Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Jaipur

India Education Trust is headed by Dr. M. L. Swarankar (Chairman) along with a team of Trustees that include Padmashri Dr. R. P. Soonawala (Patron), Mrs. Meena Swarankar (Vice-chairman), Dr. Ashok Khandaka (Vice-chairman), Mr. R. R. Soni (Managing Trustee) & Mrs. Neelam Soni (Trustee)

Dr. M. L. Swarankar's name needs no introduction in the world of Medicine. His contribution to research in In-vitro fertilisation has got not only him, but also Jaipur, an international popularity. With MBBS degree form SMS Medical College, he did his post graduation with specialization in Gyneacolology and Obstetrics from PGIMER, Chandigarh. He has undergone extensive training in US, UK, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Austria and Australia and rendered his professional services in numerous places including Mumbai, Chandigarh and Nigeria.

He founded Jaipur Fertility and Microsurgery Research Centre (IVF Centre), which has given happiness to many childless couples. People come from all over the world to take advantage of his medical expertise and he has treated patients from US, UK, France, Canada, UAE, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. The IVF Centre contributes almost a fifth of the total IVF treatments in the country and has the maximum success rate.

With an aim to provide Medical Education that will provide generations for medical treatment, training and research, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College was established in the year 2000 by India Education Trust.

Medical Education and large scale medical facilities, due to the requirement of large scale infrastructure and heavy financial requirements, have so for been the forte of Government Colleges and Universities in Rajasthan. Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital is the first recognized Medical College and Hospital of the private sector in Rajasthan. The College aims at laying down a strong foundation for the best of medical professionals in the country who are morally strong and have a highly dedicated work culture.

The Trust plans to bring in foreign collaboration and set up a truly global standard hospital like AIIMS, New Delhi and PGIMER, Chandigarh, increasing the hospital capacity to 1500 beds and providing world-class medical facilities in due course of time.


India Education Trust was established with a mission to provide world class Education and Treatment facilities along with the platform for research and development in Health Sciences. It emphasized on providing and ensuring treatment and Health care for the poor and needy and aims for bringing the population at large under the quality health care facilities.

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Rajasthan University of Health Sciences Jaipur
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0 - 2 lacs
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Post Graduation
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+91-0141- 2770798 / 2771777 / 2771001 - 3 Fax : +91-0141-2770303 / 2770900
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( A Unit of India Education Trust ) RIICO Institutional Area, Sitapura, Tonk Road, Jaipur - 302 022 (Rajasthan) INDIA
