National Institute of Technology Warangal

National Institute of Technology - National Institute of Technology, Warangal (Deemed University), formerly known as Regional Engineering College, was established in 1959. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone for this institute on October 10, 1959, the first in the chain of 18 NITs (formerly known as RECs) in the country

It offers seven graduate programmes (B.Tech) in engineering, twenty four post graduate programmes (M.Tech, M.Sc, M.C.A and MBA) in engineering, sciences and management and Research programmes (Phd) in Engineering, Sciences, Humanities and Physical Education. The institute is well-known for its Research and Development, Industrial consultancy, Continuing education in india and Training programmes for teachers and industrial personnel


Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
BioTech Engineering

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0 - 2 lacs
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Under Graduation
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Warangal - 506004 Andra Pradesh, INDIA
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3 - 5 lacs
Prof Y V Rao Dr Venu Vinod Dr C S R K Prasad Rajender Reddy T Srinivas Reddy
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50 - 60 %
Central Library The Central Library supports the teaching and research programmes of the Institute and provides facilities for general reading and disseminates information according to the requirement of the users. It is housed in a separate building with a plinth area of 4000 sq. mtrs. It has around 1,43,254 books, back volumes, technical pamphlets, standards, CD-ROMS, Video Cassettes etc. The total cost of the books is Rs. 5.65 crores and it receives 210 Journals, 121 Indian and 89 Foreign at a cost of Rs. 5.64 lakhs. It also receives 2000 on-line Journals through INDEST set-up by MHRD, Govt. of India. The services and operations in the Central Library are fully computerized. The database of entire Library acquisitions was created using LIBSYS software and it works under NT environment. The main server is Xeon Server-Dual CPU (DELL PE 2900). DIGITAL LIBRARY DIGITAL LIBRARY The Library has campus LAN connectivity through the Computer Center and is connected to Web Server (P ? III, I GHz Compaq Proliant). 50 Systems providing network facility are installed for browsing. The MHRD, GOI New Delhi setup a consortia ? based subscription to electronic resources for technical education system named as INDEST (Indian Digital Library in Engineering, Science and Technology) and received about 2000 on-line journals. It?s head-quarters is at IIT Delhi. The on line journals that are available through INDEST are: * IEEE/IEE Electronic Library * ASME Transactions * ASCE Transactions * Applied Science and Technology Plus (ASTP) * ACM Digital Library * Springer Verlag Link * Elseviers Science Direct * Nature * J-Gate * Indian Standards 18,000 in e-form * ASTM International Standards A network CD-ROM Tower with (14) drives is also installed to retrive the information through CD-ROMS, Disks etc. of various subjects received along with printed materials.The Library has also procured a Hard Disk caching solution (500 GB) and installed in the Digital Library. The archive data of on-line journals received through INDEST ? an e-consortia and the data of 800 CD-ROMs available in the Library loaded in the system and made it accessible in the Library and also in the departments through the LAN. COMPUTER CENTRE Computer Centre is a central facility supporting the computing needs of students and staff of various disciplines in the institute. It maintain the campus LAN services with one file server at the centre and another at the library. All the departments faculty and administrative officers are connected to the LAN. The centre has a dedicated connectivity to INTERNET through V-SAT. Internet services such as Web Browsing. Electronic Mail etc., are connected to the campus LAN. The centre responsible for office - automation in the Institute. In this direction services at the central library and Examination Branch have been computerized and other works are in progress. Work relating to MIS (Management Information System) is being done. Centre offers several consultancy services. It has organized Mainframe Training programmes (Solution to Y2K problem). It is involved in the development of system and application software. It offers consultancy services for commercial data processing. Several job works relating to the conduct of entrance examinations to professional course in Andhra Pradesh have been done at the Centre. It also organise computer awareness programmes for organizations such as Bank and also for the benefit of employee and staff children. Facilities A PC-LAN of sixty system with a variety of latest software applications from Microsoft. A LAN of 16 Engineering workstations with a SUN ULTRASPARK file server and software. PC Hallmark Mini Computers with 32 terminals A Campus LAN with two file servers - one in the Computer Centre, another in the Institute Library. All departments and individuals faculty rooms are connected to the LAN.
Hostel & accomodation: 
The Institute has excellent residential facilities for all the students admitted to the various courses. There are sixteen hostel blocks (halls of residence) for men and two for women. Hostel administration is managed by a Chief Warden and a team of Wardens drawn from the faculty and appointed by the Director on a tenure basis. Hostel Advisory Council headed by the Director is responsible for major policy decisions with respect to the hostel administration. Hostel Executive Committee takes decisions on routine matters. Students have representation on both the administrative bodies. Hostel office has full-fledged supporting staff and other workers. Capacity of the Hostels : Block Nos. No. of rooms in each block Occupancy Capacity 1,2,9,10 100 Single 400 3,4,5,6,7,8 48 Triple 864 11,12 48 Double 192 13,14 200 Single 400 Ladies Hostel – I 81 Double 162 Ladies Hostel – II 48 Double 96 Total 2114 . Messes : There are five messes in the men’s hostels, three of them serving non-vegetarian meals and the remaining two providing vegetarian meals. Ladies’ hostel has a separate mess which offers both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The messes operate on ‘no profit – no loss’ basis and cater to the taste of students from all regions of the country. There are mess representatives nominated from the students and a mess warden to supervise the smooth running of the messes. Messes are equipped with excellent furniture, music system and purified chilled water. Messes are provided with steam cooking facility and fueled through gas. The food cleaning and cutting processes are being mechanized. Blocks : Apart from furnished rooms, each block has a TV room (with cable TV connection) and a reading room. Each block has student representatives and a Warden to cater to the needs of the inmates in the respective blocks. Facilities : Shopping Complex:  Fruit juice stall, bakery, Xerox and an STD booth are some of the facilities at the shopping complex. Internet Centre The hostel provides Internet facilities for the inmates in the hostel premises. Boys’ hostel has an internet center with 15 systems. Each of the blocks in ladies hostel, namely Priyadarshini and Sarojini has an internet centre each with 5 systems. Music System There is centralized music system with a good collection songs in Telugu, Hindi and English Wireless Lan All the blocks are going to be provided Internet through Wireless Lan. Hostel Telephone Numbers : Hostel Office: 2459204     A Public Telephone for students to make STD and ISD Calls. Telephones are available at each of the hostel blocks as detailed below: Name Block Phone No Azad Hall 1 2459443 Bose Hall 2 2459450 Ambedkar Hall 3 2459442 Babha Hall 4 2459436 Gandhi Hall 5 2459440 Gokhale Hall 6 2459437 Radhakrishnan Hall 7 2459441 Raman Hall 8 2459438 Nehru Hall 9 2459452 Patel Hall 10 2459449 Tagore Hall 11 2459439 Visweswaraiah Hall 12 2459451 Rajendra Prasad Hall 13 24594 Vikram Sarabhai Hall 14 24594 Ladies Hostels Phone No. Priyadarshini 2459549, 2430255 Sarojini 2459457
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