Rajarajeshwari Dental College Hospital

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on your enrolling yourself as a student in our group of institutions, which are well known for the discipline, quality education and personality development.

Our students have excelled not only in academic activities by obtaining many university ranks but also have proved their mettle by taking part in curricular, Co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
Presently, a knowledge explosion is being ushered in our midst especially in information technology. We are working with a vision of the future of India, to bring about progressive changes in Arts, Science, and Engineering & Technology which will bring progress and prosperity to our country.

We are convinced that “Character is the crown and glory of life”. We believe in quality education, progress through discipline, knowledge through devotion and satisfaction through service to the student community.

We dedicated to meet the challenges of the new millennium in the field of medical and technical higher education so as to make our country a highly industrialized and healthy modern nation.

Education is presently undergoing a welcome seismic change. In tune with the changing time, Rajrajeshwari Group of Institutions aim to help students to excel in the various fields of study of their choice.

In the field of education, Rajrajeswari Group of Institutions is looking at engaging the students in overall developmental processes. We have designed co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the students to be involved in actively.

The dedicated staff is devoted to the task of incorporating latest teaching methods with modern equipments and electronic gadgets for the benefit of the students. These proactive teaching methodologies have resulted in higher performance in examinations and academic activities.

The main focus of our institutions is to empower students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training both in the academic level and in the highly competitive global industrial market. The infrastructure facilities and state-of-the-art equipments contribute to an enjoyable and an easy learning experience.

Adequate care is taken to give every student an enjoyable well-rounded and secure educational environment Help is always at hand for the students.

We wish the best for our students and along with the staff and professors Sri Rajrajeswari Group of Institutions aim at providing has best in academic and extra-curricular field as possible.
Moogambigai Charitable and Educational Trust was established in the year 1992 by the chairman Sri A.C. Shanmugam, B.A.L.L.B. with the sole objective for starting institutions of higher education for exemplary stature to serve the people of Karnataka.

To develop a world class institution in the field of Medical, Dental, Engineering, Management, Paramedical and Emerging technologies with highly developed educational infrastructure, excellent faculty to provide a state-of-art in teaching and learning process and to effectively harness the human capabilities and their intellectual assets of sustainable competitive advantage.
Why do you prefer Professional Education?
Because of

Continuous Pursuit of excellence

Acquiring the state of the art-know how

Imbibing excellent in-the-job skills

Activation of open and positive attitudes

Making Universal ethical values at work ethics

Keep continuously learning-life long.