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UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS – 2008 3rd Professional MBBS Final (Part II) University Examination held in March 2008. Rank in Univ. Name of the students Name of the Colleges Honours in the subjects 1st Vijayshree Nahata M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Surgery, Obst. & Gynae. and Paediatrics 3rd Vikas Chandra Swarankar M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Surgery, Obst. & Gynae. and Paediatrics 9th Priya Charan M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. Richa Bhargava M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. -10-- Shrutee Ladha M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. --- Sanchit Jain M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. --- Shivangini Kumari M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. --- Sonia Mittal M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. --- Prabhleen Kaur M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. --- Garima Nag M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. --- Geetika Choudhary M.G.M.C.& H, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae. 3rd Professional MBBS Part I University Examination held in January 2008. Rank in University Name of the students Name of the Medical Colleges Honours in the subjects 6 Shweta Choudhary M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Ophthalmology & ENT 10 Himanshi Joshi M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Ophthalmology & ENT Pragya Gupta M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur -- ---- Sunena Somani M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur ENT --- Monika Kumawat M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Ophthalmology & ENT --- Naveen Chandra Patidar M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur ENT --- Richa Singh M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Ophthalmology IInd MBBS University Examination held in February 2008. Rank in University Name of the students Name of the Medical Colleges Honours in the subjects 1st Abhilasha Thanvi S.N., Jodhpur Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology & Forensic Medicine 2nd Vikas Dhillon N.I.M.S., Jaipur ---- 3rd Danny Kumar S.N., Jodhpur Microbiology & Pharmacology 4th Shyama Devi S.N., Jodhpur Microbiology & Forensic Medicine 5th Sweta Gupta S.N., Jodhpur Pathology & Forensic Medicine 6th Jinka Kataria S.N., Jodhpur Microbiology 7th Priyanka Ameta R.N.T., Udaipur Pharmacology & Forensic Medicine 8th Sankalp Shoyeb J.L.N., Ajmer Microbiology 9th Mahak Choudhary S.P., Bikaner --- Niharika Sharma M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Pathology & Microbiology 10th Tanushri Maheshwari J.L.N., Ajmer Pathology, Microbiology & Forensic Medicine Divya Agrawal S.N., Jodhpur Pathology -- Aahana Gupta M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Pathology Ist MBBS University Examination held in July 2008. Rank in Name of the students Name of the Colleges Honours in the subjects 1st Shivangini Khanna S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur Anatomy & Physiology 2nd Avantika Sharma S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur Anatomy & Physiology 3rd Nupur Rajoria S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur -- 4th Divya Bagoria S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur -- 5th Sourav Bansal S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur -- 6th Ankita Vaidy S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur -- 7th Prachi Gupta S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur -- Disha Gupta S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur -- Virendra Agarwal M.G.M.C.&H., Sitapura, Jaipur -- 8th Rohit Jain S.P. Medical College, Bikaner -- 9th Richa Gupta S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur -- Angel Bhati R.N.T. Medical College, Udaipur -- Rohit Pratap Singh M.G.M.C.&H., Sitapura, Jaipur -- 10th Kiran R.N.T. Medical College, Udaipur -- UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS – 2007 1. 