KS Hegde Medical Academy

K S Hegde Medical Academy was established in 1999 by the Nitte Education Trust. The college is named after the visionary and founder, late Justice K S Hegde, former Justice of the Supreme Court of India and former Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

Academic Courses & Training

The Institute started admitting students to the undergraduate course, MBBS from the year 1999-2000 and to postgraduate courses like MD, MS and DNB from 2006. Students are offered the best of opportunities for both theoretical as well as practical training with the help of state-of-the-art facilities, valuable clinical material and guidance by experienced teachers and researchers. The Institute is attached to the K S Hegde Hospital so adequate infrastructural support is available for patients and student training.

Affiliations & International Collaborations

K S Hegde Medical Academy is now a constituent unit of the Nitte University and is recognised by the Medical Council of India, Government of India. KSHEMA has signed an agreement of co-operation with the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Houston, USA for co-operation in research on diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. The college has established a state-of-the-art regional research centre on communciable diseases in collaboration with the University of Texas Health Sciences, on the campus. The Institute also has a staff exchange and training programme with Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn, USA.

Institute Details
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Mangalore University
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0 - 2 lacs
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Post Graduation
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How to reach
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admissions@nitte.ac.in , info@nitte.ac.in
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91-824-2441025, 2441026, 2440129, 2441875
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Nitte Education Trust, 7th Floor, Rama Bhavan Complex, Kodialbail, Mangalore - 575003 Karnataka, India.
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Name Designation Dr. Rajesh Ballal Professor & HoD Dr. KR Bhagavan Professor Dr. Sandeep Rai Professor(Paediatric surgery) Dr. Balakrishna N Shetty Professor Dr. Shubhakar Bhandary Professor Dr. Preetham Rai Professor Dr. Diwakar Shenoy Professor Dr. Rajashekar Mohan Associate Professor Dr. Ananthan R Associate Professor(Neurosurgery) Dr. M Gopalakrishnan Associate Professor(Cardiothoracic surgery) Dr. Rajeev TP Associate Professor(Urology) Dr. Sathish Chandra Associate Professor(Plastic surgery) Dr. Prashanth Kumar K Associate Professor Dr. Shreesha Divakar Rao Assistant Professor Dr. Jagannath H Assistant Professor Dr. Rohan Kumar Assistant Professor Dr. Deepa Pai Assistant Professor Dr. Kamar Jaha Banu Assistant Professor Dr. Prajwal Ravinder Assistant Professor Dr. Ramesh Alva Sr. Resident Dr. D Umesh Naik Sr. Resident Dr. Gopal Achar Sr. Resident Dr. Benjamin Mathew Sr. Resident Dr. CR Ballal Professor Emeritus Dr. Devdas Hegde Professor Emeritus
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
The management of K S Hegde Medical Academy is committed to provide every facility needed for the institution, at present and in the future. The college building houses pre-clinical and para-clinical departments, teaching and research laboratories, the central library and the administrative offices. Laboratories The K S Hegde Medical Academy has adequate laboratory facilities for teaching, clinical and research activities. The pre-clinical and para-clinical departments have well-equipped laboratories for students. All these facilities meet the stringent criteria of the Medical Council of India. The research laboratories have instruments such as Spectrophotometers, Physiograph, Stereotaxic equipment, Expirograph, tissue homogenizer etc. With the establishment of the Regional Research Centre for Communicable Diseases, the PCR and other facilities will be available. Histology Laboratory of the Department of Anatomy : The Histology Lab. is well-equipped for the students to learn basic histology (Study of Human Tissues). It has student microscopes, binocular microscopes, dissecting microscopes and other related equipment. Physiology Laboratories : The Department of Physiology has four laboratories - the Haematology Lab, Clinical Physiology Lab, Amphibian Lab and the Human Physiology Lab. Apart from the basic equipment required for teaching, the laboratories are also equipped with research tools like Physiograph, Stereotaxic equipment, Expirograph, Perfusion Sets, water bath etc. Biochemistry Laboratories : The Biochemistry Department has a fully equipped student laboratory with all the basic requirements like the colorimeters, pH meters, distillation apparatus etc. The department also has a Clinical Laboratory in the hospital premises to carry out routine and special biochemical investigations on the patients. Instruments like the Blood Gas Analyser, Electrolyte Analyser, Spectrophotometer are used in the investigations. Clinical Pathology Laboratory : The Clinical Pathology Laboratory is equipped with semi-auto analyser, arterial blood gas analyser, electrolyte analyser etc. The department is also furnished with research tools like the Spectrophotometer, tissue homogenizer etc. Pathology Laboratory : The Pathology Laboratory has a teaching lab for the students in the college premises with all the required facilities like the microtome tissue homogeniser to train them in haematology, clinical pathology and histopathology. The clinical laboratory has facilities like the cell counter and the MP fluorescent technique (for malarial and filarial infections) to perform haematological, histopathological, cytological and clinical pathology investigations. The department is also equipped to conduct clinical autopsies. Microbiology Laboratory : The Microbiology student laboratory is equipped to teach students routine microbiological investigations. The clinical laboratory has facilities for staining, culture and sensitivity and serological tests. The department also has an ELISA reader and has plans to develop research facilities with Polymerase Chain Reaction. Pharmacology Laboratory : The Pharmacology Department has a student lab for teaching Experimental Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology. The department also has research facilities for Neuropsycho Pharmacology and Biochemical Pharmacology. Bedside Laboratories : All the wards in the hospital have bedside laboratories to conduct routine investigations on the in-patients. Library The K S Hegde Medical Academy has a well stocked