MBA in Retail Management

Reasons to opt for MBA in Retail Management: Because the international Retail Industry of the 21st Century offers ample exciting career opportunities for qualified managers and leaders. Thus, choosing a career in the Retail sectors can prove to be very fruitful. Also:

  • The international Retail Industry has many dimensions and provides many different opportunities in developed as well as developing markets.
  • As a result of the considerable changes that have taken place in the business environment of Retail Organizations in terms of globalization, increased competition, new technology, logistics, customer values and the retail mix, it has become a necessity to employ competent Retail Managers who have a strategic perspective towards decision making.

How MBA Retail Management” Course helps: It enables students to combine strategic ideas from different disciplines with that of the best practices from the retail industry.

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  • The MBA Course with a pathway in Retail Management enables the students to gain the knowledge and skills to competently manage a retail organization by incorporating strategic ideas from different managerial disciplines as well as from the best practices of the Retail Industry on an international level.

What will this qualification can do for you: The “MBA Retail Management” qualification will enhance the career prospects of people from different backgrounds:

  • Professionals with experience within the Retail Sector who wish to enhance their career prospects.
  • Newly qualified graduates from a related field such as Business Studies / Management who wish to develop their career prospects within the Retail Industry.
  • Newly qualified graduates from a non-relevant field who wish to establish a career within the Retail Sector.
  • Professionals with experience in other industries who wish to make a career move to the continuously expanding Retail Industry.

Knowledge & Skills: Successful completion of the MBA Retail Management Course develops the knowledge and skills to:

  • Integrate all aspects of management in strategic decision making.
  • Manage and control different disciplines such as Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management within a Retail Sector organisation.
  • Strategically manage the Retail mix of a Retail Industry Organisation.
  • Integrate technology within the Retail Strategy.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation and change within a retail business by adapting and introducing international best practices.

Career Opportunities:

  • An MBA Retail Management qualification will enable you to find varied careers within the dynamic Retail Sector in different parts of the world, including in the UK, the Middle East (in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabhi), the Far East Asia, the South East Asia and highly lucrative emerging economies like China and India.
  • The Retail Sector itself is highly diversified and includes large super markets, specialist equipments stores, high-end fashion outlets and online stores. There will be leadership and managerial opportunities within these organisations at head offices in general and in specialist areas, in the field (managing chain of stores as Area Managers) and within large stores.
  • Large multinational manufacturing and marketing organisations require specialists in Retail Management to assume leadership positions within the areas of marketing and supply chain management.
  • Lead your family retail company or even will be able to start your own Retail Organisation.

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