3rd Professional MBBS Final (Part I) University Examination held in April 2007. As per University record the list of the students ranked among the first ten and who were awarded Honours in the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences is as follows: - Rank in Univ. Name of the students Name of the Colleges Honours in the subjects 1st Vijayshree Nahata MGMC&H, Jaipur Ophthalmology, E.N.T. & Community Medicine 2nd Srishi Sareen RNT Medical College, Udaipur E.N.T., Ophthal & Community Medicine 3rd Nausin Aara JLN Medical College, Ajmer E.N.T. 4th Vikas Chandra Swarankar MGMC&H, Jaipur E.N.T. 5th Jyoti Bansal RNT Medical College, Udaipur Community Medicine 6th Avtar Singh Clair SP Medical College, Bikaner --- Richa Bhargava MGMC&H, Jaipur --- 7th Kalpana Sharma SMS Medical College, Jaipur -- 8th Ashwani Kumar Sharma JLN Medical College, Ajmer --- Ram Singh Chundawat RNT Medical College, Udaipur --- 9th Pinki Tak JLN Medical College, Ajmer E.N.T. 10th Raj Shri Hirawat SP Medical College, Bikaner --- Dheeraj Dubey SN Medical College, Jodhpur --- Mahima Agrawal MGMC&H, Jaipur Ophthalmology 2. 3rd Professional MBBS Final (Part II) University Examination held in May 2007. The list of the students ranked among the first ten and Honours in the University of Rajasthan is given below: - (First ten positions) Rank in Univ. Name of the students Name of the Medical Colleges Honours in the subjects 1st Nishtha Sareen R.N.T., Udaipur Medicine, Surgery and Obst & Gynae. 2nd Maya Hada S.M.S., Jaipur Paediatrics 3rd Priyanka Kalra S.N., Jodhpur --- 4th Priyanka Soni S.P., Bikaner ---- 5th Poonam Somara MGMCH, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae 6th Rudrika Chandra R.N.T., Udaipur ---- 7th Samta Lohchab S.P., Bikaner 8th Surbhi Mathur MGMCH, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae 9th Ridhima Gupta MGMCH, Jaipur ---- 10th Shefali Gupta J.L.N., Ajmer --- -- Sonia Bhatia MGMCH, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae and Paediatrics -- Heena Jain MGMCH, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae --- Silky Kothiwal MGMCH, Jaipur Obst. & Gynae IInd MBBS University Examination held in January 2007 As per internet record the list of the students ranked among the first ten and who were awarded Honours in the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences is as follows:- Rank in Univ. Name of the students Name of the Colleges Honours in the subjects 1st Neetu Bharti SP Medical College, Bikaner Patho, Micro, Pharma & F. Medicine 2nd Arpita Lakhotia SN Medical College, Jodhpur Microbiology & Forensic Medicine 3rd Amren Liyakat SP Medical College, Bikaner Microbiology 4th Pragya Shah SN Medical College, Jodhpur Microbiology 5th Rohini Godara NIMS, Jaipur Pathology & Microbiology 6th Binaca Gandhi SN Medical College, Jodhpur Forensic Medicine 7th Minhas Amandeep Binder JLN Medical College, Ajmer Microbiology 8th Nivedita Sharma SN Medical College, Jodhpur Microbiology Suyasha Vyas SN Medical College, Jodhpur Microbiology & Forensic Medicine 9th Megha Sharma SMS Medical College, Jaipur Microbiology 10th Manisha Choudhary SP Medical College, Bikaner -- -- Neha Meena SN Medical College, Jodhpur Microbiology & Forensic Medicine --- Himanshi Joshi MGMC&H, Jaipur Microbiology --- Shweta Choudhary MGMC&H, Jaipur Microbiology Ist MBBS University Examination held in July 2007. As per internet record the list of the students ranked among the first ten and who were awarded Honours by the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences is as follows:- Rank in Univ. Name of the students Name of the Colleges Honours in the subjects 1st Farah Naaz Kota Medical College