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0 - 2 lacs
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Post Graduation
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Email id: 
info@rrdch.org , enquiry@rrdch.org
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+91-80-3294 3491 / 6560 6366 Fax: +91-80-2843 7393
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Kumbalgodu, Mysore Road, Bangalore - 560 074.
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HEADS OF THE DEPARTMENTS Sl.No. Name Designation Department 01. Dr. Edwin Devadoss Principal & Professor Orthodontics 02. Dr. Lokesh B. Kenkore Professor Prosthodontics 03. Dr. Jacob.G.Daniel Professor Conservative Dentistry 04. Dr. (Mrs) Madhumathi Singh Professor Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 05. Dr. Ramesh B.Hegde Professor Oral Pathology 06. Dr.(Mrs). Savitha.S. Professor Periodontics 07. Dr.(Mrs.) Padma.K.Bhat Professor Community Dentistry 08. Dr.(Mrs) Latha.S Professor Oral medicine & Radiology 09. Dr.(Mrs) Nagarathna.C. Professor Pedodontics Dept. of Orthodontics Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr.N.Edwin Devadoss Prof. & Head MDS 29 Years Dr.Rajkumar.S.Alle Prof. MDS 11 Years Dr.Kamni Marina Sahni Reader MDS 8 Years Dr.T.Suma Sr.Lect MDS 2 Years Dr.Prabhavathi.V Sr.Lect MDS 1 Year Dr.Priyadarshni.D.Singh Lect BDS 2.5 Years Dept. of Prosthodontics Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr.Lokesh.B.Kenkere Prof. & HOD M.D.S 13 Years Dr.Harish.P.V. Prof. M.D.S 5 Years Dr.Sameer.V.K. Prof. M.D.S 8 Years Dr.Krishna Kumar Sr.Lect M.D.S 1 Year Dr.Jairaj.S. Lect B.D.S 4 Years Dr.Ravi Kumar.B.J Lect B.D.S 2 Years Dr.Shobha.T.R. Lect B.D.S 4 Years Dept. of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr.Jacob.G.Daniel Prof. & HOD M.D.S 21 Years Dr.Pushpa.S (left the job) Assoc. Prof. M.D.S 8 Years Dr.Mohamed Idris Vice-Principal & Reader M.D.S 21 Years Dr.Annapurna Kini Sr.Lect M.D.S 2 Years Dr.K.J.Nanda Kishore Sr.Lect M.D.S 2 Years Dr.R.Mukthamba Lect B.D.S 2 Years Dr.Talha Siddiqi Lect B.D.S 3 Years Dr.Bendang Jung Shila Dental Surgeon B.D.S 2 Years Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr.Madhumathi Singh Prof. & HOD M.D.S 24 Years Dr.Srinidhi.D Prof. M.D.S 9 Years Dr.Mamatha.N.S Reader M.D.S 5 Years Dr.Shruthi.R Sr.Lect M.D.S 2 Years Dr.Beena Roopak Sr.Lect M.D.S 1 Years Dr.Rohit.S Sr.Lect M.D.S 1 Years Dr.Sunitha.P.S Lect B.D.S 1 Year Dr.Gopal Bhat Lect B.D.S 2 Years Dr.Karthik Kumar.R Lect B.D.S 1 Year Dept. of Preventive and Community Dentistry Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr. Padma.K.Bhat Prof. & Head MDS 8.6 Years Dr. Sandhya Chengappa Associate Professor MDS 7 Years Dr. Ram Prasad.V.P. Sr. Lecturer MDS 0.6 years Dr. Lokesh D.M. Lecturer BDS 2.2 Years Dr. Channakeshava Prasad Lecturer BDS 4.6 Year Dept. of Periodontics Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr. Savitha.S Prof. & Head MDS 15 years Dr. Chandra Kumar.P Professor MDS 15 years Dr. Suresh Bindhumadhav Reader MDS 10.6 years Dr. Sabita.M.R. Reader MDS 5. 1 years Dr. Shiva Prasad.B.M Sr. Lecturer MDS 2.2 years Dr. Rithesh.K Sr. Lecturer MDS 1.6 years Dr. Sujatha J.S. Lecturer BDS 1 year Dept. of Oral Medicine and Radiology Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr. Latha.S Prof. & Head MDS 20.3 years Dr. Jessy Thomas Associate Professor MDS 8.4 years Dr. Poornima.C Sr. Lecturer MDS 2 years Dr. Poornima.G Sr. Lecturer MDS 0.6 years Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Lecturer BDS 4.5 years Dept. of Oral Pathology Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr. Ramesh B. Hegde Prof. & Head MDS 10.8 years Dr. Girish. H.C. Associate Professor MDS 8.7 years Dr. Sanjay Murgod Reader MDS 7. 8 years Dr. Savitha J.K. Sr. Lecturer MDS 0.6 years Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar Lecturer BDS 1.7 years Dept. of Pedodontics Name Designation Qualification Experience Dr. Nagarathna.C Prof. & Head MDS 10.6 years Dr. Shakunthala.B.S. Reader MDS 13.5 years Dr.G.Dhananjaya Reader MDS 6 years Dr. Naveen.H.K. Sr. Lecturer MDS 1.10 years Dr.R.A. Latha Bai Lecturer B.D.S. 2.7 years Dr. Kokila K.S. Lecturer BDS 0.2 years Non-Teaching & Other Staff Sl.No. Designation DCI Requirement Appointed &held 01. Office Superintendent/Manager 07 07 02. Assistants 13 13 03. Receptionist 14 14 04. Librarian 01 01 05. Chair side Attender 20 20 06. Dental Technician – Mechanic 10 10 07. Dental Hygienist 05 05 08. Radiographer 03 03 09. Photographer 01 01 10. Artist 01 01 11. Programmer 01 01 12. Data Entry Operators 02 02 13. Physical Director 01 01 14. Engineer 01 01 15. Electricians 04 04 16. Plumber 02 02 17. Carpenter 01 01 18. Mason 01 01 19. AC Technician 01 01 20. Helpers – Electrical 03 03 21. Sweepers and Scavengers 17 17 22. Attenders 25 25 23. Security Personal 06 09 24. Driver 05 05 25. Nurses 09 09 26. Lab Technicians 05 05 TOTAL 159 162
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
The College Campus is situated on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. The Sprawling 5 acres of Land houses Dental College & Dental Hospital. Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls, Staff Quarters, play ground and other amenities. Infrastructural facilities such as adequate, building space, modern dental unit chairs, prosthetic laboratory, OPG and cephalometric X-rays and all the necessary equipments and instruments are available. A fully equipped spacious library with audio visual section is open till 8 pm for the students. Daily over 150 patients visit the dental hospital where all types of dental treatments are provided free or with minimum cost. The students get sufficient clinical exposure because of this busy hospital. Convenience, safe and exclusive transport facilities for staff and students are provided. Post Graduate Studies: Post Graduate Courses (M.D.S.) have been sanctioned in oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Conservative & Endodontics and periodontics form this academic year. Efforts are being made to the start MDS in other branches also.
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