Sidhu Kanhu University

Sidhu Kanhu University: S.K.M. University is situated in one of the most backward areas of the country dominated by the Santhals and the Pahariyas. Named after Sido and Kanhu, the two great martyrs of Santhal Hul of 1855, who manumitted the aborigins – the Pahariyas and the Santhals and also other dwelling in this region from he exploitation by the money-lenders, Zaminadars as well as the persons enjoying powers, S.K.M. University, Dumka was established with the aim of providing facilities for higher education and research in the Santhal Parganas where the facilities were poor or none. Even then, within the limits and constraints, S.K.M. University has been serving the purpose for which it was established, admirably, by bringing about a social and educational revolution in the Santhal Parganas. The poor tribal communities and other disadvantaged groups of this region have taken to higher education in a big way through the easy and affordable access that this university provides through its close-knit and efficient network of colleges and P.G. Depts. spread across the hilly and intractable terrain of the Santhal Parganas.

Courses Offered:
BA, B.Sc, MA, M.Sc

The region of the Santhal Parganas presents a classic case of regional imbalance, with no industry, with no Medical College and Engineering College, no good school while its Sister region Chotanagpur can boast of all the conditions like high level of industrial development, infrastructure facilities, engineering and medical colleges, excellent schools and colleges and so on that go to make a region developed.

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2 - 4 lacs
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Phone : 06434-23006, 22415, 22495, 22755,
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Sidhu Kanhu University Faculty of Arts, Santal Pargana, Dumka 814101
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