Physiology & Biochemistry 2nd Jitendra Kumar Tiwari N.I.M.S., Jaipur Physiology & Biochemistry 3rd Akash Sharma S.N. Medical College, Jodhur ---- 4th Aprajita Srivastava M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Physiology & Biochemistry 5th Ravi Mohan Saini M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur ---- 6th Palak Gupta S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur Physiology 7th Manoj Kumar Verma S.P. Medical College, Bikaner Physiology & Biochemistry Anshul Kulshreshtra S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur Biochemistry Ankita Humad R.N.T. Medical College, Udaipur Biochemistry 8th Pallawat Goyal J.L.N. Medical College, Ajmer Biochemistry 9th Rhythm Mathur M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur --- 10th Alisha Agrawal N.I.M.S., Jaipur Anatomy -- Deepak Devatheyia M.G.M.C. & H., Jaipur Biochemistry
Placement Amount: 
S. No Name Designation 1 Dr. R.P. Bushar Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Virendra Kumar Professor 3 Dr. D. S. Choudhary Professor 4 Dr. R.P. Garg Professor 5 Dr. Simmi Mehra Assoc. Professor 6 Dr. G.S. Bindra Asst. Professor 7 Dr. Vivek Mishra Asst. Professor 8 Dr. Ajay Singh Rajput Asst. Professor 9 Dr. Shelja Sharma Asst. Professor 10 Mrs. Prakriti Shrivastva Demonstrator 11 Dr. Meenaxi Singhal PG Student 12 Dr. Nidhi Lal PG Student 13 Dr. Tuhin Gulhayani PG Student 14 Dr. Aparjita Raizada PG Student 1 Dr. R.D. Sharma Prof. & Head 2 Dr. R. C. Gupta Professor 3 Dr. Ajay Mohan Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. Arun Kr. Chaturvedi Asst. Professor 5 Mrs. Shikha Mathur Asst. Professor 6 Mr. Shailendra Chanana Asst. Professor 7 Dr. Shumila Ansari Demonstrator 8 Dr. Sanjeev Dixit Demonstrator 9 Dr. Anil Agarwal Demonstrator 10 Dr. Sanjeev Kaler Demonstrator 1 Dr. A.S. Rathore Prof. & Head 2 Dr. G.S. Gupta Assoc. Professor 3 Dr. Vikrant Singh Asst. Professor 4 Ms. Bushra Fiza Asst. Professor 5 Ms. Mamta Asst. Professor 6 Ms. Bhawana Bagaria Demonstrator 7 Ms Vijay Laxmi Nanglia Demonstrator 8 Dr. Ravi Kant Soni PG Student 9 Dr. Gopal Kavhayap Demonstrator 10 Dr. Rini Gupta Demonstrator 11 Dr. Mukesh Sharma Demonstrator 1 Dr. Vijay V. Moghe Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Zafer Yab Khan Professor 3 Dr. Vikas Seth Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. P.P. Shankar Gauda Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. Yogesh Kr. Goyal Asst. Professor 6 Dr. Prerna Upadhyaya Asst. Professor 7 Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Asst. Professor 8 Ms. Monika Sharma Demonstrator 9 Dr. Kushesh Gupta Demonstrator 10 Dr. Saqib Khan Demonstrator 11 Mr. Pushpendra Saraswat Pharma Chemist Anatomy Physiology Bio Chemistry Pharmacology 1 Dr. Narayani Joshi Prof. & Head 2 Dr. B.P. Nag Professor 3 Dr. Manju Raghav Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. Abha Mathur Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. Sudha Gupta Assoc. Professor 6 Dr. Ram Mohan Jaiswal Asst. Professor 7 Dr. Tanu Malhotra Asst. Professor 8 Dr. Pradeep Sharma Asst. Professor 9 Dr. Devendra Laddha Asst. Professor 10 Dr. Deepik a Goyal Asst. Professor 11 Dr. Jasmine Kolhi Asst. Professor 12 Dr. Alpana Choudhary Asst. Professor 13 Dr. Sunil Das PG Student 14 Dr. Sushil Kumar Mewara PG Student 15 Dr. Nidhi Priya PG Student 16 Dr. Surendra Singh PG Student 17 Dr. Vikram Saraswat PG Student 18 Dr. Styendra Kumar Verma Demonstrator 19 Dr. Asif Ahmed Quershi Demonstrator 20 Dr. Pankaj Jain Medical Officer Incharge Blood Bank 1 Dr. Pushpa Durlabhji Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Suman Rishi Professor 3 Dr. Sweta Gupta Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. Ved