library. With a floor area of 892 sq.m, the library can comfortably accommodate more than 200 students at a time. The library has a main reading hall and a reference section for the staff. It has the latest editions of more than 7,500 text and reference books, besides reports, WHO publications, thesis and 140 Indian and international medical journals, direct link with Rajiv Gandhi University Consortium (Helinet) with an access to over 700 online journals. Bound volumes of earlier issues of journals too, are available. The books are catalogued based on A.A.C.R. and classified as per D.D.C. The library is open on all days from: Monday - Saturday : 08:30 am. to 11:00 pm Sunday & Gen Holiday : 09:00 am to 01:00 pm. The library has an audio-visual section with cassettes, CD-ROMs and slides available on various topics and a reprographic section where photocopies of literature are available for a nominal fee. The library has a well established computer centre with a dedicated leased line for the staff and students" access to the Internet & e-mail facility. The library also has Medline on CD-ROM since the year 1966. The Medline is a valuable reference tool for both students and faculty. Some of the other services provided at the library are reference and consultation service, J-gate service with access to all E-journals on the net, information retrieval service, lending services for staff only, routing of journals and current awareness service. Sports The Physical Education Department at KSHEMA has, badminton, volleyball and basketball courts for outdoor games while indoor games include table tennis, chess and carrom. The college provides students, faculty and the non-teaching staff members with facilities for the same. Healthcare The Medicare scheme entitles students to free medical and dental treatment. Canteens The hospital has its own catering division, which caters to the needs of the patients and staff members. The food is carried to the wards at specified times for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner and afternoon tea. This food is provided at a subsidised rate of Rs. 15/- per day. The attendants of the patients can also avail this facility by paying Rs. 5/- per meal. The hospital staff can avail the facility of the canteen at subsidised rates in the cafeteria. The kitchen is maintained in a hygienic fashion and required precautions to work, distribute and store the food and articles are meticulously observed under the supervision and regulatory control of the hospital. Conveyance The College has a fleet of 14 buses providing adequate transport facilities for the staff as well as students. The ambulance service can be availed for the use of patients at a reasonable rate.
Hostel & accomodation: 
Hostel fees The hostel fees, which includes the caution deposit, mess deposit and the room rent will be collected at the time of admission. The room rent for each academic year will be collected at the beginning of the year along with the other fees of the college. The caution deposit and the mess deposit will be refunded only at the end of the course. Caution Deposit Mess Deposit Mess Advance Room Rent Boys Hostel Rs. 10,000 Rs. 5,000 Rs. 18,000 Rs. 15,000 Single Occupancy: Rs. 22,500 Girls Hostel Rs. 10,000 Rs. 5,000 Rs. 18,000 Rs. 20,000 Single Occupancy: Rs. 30,000 The caution deposit and the room rent can be paid either by Demand Draft in favour of Nitte Education Trust, Mangalore or cheque drawn on local bank or by cash. The mess bill can be paid in cash. Establishment charges comprising of electricity, water and other utilities will be collected along with the mess bill. Accommodation Students are accommodated on a single and double occupancy basis. The timings for the boarders are as follows: Boys: 11 p.m Girls: 7 p.m Allottment of rooms Rooms are either allotted to the students or can be chosen by the students themselves. Incase the boarder wishes to change rooms, a written permission from the Dean or Warden is required. Mess The bill will be posted on the hostel notice board by the 10th of every month. Mess charges must be paid by the 25th of the same month. Fine for delay in payment is Rs.25 from the due date for the first 15 days and Rs.15 per day thereafter. The mess is run on a cost sharing basis. Based on the opinion of the boarders, the mess committee will decide on the menu which consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian South Indian, North Indian and Chinese preparations. Outside catering is not permitted. Incase a student is absent with permission, continuously for 7 days or more, concession in food charges will be allowed. Facilities The hostellers are provided with a cot, cupboard, study table and a chair. Every hostel has solar heated water facility, common telephone, TV room, reading room / library, visitors parlour, water coolers, generators etc. The hostels also have facilities for indoor and outdoor games. Rules & Regulations * Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the campus. * Every boarder must have a local guardian including those who reside in hostels other than the NET hostels. * Boarders should strictly follow the timings of the hostel. * Visitors including parents / guardians are allowed to meet their wards in the visitors lounge during visiting hours and not in their rooms. * Students are not allowed to stay in rooms other than the ones allotted to them. * Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings. * Students are not allowed to keep pets of any kind in the hostel. * Use of tobacco, in any form, is prohibited. * Consumption of alcohol is prohibited. * Possession of weapons or dangerous chemicals, of any kind, are strictly prohibited. * Hostellers are not permitted to stay in rooms during college hours, unless they are ill. Any illness should be reported to the warden. * The warden should be informed of any medication that the student uses. * Students are not permitted to stay away from the hostel or leave station without the prior permission from the warden. * Students, once admitted to the hostel, cannot vacate it without a written request from their parents, which must be authorized by the warden and the Dean. * Meetings / gatherings within the hostel are not permitted. Functions, of any kind should have the prior permission of the warden. * Boarders are allowed to use table lamps, hair dryers and irons. Other than these, the use of other electrical appliances are not allowed. * Students are not allowed to have their meals in their rooms except under special conditions like illness etc. The permission of the warden is required in such cases. * Cooking is not permitted in the hostel rooms. * Any damage to the hostel property will attract a fine.
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