Scope of BBA | Career with BBA Degree


The BBA program aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The program assists the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions, an organizational unit or an enterprise. The specific objectives of the program are to:

  • Produce up-to-date, assertive and effective executives for business and other organizations, and
  • Prepare students for higher studies in business at home and abroad.


The BBA program prepares students for executive career in business and other organizations. The BBA degree is many a times referred to as the golden passport, since it gives its holder an edge in the job market by opening more doors of opportunity. The degree helps the graduate to fulfill potential for high earnings, increased responsibility, and greater personal development. The present decade has been labeled as the era of business, business administration and business graduates.
BBA STUDENTS - Requirement

  • Students who have completed twelve years of education in high school and college and are looking for a career education in business or profession are eligible to apply.
  • Students from different educational backgrounds - arts, science, commerce, engineering etc. and from different educational system like HSC, Senior Cambridge, Professional Diploma, etc. are eligible.
  • Students should have excellent academic record, high potential for success and strong motivation for achievement.

Few candidates are a selected few out of many through careful screening selection process.

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The BBA program is of 138 credit hours and usually requires full 4 years to complete for a full time student. It is possible to graduate earlier with additional course load. A semester is of 16 weeks duration, there are three semesters in a year and as such a full time student can complete the degree requirements earlier. However, most students take 4 years to complete the program.

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The BBA curriculum consists of 138 credit hours of course and practicum in business enterprises or other organizations. The courses of BBA program are grouped into following areas:

Areas Typical Courses
a) Language English, Mathematics and Computer
b) General Education Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Career Planning
c) Foundation Statistics Behavioral Science, Accounting, Economics, Communication
d) Business Foundation Production-Operations, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance
e) Environmental Studies Business Environment, Commercial Law, Industrial Law
f) Integration Strategic Management, Practicum


The courses are divided into general education courses, business core courses, major area courses and elective courses. Students are also required to take courses from humanities, social sciences and physical sciences.

The courses of the BBA program are offered at four inter-related levels in different years of study. The first 3 semester courses broaden the general educational base of the student as well as acquaint him/her with basic languages of communication like English, Mathematics and Computer.

The second 3 semester courses acquaint the student with the analytical tools and environment, and include courses like behavioral science, accounting, economics, statistics, business environment, etc.

The third 3 semester courses provide for an in-depth study of the functions of business in the context of economic, social, cultural, technological and global environment. Included here are courses on production, marketing, finance, human resource management, etc.

The final level courses offered in the last year of the program, provide for integration of different areas through the study of strategic management course as well as major, depending upon the student's area of interest and courses available.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination is conducted for students who have satisfactorily completed all the courses of the program. The objective of the comprehensive examination is to test the student’s capability to comprehend the entire program. It consists of a written test of three hours and an oral examination which is conducted by a board consisting of academics and practitioners. The examination is graded and the students must obtain a passing grade to qualify. The students must take this examination to fulfill the requirement of the program. The examination is a pre-requisite practicum.

Emphasis is on the value of practical work experience in all professional degree programs. In the third or fourth year of study, BBA student usually intern with a suitable business organization. This internship is an integral component of the business program, worth 9 credit hours.