Prakash Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. Naveen Gulati Asst. Professor 6 Dr. Sunita Agarwal PG Student 7 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jain PG Student 8 Dr. Suresh Kumar Verma Demonstrator 9 Dr. Chandra Shekhar Mittal Demonstrator 1 Dr.Vivekanand Goswami Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Sanjay Choudhary Assoc. Professor 3 Dr. Sangeeta Kumari Asst. Professor 4 Dr. Amandeep Kaur Asst. Professor 5 Dr. Vinay Kumar Atreya Medical Jurist 6 Dr. Rohin Garg Demonstrator 7 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta Demonstrator 8 Dr. Ashish Jain Demonstrator 1 Dr. R.C. Chowdhary Prof. & Head 2 Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi Professor 3 Dr. Shiv Shanker Swami Professor 4 Dr. Shiv Lal Bhardwaj Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. Noor Chand Bilochi Asst. Professor 6 Dr. M.S. Rathore Asst. Professor 7 Dr. Anjali Jain Asst. Professor Forensic Medicine PSM Pathology Microbiology 8 Dr. Richa Sharma Asst. Professor 9 Dr. Sweta Mangal Asst. Professor 10 Dr. Vivek Lal Asst. Professor 11 Mr. U. K. Sharma Asst. Professor 12 Dr. Hemant Vyas Demonstrator 13 Dr. Kirti Shekhawat PG Student 14 Dr. Aman Kumar PG Student 15 Dr. Sumit Ahuluwaliya PG Student 16 Dr. Rajani Sharma Demonstrator 17 Dr. Praveen Saini Demonstrator 1 Dr. Vitthal Maheshwari Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Suresh Meratatwal Professor 3 Dr. S.K. Arora Professor 4 Dr. S. K. Sharma Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. Rajeev Gupta Assoc. Professor 6 Dr. Mukesh Sarna Assoc. Professor 7 Dr. Puneet Rijhwani Assoc. Professor 8 Dr. Mukesh Jain Assoc. Professor. 9 Dr. H.P. Paliwal Asst. Professor 10 Dr. D.P. Bansal Asst. Professor 11 Dr. Govind P. Saini Asst. Professor 12 Dr. Vishnu Bhutia Asst. Professor 13 Dr. Brijesh Bharadwaj Asst. Professor 14 Dr. Kamal Kr. Jain Asst. Professor 15 Dr. Vishnu Kr. Sharma Asst. Professor 16 Dr. Amit Kr. Sanghi Asst. Professor 17 Dr. Mayank Shrivastava Asst. Professor 18 Dr. Rakesh Shivashiya Asst. Professor 19 Dr. Ramji Sharma Sr. Resident 20 Dr. Mnaohar Lal Sharma Sr. Resident 21 Dr. Brij Mohan Goyal Sr. Resident 22 Dr. Adil Aziz Sr. Resident 23 Dr. Anil Jangir Sr. Resident 24 Dr. (Mrs.) Vimal Mathur Jr. Resident 25 Dr. Mahesh Mawaliya PG Student 26 Dr. Nakul Gupta PG Student 27 Dr. Ashwani Sharma PG Student 28 Dr. Soubhagaya Mishra Jr. Resident 29 Dr. Piyush Arvind Jr. Resident 30 Dr. Digpal Singh Kirar Jr. Resident 31 . Dr. Puneet Singh Parihar Jr. Resident 32 Dr. Prateek Sharma Jr. Resident 33 Dr. Dharam Singh Jr. Resident 34 Dr. Naresh Chandra Sharma Jr. Resident 35 Dr. Prashant Soni Jr. Resident 36 Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jr. Resident 37 Dr. Hemant Chaturvedi Jr. Resident 38 Dr. Chandra Kishore Sharma Jr. Resident 1 Dr. Vijay Sharma Asst. Professor Gen. Medicine Gastroenterology 1 Dr. Lokesh Sharma Assoc. Professor 2 Dr. Mahesh K. Mishra Asst. Professor. 3 Dr. Ashish Kumar Malpani Sr. Resident 4 Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh PG Student 5 Dr. Neeraj Sharma Jr. Resident 6 Dr. Ghanshayam Goklani Jr. Resident 1 Dr. V.N. Saxena Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Kishor Singh Professor 3 Dr. Manisha Nijhawan Asst. Professor 4 Dr. Arvind Verma Asst. Professor 5 Dr. Pratibha Sharma Sr. Resident 6 Dr. Mohd. Hashim Jr. Resident 7 Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jakhar Jr. Resident 8 Dr. Kapil Kumar Jaiswal Jr. Resident 1 Dr. Madhu Nijhawan Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Tushar Jagawat Assoc. Professor. 