Minority Welfare Scholarship 2014

Welcome to Minority Welfare Scholarship 2014 Section. You will find here PRE, POST and Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship and Post Matric Scholarship, How to Apply online for Scholarship.

e-Scholarship Updates 2014:

Application can be filled only by the students having Aadhaar No. Please get your Aadhaar card prepared immediately.

Common Features of Pre, Post and Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Schemes:

  • 30% of scholarships are earmarked for girl students.
  • Students should have secured not less than 50% marks in the previous final examination.
  • Not more than 2 students from the family.
  • Scholarship allocation to States/UTs on the basis of population of minorities.
  • The scheme is implemented through the State Govt./UT Administration.
  • Can avail scholarship from not more than one source.

Important Dates for submitting applications online:

For Merit cum Means based Scholarship: In case of fresh scholarships for the year 2013-14 students can apply online upto midnight of 30.9.2013 and in case of renewal of scholarships students can apply online upto midnight of 31.12.2013.

For Post Matric Scholarship: In case of fresh scholarships for the year 2013-14 students can apply online upto midnight of 30.9.2013 and in case of renewal of scholarships students can apply online upto midnight of 10.12.2013.

How to apply online for scholarship:

In order to apply online please visit the website through URL momascholarship.gov.in. A link to the site is also provided in the website of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, i.e. minorityaffairs.gov.in.

After opening the site please select the name of the scholarship scheme, you wish to apply. Then go to the "Student Registration" tab as appeared on the screen and register yourself for online application.

How to submit the online application

Fill up the application first, then save the details. For this please click the SAVE Radio Button. Thereafter, click the Radio Button Finalize & Submit. Once it is submitted then you cannot edit further.

After submitting the application online to the next level, you should take a print out of the same sign and send it immediately with requisite documents to the State Department after authenticating the application from your institute.

Please ensure that your hard copy reaches to the State Department. You will not be considered for scholarship if the State Department of the State to which you belong to does not receive the hard copy of your duly filled in online application. It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to submit the Hard copy to the State Department.

What is UID number/Aadhaar Number?

UID number otherwise known as „Aadhaar‟ number is Unique Identification Number given by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This field is mandatory. The Aadhaar Number should be mapped with the Bank Account in which Scholarship Amount is desired to be transferred. For this the concerned Bank may be contacted with a copy of the Aadhaar card.

Process of Registration:
  • Based on information available with the State government, names of many institutions have already been entered into the OSMS database. The institute should check whether their names figure in the list or not. For this purpose, the institute should go to the homepage of the website and click the ‘list’ button.
  • Once the State government enters the name of institution into the OSMS, user ID and password are generated for that institution. If the mobile number and e-mail address of the institution are available with the State authorities and these are entered into the OSMS, user ID and password are automatically conveyed to the institution concerned through SMS/e-mail. In case these are not available with the State government, the user ID and password would have to be conveyed to the institution through the normal mail system.
  • In respect of Merit-cum Means based Scholarship scheme user Id and Password have already been given to institutes in the previous year. However, unlike previous year, from the year 2012-13 only one set of user Id and Password, that of institute’s office account will require to verify online applications. The principal’s account has been removed from the institute module.
  • Accordingly, in respect of Post-Matric Scholarship scheme only one user Id and Password has been provided this year.
  • Once the institution has the ID and password, it can enter into the OSMS. While doing so on the first occasion, the system would compulsorily ask them to change the password. Thereafter, the institute should fill up detailed information online about courses, infrastructure, Bank Account etc.
  • This information must be filled in as quickly as possible because the capability of the institution to do online verification would depend on that. Unless these details are entered the institution will not be able to do online verification.
  • Once any institution is authorized to do online verification, it need not wait for the last date for receipt of application to commence the process of verification. In fact, the institute is advised to take up verification as soon as the online application  and hard copy of the application are received from the students.
  • After 31st July of calendar year online applications for a given academic year pending with institute database for more than 30 days for want of verification will get automatically pushed to the State Department level.
  • After the verification, the application is to be forwarded to the home state of the student as given in the application form. As a matter of fact, the online application would go to its destination on its own. While forwarding the hardcopy, the institution has  to take care that it is sent to the home state of the student and not necessarily in all cases to the state where the institution is located.
  • Before verification is taken up, students may point out about some bonafide mistakes which they may have made while filling up the application like spelling mistake in names, etc. Except some basic parameters like religion, name of institution, percentage of marks, parental annual income, bank details, other fields can be edited by the Institute when such mistakes come to light. However it needs to be pointed out here that what students have entered cannot be overwritten. Any correction made by the institution will show separately and it will be apparent to anyone what the student had originally filled up and what was the correction made by the institution.
  • After verification, the hardcopy has to be signed by the institution before the same is handed over to the Student for submission to the State Department concerned.
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