No changes in SSC, HSC exam timetable: Maharashtra State Board

TheMaharashtrastate Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has confirmed there will be no change in the dates of state board examinations for classes X and XII caused by the awaiting civic elections.

"However, the board has been getting a number of calls from parents and students asking if there was any change in the timetable as the date of the civic election was declared recently and would be held on February 16th," said secretary of the board Shahaji Dhekne.

The state board, for the first time, announced the time table for the secondary school certificate (SSC) and higher secondary school (HSC) examinations at the start of the academic year in July 2011. As per the timetable, the SSC exam will be held from March 1st, 2012, while the HSC exam will begin from February 21st, 2012.

The board has determined to go ahead with the same timetable as announced earlier and said the elections will not come in way of the examination.

A complete timetable of both the examinations has been posted on the board's website. Earlier, when the 2010-11 HSC results were announced, the board officials had said they were exploring the possibility of announcing the timetable for the exams a year in advance. The idea was to help students organize their study schedule for the examinations.

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The SSC examination begins with first, second and third language papers in two sessions and the first session is programmed at11 am, while the second will begin at3 pm. The HSC examination also begins with the English language paper.


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