3 Dr. Rakesh Khandelwal Asst. Professor 4 Dr. Amit Nijhawan Asst. Professor 5 Dr. Parth Singh Sr. Resident 6 Dr. Jaishree Jain Clinical Psychologist 7 Dr. Saurabh Sethi Jr. Resident 8 Dr. Ankesh Goyal Jr. Resident 9 Dr. Archana Paliwal Jr. Resident 1 Dr. A.K. Malhotra Prof. & Head 2 Dr. P.P. Gupta Professor 3 Dr. Narendra Kumar Mangal Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. Munish Kumar Kakkar Asst. Professor 5 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta Asst. Professor 6 Dr. Alok Gupta Asst. Professor 7 Dr. Rimzim Gupta Asst. Professor 8 Dr. Alok Upadhaya Asst. Professor 9 Dr. Rajat Sharma Sr. Resident 10 Dr. Vishnu Kumar Goyal Sr. Resident 11 Dr. Deepak Kumar Sharma Sr. Resident 12 Dr. Chirag Sethi PG Student 13 Dr. Kirti Choudhary PG Student 14 Dr. Rajni Sharma Jr. Resident 15 Dr. Abhishek Sharma Jr. Resident 16 Dr. Shubhendra Singh Jr. Resident 17 Dr. Deepak Singh Shekhawat Jr. Resident 1 Dr. J. K. Yadav Prof. & Head 2 Dr. K. K. Dangayach Professor 3 Dr. Sushil Kr. Kochar Professor 4 Dr. S.C. Dutt Professor 5 Dr. Brijesh Sharma Assoc. Professor Psychiatry Pediatrics General Surgery Pulmonary Medicine Skin & VD 6 Dr. Sanjay Singhal Assoc. Professor 7 Dr. Mahesh Mangal Assoc. Professor 8 Dr. Mahesh Solanki Asst. Professor. 9 Dr. Mahendra Pal Kochar Asst. Professor 10 Dr. Sanjay Chatterji Asst. Professor 11 Dr. Trilok Jain Asst. Professor 12 Dr. Sidharth Singh Rathore Asst. Professor 13 Dr. Jitendra Mangtani Asst. Professor 14 Dr. Hemendra Sharma Asst. Professor 15 Dr. Kamal Kishore Pareek Asst. Professor 16 Dr. G.S. Sharma Sr. Resident 17 Dr.Saroj Chhabra Kapoor Sr. Resident 18 Dr. Kewal K. Sharma Sr. Resident 19 Dr. Robin Bothra Sr. Resident 20 Dr. Anurag Sharma Sr. Resident 21 Dr. Himanshu Pandey Sr. Resident 22 Dr. Vikas Chandra Swarankar PG Student 23 Dr. Krishan Kumar Mewara PG Student 24 Dr. Niti Agarwal PG Student 25 Dr. Gaurav Kumar PG Student 26 Dr. Naveen Kumawat Jr. Resident 27 Dr. Ashok Kr. Agarwal Jr. Resident 28 Dr. Saihb Ram Jr. Resident 29 Dr. Shiv Mohan Chopra Jr. Resident 30 Dr. Vinay Kumar Gupta Jr. Resident 31 Dr. Vaibhav Mathur Jr. Resident 32 Dr. Meenu Kochar Jr. Resident 33 Dr. Manoj Gupta Jr. Resident 34 Dr. Virendra Singh Rathore Jr. Resident 35 Dr. Aditi Saxena Jr. Resident 36 Dr. Kishore Singh Choudhary Jr. Resident 1 Dr. Ravi Gupta Asst. Professor 1 Dr. Sunit Soni Asst. Professor 1 Dr. Ashok Khandaka Prof. & Head 2 Dr. C.S. Sharma Professor 3 Dr. S.P. Agarwal Professor 4 Dr. Naveen Goyal Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. Anand Sharma Assoc. Professor 6 Dr. Anil Gupta Assoc. Professor 7 Dr. Rajesh Kanoji Asst. Professor 8 Dr. Siddharath Sharma Asst. Professor 9 Dr. Dilip Mehta Asst. Professor 10 Dr. Vishwanath Mathur Sr. Resident 11 Dr. Prafful Maharshi Sr. Resident 12 Dr. Rahul Agarwal PG Student 13 Dr. Mihir Thanvi PG Student 14 Dr. Riresh Agarwal Medical Officer 15 Dr. Mahendra Acharya Jr. Resident Urology Orthopedics Plastic Surgery 16 Dr. Himanshu Gupta Jr. Resident 17 Dr. Awdesh Agarwal Jr. Resident 1 Dr. Rohin Bhatia Asst. Professor 1 Dr. Indu Arora Prof. & Head 2 Dr. S.P. Vyas Professor 3 Dr. D.C. Gupta Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. Vaishali Mathur Asst. Professor 5 Dr. Nisha Dulani Asst. Professor 6 Dr. Harish Dulani Sr. Resident 7 Dr. Ankur Gupta PG Student 8 Dr. Nitin Jain Jr. Resident 9 Dr. Devesh Parashar Jr. Resident 1 Dr. D.D. Hemani Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Tarun Ojha Assoc. Professor 3 Dr. Pratibha Vyas Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. Indu Goel Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. Sudeep Jain Assistant Professor 6 Dr. Suresh Lalwani Sr. Resident 7 Dr. Sarita Kumari Sr. Resident 8 Dr. Abhishek Jain PG Student 9 Dr. Pradeep