook Ms. C.K. Sreeja MSc * BIOCHEMISTRY Dr. D.S. Sheriff MSc, PhD Dr. S. Sreekumari MD Dr. P.T. Annamala Msc, PhD Dr. E.S. Gilsa MD Ms. C.R. Resmi MSc, MPhil * PHARMACOLOGY Dr. R.V.Ajithan Thamburan MD Dr. M.P. Raphael MD Dr.Thomas MD Dr. Anjali K. Mathew Dr. Naina Nair Dr. Srilakshmi Balachandran * PATHOLOGY Dr. Sakunthala Bai MD Dr. V.K.Ramkumar MD, DCP Dr. Rebecca Varghese MD Dr. Lincy Joseph MD Dr. Deepthy Vijayaraghavan MD Dr. K.V. Praveen MD Dr. K.N. Usha Pai MD, DCP Dr. K.R. Sujatha MD, DNB Dr. Usha Devi K DCP * BLOOD BANK Dr. Susheela Jacob Innah MD * COMMUNITY MEDICINE Dr. K. Rajan MD Dr. G. Symala Kumari MD Dr. Jacob Abraham MD Ms. Mary Anto Mr. AP. Jose MSc Dr. C.K. George DPH Dr. Devi N. Pisharody MD * MICROBIOLOGY Dr. T. Venketeswara Rao MD Dr. Sathiavathy MD Dr. K.V. Suseela MD Dr. Binoy Kurian MD Dr. Chithra Valsan N. Ms. Jisha Paul MSc Ms. Vidya Sankara Narayanan MSc Ms. Savitha Basak Msc * FORENSIC MEDICINE Dr. N.G. Revi MD Dr. V.K. Ramankutty MD Dr. A. Ramachandran MD Dr. S. Krishnakumar MD Dr. P. Anand * RADIODIAGNOSIS Dr. Pavithran valappilakkandy MD Dr. Amal Antony MD. DNB Dr. Regi George A.N. MD DMRD Dr. Julit George DMRD DNB Dr. Resmi Ambookken Dr. Anjali Dathan DMRD DNB Dr. Sudhir M Dr. Robert P Ambookan * MEDICINE Dr. Muraleedharan MD MRCP DM Dr. Varghese Paul MD MRCP Dr. K.B. Mohan MD Dr. P. Baburaj MD Dr. Thomas Prabath MD Dr. T.S. Francis MD Dr. Jerry George Erali MD Dr. Saju Francis MD Dr. Francy Louis T. MD Dr. Bins M. John MD Dr. C.R. Anilkumar MD Dr. Joe Thomas K. MD Dr. Thomson Antony MD Dr. Vinaya Ramesh MD Dr. P.K. Naseem MD * SURGERY Dr. Muraleedhara Dathan MS Dr. K.S. Varma MS Dr. M.V.Suresh MS Dr. T.G. Raghu MS Dr. Y.E. Mistry MS Dr. Ashok Ninan Oommen MS Dr. B.Vikraman MS Dr. John Mathew MS Dr. Roy Varghese MS Dr. Anish Raj MS Dr. Murali. Hareesh DNB Dr. Lisha Karunakaran MS * OBSTERICS & GYBAECOLOGY Dr. V.P.Paily MD Dr. Annie P.lttiavira MD Dr. Sareena Gilvaz MD, DGO Dr. Annie Kurian MD Dr. Aswath Kumar MD Dr. Sr. Alice Kuxhinjalil DGO Dr. Bindu M MD DNB Dr. Lola Ramachandran DNB Dr. Deepthi M DNB Dr. Saley Daniel DGO, DNB * ORTHOPAEDICS Dr.K.C. Viswanathan MS Dr. T.K. Narayanan MS Dr. M. Rajeev Rao MS Dr. V.S. Sujith MS Dr. Ramesh M MD Dr. Maneesh Chacko Philip MS Dr. Girishkumar K. MS Dr. Prakash Nayar MS DNB * PAEDIATRICS Dr. K. Komalavally MD DCH Dr. Sunny George MD DCH Dr. Johny Vincent MD Dr. Vinod Jacob Cherian MD Dr. Sanjeevkumar P MD Dr. Rathi Santhakumar DCH, DNB Dr. Aparna Namboodiripad MD Dr. Thomas Antony MD Dr. P. Sarojam DCH Dr. Pauline George Michael DCH * PAEDIATRIC SURGERY Dr. P.K. Narayanankutty MS * OPHTHALMOLOGY Dr. Alex Joseph MS DO Dr. Monsy Thomas MS DO Dr. C.V. Antharayose MS DO FSVH FICS * PSYCHIATRY Dr. M.V. Warunny MD Dr. James T. Antony MD MRCP DPM Dr. Bipin Raindran MD Dr. Tony Abraham PhD * DENTISTRY- MAXILLO- FACIAL SURGERY Dr. Philip Mathew MDS Dr. Shah Shishir Bharat Bhai MDS Dr. Jisha David BDS * DERMATOLOGY& VENEROLOGY Dr. P.K. Sreedevi MD Dr. Mercy Paul MD Dr. David Pudukkadan MD * ENT Dr.Thambi John Manjooran MBBS, MS. (Professor & HOD of ENT) Dr. M.V. George MS DLO Dr. K.B. Binu Thomas DLO DNB Dr. Ihsan A.T. MS Dr. Ramakrishnan MS Dr. Ravin Vijay R., MS Dr. Vidya Sankar N DLO Dr. Ramesh Kumar E., DNB * PULMONOLOGY (TB & CHEST MEDICINE) Dr. V.P. Gopinathan MD, DNB Dr. Senoj K.C. MD DTCD Dr. Supriya Adiyodi MD * NEPHROLOGY Dr. John A.G. MD, DM * ENDOCRINOLOGY Dr. Suresh V. MD, DM * PHONOSURGERY Dr. Jayakumar. R. MS * ANAESTHESIOLOGY Dr. Vilasu MD Dr. P.S. Kurup MD Dr. Jefry Rupert MD Dr. Mariam Koshy Thomas MD Dr. Kamal Soniya MD Dr. C.V. Davis DA, DNB Dr. Usha Shenoy MD Dr. Sugatha Prakash MD Dr. V.M. Suresh MD Dr. Geetha M.Jacob Dr. Gool.Y. Mistry DA Dr. M.G. Menon DA Dr. T.R. Ravi DA * CARDIOLOGY Dr. Govindan Unni T. MBBS, MD, DM Dr. Sudheer N.M. MBBS, MD, DM * GASTROENTEROLOGY Dr. T.K. Joseph MS * GASTROSURGERY Dr. Sajan Mathew MS DNB * NEUROLOGY Dr. Fiju Chacko MD, DM, DNB NEURO SURGERY Dr. Kurian N.I. MS, MCh, DNB Dr. Ramesh S. MS, MCh * PLASTIC SURGERY & BURNS Dr Adenwalla H.S., MS Dr. Narayanan P. V.,MS,FRCS Dr. Rajshree C.J., MS, MCh. * UROLOGY (GENITO URINARY SURGERY) Dr. Sreenivas Shenoy, MS, MCh * KNEE & SHOULDER SURGERY Dr. George Varghese MS
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
