Regular MBA verses Online MBA

Management education has become the popular trend in the learning industry in India. The students all over the country prefer this branch of management as it provides numerous opportunities for learning and earning money. Many universities and colleges in India, offer this type of education spread in various sub-branches and specializations. The mode and method of education also differs widely. Following is the comparison for the two methods of obtaining the Masters in Business Administration in India:

Regular MBA and Online MBA

The regular courses for management are offered at many colleges throughout India. The distance learning, or popularly known as the online mode, is available with few universities. Following are the major differences between these two methods, which can be elaborated further with the help of few factors:

  • The duration and schedule of the course- The regular courses of management are considered as a full time degree. Thus, the duration of course usually lasts for two years, along with the examinations taken at each semester. The schedule differs from college to college. However, the student has to study five to six subjects in each semester as per the general rule.

The distance learning courses are designed for the working professionals who are unable to attend the regular teachings due to lack of time. It works for them as an additional qualification pursued while having a job at hand. The education can be acquired either through online tuitions at evenings or two to three hour sessions at flexible schedules. Students can complete the course in two to three years.

  • Admission procedures- Generally, the MBA in regular mode requires a student to pass the entrance examinations held at state and national level. These exams consist of theoretical as well as practical tests, which measure the capability of student to enter management field. After acquiring minimum score required, the student can apply for the admission based on ranking in that year.

Distance learning or Online MBA does not demand any such score or entrance examinations. A student can enroll the course by paying the fees and submitting the necessary documents in the institute. The institute can be chosen by a person, and not awarded as per the rank.

  • The subjects and specializations- The regular and distance learning MBA offers a wide variety of options for specialization. These subjects range from accounting and finance to human resource management. Both the learning modes have similarity in available subjects.
  • Fee Structures- The fees for the regular management course is usually very high, sometimes up t 10 to 15 lakhs for full course. Unlike this requirement, the part-time or online courses are available at lower costs, usually between 5 to 6 lakhs.
  • Credibility of the courses- The regular courses in management are preferred by most students due to their high credibility. Top companies in every sector prefer to appoint the professionals who have educated themselves with a regular teaching method.

There is a controversy about the credibility of the online MBA. Some people easily find a job after the completion of such degree, while some have found out that these courses are ineffective in terms of shaping a future career.

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