Kr. Choudhary Jr. Resident 10 Dr. Suresh Chand Meena Jr. Resident 1 Dr. Sunila Khandelwal Prof. & Head 2 Dr. M.C. Bansal Principal & Professor 3 Dr. Veena Acharya Professor 4 Dr. M. L. Swarankar Professor 5 Dr. Neeru Sharma Assoc. Professor 6 Dr. Swati Garg Assoc. Professor 7 Dr. Jaya Choudhary Assoc. Professor 8 Dr. Seema Sharma Assoc. Professor 9 Dr. Namita Kotia Assoc. Professor 10 Dr. Alka Gehlot Asst. Professor 11 Dr. Manisha Choudhary Asst. Professor 12 Dr. Suchita Meherishi Asst. Professor 13 Dr. Vineeta Garg Asst. Professor 14 Dr. Samta Bali Rathore Asst. Professor 15 Dr. Nisha Naruka Asst. Professor 16 Dr. Aparna Agarwal Sr. Resident 17 Dr. Pavitra Tiwari Sr. Resident 18 Dr. Liza Mittal Sr. Resident 19 Dr. Seema Mehta Jr. Resident 20 Dr. Prabhleen Kaur PG Student Obs & Gyanae. Neuro Surgery Ophthalmology ENT 21 Dr. Leena Saini PG Student 22 Dr. Garima Choudhary PG Student 23 Dr. Vertika Agarwal Jr. Resident 24 Dr. Karam Chand Bohara Jr. Resident 25 Dr. Arun Singh Dhaneva Jr. Resident 26 Dr. Kiran Sharma Jr. Resident 27 Dr. Vikram Kumar Arora Jr. Resident 1 Dr. (Mrs.) D. Jethava Prof. & Head 2 Dr. D.D. Jethava Professor 3 Dr. Shashi Chaturvedi Professor 4 Dr. Pukhraj Ajmera Professor 5 Dr. Sudhir Sachdev Assoc. Professor 6 Dr. Sudha Sarna Assoc. Professor 7 Dr. Vijay Mathur Assoc. Professor 8 Dr. R.C. Gupta Assoc. Professor 9 Dr. Priyamvada Gupta Asst. Professor 10 Dr. Gaurav Sharma Asst. Professor 11 Dr. Mukesh Rathore Sr. Resident 12 Dr. Manish Gupta Sr. Resident 13 Dr. Anju Garg Sr. Resident 14 Dr. Anupam Rajvanshi Sr. Resident 15 Dr. Vishnu Gupta Sr. Resident 16 Dr. Mukta Bhatnagar Sr. Resident 17 Dr. Sunil Choudhary Sr. Resident 18 Dr. Anand Derashri PG Student 19 Dr. Nitin Busar PG Student 20 Dr. Pratyus Goel PG Student 21 Dr. Shilpa Agarwal PG Student 22 Dr. Varun Kumar Saini PG Student 1 Dr. Hemant Mishra Prof. & Head 2 Dr. Basant Kishore Vyas Professor 3 Dr. Mohan Shivnani Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. Pramod Jain Assoc. Professor 5 Dr. R.P. Bansal Assoc. Professor 6 Dr. Dinesh Gupta Asst. Professor 7 Dr. Pawan Jain Asst. Professor 8 Dr. Mahaveer Pd. Goyal Asst. Professor. 9 Dr. Ajay Gupta Asst. Professor 10 Dr. Rajesh Kr. Arora Sr. Resident 11 Dr. Himanshu Agarwal Sr. Resident 12 Dr. Naresh Middha Sr. Resident 13 Dr. Niharika Kothari Sr. Resident 14 Dr. Pritam Singh Sr. Resident 15 Dr. Anil Kumar Lohia PG Student 16 Dr. Ashish Kumar PG Student 17 Dr. Naveen Gurjar PG Student 18 Dr. Swati Kufkkar PG Student Anesthesia Radiology 1 Dr. Anshu Jain Ch. CMO 2 Dr. S. K. Verma Medical Officer 3 Dr. Neelesh Kumar Patira Medical Officer 4 Dr. Yogendra Kumar Joshi Medical Officer Casualty
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
Dr. K. D. Gupta Memorial Central library. Modern and highly equipped Laboratories and Lecture Theatres. Separate boys and girls hostels with the best of facilities. Well-managed mess facilities. Indoor and outdoor games facilities. World class air-conditioned auditorium with the latest digital technology and a seating capacity of 800 persons. This auditorium can be used for various National Level Seminars in different fields. Open-air theatre with a seating capacity of 2000 persons. Staff Quarters and Apartments for faculty and other Paramedical, Nursing & other supportive staff members. Canteen and mess facilities. Medical stores.


i am qualify in neet ug 2013. My score is 88.67 percentile. Can i get admission in MG medical collage

i appered in neet 2013 and expecting my score 265/720 .iwould like to know can i get admission in mgmc jaipur .what is the procedure to get admission in pvt college.

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