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Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur is a Multi-Faculty affiliating University established under U. G. C. Act. The University consists of four constituent colleges and 110 affiliated colleges from the districts of Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Rajasmand,Banswara, Dungarpur and Sirohi.

Administration Block


The erstwhile Udaipur University was established in the tribal area of Southern Rajasthan with headquarters at Udaipur. This Agricultural University was turned into a multi-faculty university in 1964 named as University of Udaipur. As a mark of respect in the memory of Late Shri. Mohan Lal Sukhadia, the architect of modern Rajasthan, the University was renamed as Mohanlal Sukhadia University in 1984.

The Vice Chancellor

Smt. Aparna Arora, I.A.S.

Statutory Bodies
Board of Management Members of Board of Management
Academic Council Members of Academic council
Council of Deans Members of Council of Deans
Board of Studies

Constituent Colleges

The Academic Council

Following is the constitution of the Academic Council of the University:

* The Vice-Chancellor,Ex-officio Chairman
* Dean, Post Graduate Studies
* One Professor from each faculty to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
* One Head of the Constituent College to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.
* Secretary to the State Government in the Education Department or his nominee not below rank of a Special Secretary.
* Director of College Education, Rajasthan
* Heads of the University Departments
* One Principal of Affiliated College to be Nominated by the State Government.
* Two persons having special attainment in the field of studies not being employees of the University, one to be nominated by the Vice-chancellor and other by the State Government.
* One teacher other than the professors, from a constituent college/Department having minimum ten years experience in teaching degree or Post-Graduate Classes to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.
* One Teacher other than the Principals, from affiliated colleges, having a minimum ten years experience in the teaching degree or post-graduate classes to be nominated by the state Government, Registrar of the University as Member Secretary.

The term of office of a nominated or elected members shall be two years.

Members of Academic council

Board of Studies

There shall be such member of Board of Studies as may be determined by the Statutes.A Board of Studies shall be constituted in the manner, consist of such members, exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be prescribed.

Council of Deans

1. The council of Deans is incharge of all administrative matters pertaining to constituent colleges and University teaching Departments including Student discipline in such colleges or Departments and shall makes its recommendation to the Board.
It consists of
1. The Vice Chancellor as its Chairman.
2. The Dean of Students Welfare.
3. The Deans of Constituent Colleges.


Members of Council of Deans

Central Facilities (Computer Centre, Internet Centre, University Workshop, Estate Office, Hostels, Guest House, Sports Board)
University Administrative Office

University Administrative office is located in the main campus of the University
which is approximately 5km from Udaipur Railway station/Bus Stand.

Administrative Officers
Tel:+91-294-2470621 (O)
Deputy Registrar
Tel:+91-294-2470707 (O)

VC Secretariat,Registrar Office,Comptroller Office,
Dean PG Office,General Administration,Establishment,
Recruitment,Meeting,SC/ST Cell,Planning
Bill,PF & Pension,Compilation,Tender,

