Pune University Convocation 2013

Pune is the main educational center of Maharashtra. Numerous students from every corner of India and the world come to Pune. It is quite safe and peaceful city as compared to other educational centers in India. The climate of Pune is pleasant and good for health. The city of Pune houses many well-known, established institutes and colleges. Pune University is one of the finest and most popular educational centers in the city. It offers excellent programs in various areas including Science, Commerce, Arts, Languages and Management Studies.

Apply Online for Regular Convocation 
be held in December 2012- January 2013

Apply Online for Degree Certificate in Supplementary Convocation : 
Only students who passed exam before 14th January 2012 (Students will get degree certificate before regular convocation)

The 105th Convocation List:

  • Arts and Fine Arts

  • Mental Moral and Social Sciences

  • Ayurved

  • Commerce

  • Education

  • Homeopathy

  • Management

  • M.Com. Commerce

  • Engineering

  • Law

  • Medicine

  • Science

  • Physical Education

  • Pharmacy

  • Revised Fee For The Convocation.

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