Obstetrics & Gynaecology The department of Obstetrics & is working as 2 units with daily OP & OT on an alternative basis. The OP timing is from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. The total number of beds are 260 which includes both the general wards and pay wards. The department has a well equipped labour room which looks after all normal labour cases and an intensive section which tackles all high risk pregnancies and complicated cases. We accept references from all the surrounding hospitals through out the day on a 24 hour basis. We have provisions for continuous electronic fetal monitoring, ultra sound, hand Doppler, painless labour-epidural analgesia etc.The large Gynaec section that tackle all major Gynaec surgeries including gynaec onco surgeries, gynaec plastic, gynaec micro surgery including tubal recanalisation, surgeries for all types of urinary and fecal incontinence, abdominal/ vaginal laparoscopic hysterectomies, etc. Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeries are also being done daily. The infertility unit does all the basic workup including IUI.The PG training programme, FOCUS, hosted by the department every year in the month of August attracts a large number of PH’s O & G from all over India. The high light of this programme is the live Case Presentations and separate sessions on examination related practical topics. Forensic Medicine The department has a well arranged museum with 56 mounted and 121 unmounted specimens including human specimens (organs), fetus, bones, toxicology specimens, ammunition specimens, weapons and snakes. Besides these there are models, charts, photographs, slides and x-ray films showing ossification data. Catalogues of specimens are available. The department has got a well equipped mortuary with cold chamber facility, modern mortuary table, dead body weighing machine and all necessary instruments for dissection. Electric autopsy is also available for cutting the human skull during autopsy (the sanction for performing medico-legal autopsy is awaited form the Government of Kerala) Anaesthesiology The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine offers consultation to referring physicians in all areas of anaesthesia and critical care as well as chronic and acute pain management. There are18 Operation Theatres manned by 10 qualified Anaesthesiologists and a team of trained anaesthesia technicians. Operation Theatres have the latest anaesthesia equipments and multi parameter monitoring machines, attached post operative ICUs providing Ventilatory care. Obstetric, post operative and palliative analgesia provided. The departments regularly conducts Anaesthesia Technician Course affiliated to CMAI. Community Medicine It undertakes academic activities, Community service and rural field training. Celebration of World Aids Day, TB Day, Health Day, Blood Donation Day, etc are part of Academic activities. Medical camps are conducted once in every month at the different Rural Field Training Centres. Family Health Studies are organized to give health education to the village people around the Rural PHCs. General Surgery It functions as three units. The clinical work includes the outpatient and impatient care of routine and emergency surgical patients referred from different parts of the central Kerala. The outpatient attendance in the OPD ranged from 40,000 to 45, 000 per year. The number of operations per year is around 4000 to 5000 including major and minor procedures. Paediatrics The department started in the year1969. It has 125 beds (Ward & Rooms) with a well equipped paediatric ICU with facilities for ventilator care, cardiac monitor and central oxygen supply. The department also has a separate neonatal ICU served by well trained senior faculty of Doctors and nurses who imparts utmost care for babies below 30 days. Procedures like Exchange Transfusion are also performed. Dermatology The Dermatology department offers procedures and services both investigative and curative, pertaining to general dermatology, cosmetic dermatology and venereology.Comprehensive consultation and treatment is provided for both outpatients and in-patients covering all dermatological conditions including: * General Dermatology * Cosmetology * Sexually Transmissible Diseases * Leprosy ENT and Phonosurgery The department has more than hundred patients per day and 2000 surgeries per year. The department has state-of- the art- facilities like Video Laryngoscopy with Pentax and Storz Flexible Laryngoscope with recording, Video Nasal Endoscopy, Otomicroscopy, Video Stroboscopy, Computerised Electonystagmography (ENG) etc. Operation Theatres has Carl-Zeiss Operating Microscope with Video and Recording facility, Moller-Wiedel Operating. Microsope, Multiple endoscopes for FESS with Video Monitoring, Diode Laser, etc. Physiology It has five state-of-the-art and well equipped laboratories. The aim of this department (both theory and practical) is to teach physiology to the medicos, nursing and paramedical courses so that every one of them will be able to achieve the required competence in their respective fields for the practice of holistic medicine encompassing primitive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of common diseases. Radiodiagnosis