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University of Udaipur
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0 - 2 lacs
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Post Graduation
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Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur 313001 Rajasthan, India
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Faculty Chairman & Head of the Departments Faculty of Humanities Chairman : Prof. S.R. Vyas 2470143 Department Head of the Department English Dr (Mrs) Seema Malik 2470143, 2470509 Extn 220 History Dr (Mrs) Digvijaya Bhatnagar 2470143,2470509, Extn 240 Hindi Dr. Neetu Parihar 2470143, 2470509,Extn 250 Rajasthani Dean, UCSSH 2470143, 2470509,Extn 330 Sanskrit Dr. Hemlata Bolia 2470143, 2470509,Extn 340 Jainology & Prakrit Dr. H.C. Jain 2470143, 2470509,Extn 310 Philosophy Prof. S.R. Vyas 2470143, 2470509,Extn 280 Music Dr. P.S. Bhandari 2470143, 2470509,Extn 270 Visual Arts Dr. Hemant Dwivedi 2470143, 2470509,Extn 370 Faculty of Social Sciences Chairman : Prof. Anju Kohali 2470143 Economics Prof. (Mrs) Anju Kohli 2470143, 2470509,Extn 210 Geography Dr. Narpat Singh Rathore 2470143,2470509, Extn 230 Political Science Prof.. (Mrs) Zaneb Banu 2470143, 2470509,Extn 290 Public Administration Dr. C.R. Suthar 2470143, 2470509,Extn 193 Psychology Prof.. (Mrs) V.L. Chouhan 2470143, 2470509,Extn 320 Sociology Prof.. (Mrs) Monika Nagori 2470143, 2470509,Extn 350 Library Science Dr. T.D. Tilwani 2470143, 2470509,Extn 260 Faculty of Science Chairman: Prof. Madhu Sudan Sharma 2413955 Extn 200 Botany Prof.. S.S. Katewa 2413955, 2412009 Extn 217 Chemistry Prof.. B.L. Hiran 2413955, 2412009 Extn 220 Physics Prof. Rajesh Pandey 2413955, Extn 240, 2423641 Zoology Prof. M.S.Sharma 2413955, 2412009 Extn 250 Mathematics & Statistics Dr. M.S.Dulawat 2413955, 2412009 Extn 231 Pharmacy Dr. C.P. Jain Geology Prof. P.C. Audhich 2413955, 2414366 Extn 415 Bio-technology Prof. S.D. Purohit (Incharge) 2413955,2410300 Environmental Science Dr. Nidhi Rai 2413955, 2412009 Polymer Science Dr. Jyoti Choudhary (Incharge) 2413955 Faculty of Commerce Chairman: Prof. K.C. Sodani 2412009xtn 300 Business Administration Dr. U.B.Singh 2412009,2413955Extn.330 Accountancy & Statistics Prof. G.Soral 2412009,2413955,Extn320 Banking & Business Economics Dr. Mukesh Mathur 2412009,2413955 Extn.320 Faculty of Management Chairman: Prof. Karunesh Saxena 2470208 Others Department & Units M.C.A Prof. K. Venugopalan, Director, University Computer Centre 2471370,2471310 Informatics & Computational Sciences (BCA, M.Sc. IT) Prof. K.Venugopalan, Course Director 2471310 M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry Prof. A.K. Goswami 2413955 Extn 225 M.I.B. Prof. I.V. Trivedi, Course Director 2412009,2413955 M.H.R.M Prof. D.S. Chundawat, Course Director 2423020,2412009 M.Sc (Biotechnology) Prof. S.D. Purohit, Co-ordinator & Incharge 2410300,2413955 B.B.M Prof. K.C. Sodani 2412009 Extn 300
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
he University Library System has a Central position in the academic activities of the University. It is considered to be a heart of the University which should be injected with fresh blood continuously. The University Central Library was constituted in 1962 and the Extension Library of the University of Rajasthan working in the Udaipur was merged into it in 1966 . The College Libraries were created gradually with the establishment of the Colleges. In 1987 the Rajasthan Agricultural University was spilt up from the University and all the College Libraries of Agricultural wing became the part of the Rajasthan Agricultural University. The Sukhadia University Library System consists of the following Libraries : 1. University Central Library 2. College of Science Library 3. College of Social Science & Humanities Library 4. College of Commerce & Management Library 5. College of Law Library 6. Faculty of Management Studies Library 7. University Department of Geology Library There are two separate libraries in the Science faculty (i) College of Science Library and (ii) Department of Geology Library which has been transferred from University of Rajasthan. Similarly in the College of Commerce and management . 2- Studies, two units of Libraries Are working side by side (i) Main Library of the College and (ii) M.B.A. Programme Library. The Central Library concentrates on research support services where as the college libraries look after the specific needs of Under-graduate and Post-Graduate teaching courses of the respective College. The University Central Library caters to the needs basically of the Post-Graduate Students, Research Scholars and the faculty members of the University, catering the needs of the Research Scholars and Faculty members through INTERNET. The Central Library has set up the Information and Library Network ( INFLIBNET) Cell with the assistance of UGC . This cell is equipped with modern infrastructures. This cell regularly inputs records in the National database being developed by the INFLIBNET at Ahmedabad. This library is member of INFLIBNET and DELNET (Development Library Network) New Delhi, which has recently developed its WebPages . Readers can access our library record on the Internet. The library also provides all possible information through Internet required by the research scholars. BUILDING: The Central Library has its own building. This building is presently occupied by the Central Library and University Administrative office. All Other libraries are housed in respective college/department buildings. LIBRARY MANAGEMENT : Under Act and Statutes No. 5(3) (a) of the University, there is a Library Committee to render advice to the Academic Council in connection with all library matters. The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman and the University Librarian/Officer-in-charge acts as the Secretary. The Chairman of Library Committee of all the colleges/department are the members of this committee. The library is being looked after by the following officers :- Officer-in-charge Presently • Prof. Maheep Bhatnagar OFFICER IN CHARGE / HONORARY LIBRARIAN NAME TERMS Prof B.K.Shrivastava 1964-1970 Prof N.L.Hingorani 1970-1971 Prof J Verma 1973-1979 Prof G.V.Bakore 1979-1981 Prof B.S.Mathur 1986-1987 Prof B.C.Mehta 1988-1991 Prof D.N.Purohit 1991-1993 Prof U.N.Upadhyaya 1998-2001 Prof K.K.Sud 2001-2004 Prof D.K.Bhatt 2004-2005 Prof Madhu Sudan Sharma 2005-2008 Prof D.K.Bhatt 2008- 2009 Prof. Maheep Bhatnagar 2009 to-----
Hostel & accomodation: 
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