The Medical Imaging Centre at Jubilee Mission is well equipped to support the clinical departments in diagnosis as well as treatment with an array of new high performance equipments. Besides Conventional X-ray Machines, our facilities include Magnetic Resonance Image Scanner (MRI), Multi-slice CT Scanner, Radio Fluroscopy (IITV), Barium, IVU, Angiography, Follicular Studies, Colour Doppler, High- Resolution Ultrasound Scanner, Mammography, Orthopantomography (OPG), Dental X-ray, Portable X-rays, etc. Pulmonary Medicine / TB & Chest Diseases The department is well equipped with Spiro Meter, Pluse Oxymetry and facilities for chest physiotherapy to undertake the prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of various pulmonary diseases. The department also supports other clinical departments in preoperative evaluation as well as in critical care services to seriously ill patients. Central Laboratory The fully computerized Central Laboratory at Jubilee is manned by qualified and experienced technical staff under the leadership of Pathologists. It has the following functional Sub-units: Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Immunology. It is equipped with the finest diagnostic tools to serve the patient with accurate lab results in shortest time possible. Blood Bank The Blood Bank with the Component Separator Unit ahs facilities to bleed five donors at a time.The Following Blood Components are separated: RBC FFP Platelet Cryoprecipitate The Storage Facilities available are: Whole Blood / RBC 550 Units FFP 150-200 Units Platelets 50-60 Units Microbiology The department is fully functional to the training of Medical Undergraduates. Diagnostic Laboratory caters to the patients for the diagnosis of various infectious diseases of viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic or tubercular nature. Fully automated diagnostic systems are used to expedite reporting. Academic works are in progress on various aspects related to Bacteriological studies in clinical specimens. Faculty members actively participate in various National and International Conferences apart form the publications in reputed professional associations. Ophthalmology The department is fully functional to the training of Medical Undergraduates. Diagnostic Laboratory caters to the patients for the diagnosis of various infectious diseases of viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic or tubercular nature. Fully automated diagnostic systems are used to expedite reporting. Academic works are in progress on various aspects related to Bacteriological studies in clinical specimens. Faculty members actively participate in various National and International Conferences apart form the publications in reputed professional associations. Pharmacology Department of Pharmacology is well equipped to train the undergraduate according to the IMC Stipulations. Anatomy The department was begum in the year 2003. The department maintains a good museum having various sections like grow anatomy, embryology with congenital anomalies. A total of 250 mounted specimens, 75 embryology models and sufficient number of bones and carts are made available in the department. The dissection hall is big enough to accommodate 120 students with sufficient tables and instruments for dissection of cadavers. The facilities for embalming and preserving dead bodies for academic purposes are available in the department. The department offers opportunities for research in Basic Anatomy and Anthropology. Pathology The Histopathology Laboratory is functioning form the year 1972 onwards. The department with laboratories for Frozen Section, Cytology and Hematopathology offers high quality diagnostic results to the hospital as well as imparts ample academic training to the students. Biochemistry The department is equipped with fully automated, computerized chemistry analyses that utilize a variety of technologies to provide diagnostic support for clinical departments of the hospital. Department pursue high academic standards and are actively involved in training of students. Orthopaedics The department has expertise and commitment to provide effective solutions to patients with routine orthopaedic problems to spinal disorders. The department has wide range of facilities to offer treatment for muscle, ligament, bone and joint disorders and undertake trauma, sports injuries, Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder injuries, paediatric orthopaedics, etc. Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery The department serves the patients with routine dental problems as well as offers expert care for maxillofacial trauma, cyst and benign tumours, etc.
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