Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation

The vision of Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation (SGMCRF) is to provide quality health care at an affordable cost to all sections of our society and setting new standards in medical education and research. Built upon the dream of the philanthropic entrepreneur Shri. Gokulam Gopalan, SGMCRF as a super speciality hospital, is serving the mankind with world class diagnostic and treatment facilities and also with the help of the pioneers in the field of medicine. Nestled among the serene nature, SGMCRF provides the patient with a heart soothening experience.

Housed in a spacious campus of 40 acres in Venjaramoodu, SGMC has an immaculate blend of traditional and modern architectural excellence. Our extensive infrastructure facilities comprises of 600 beds (includes super speciality), 13 modern operation theatres (includes cardio-thoracic theatre) , state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories, fully computerized network of hospital information system and radio diagnostic imaging department. Our dedicated staff ensures the personalized care at every level.

His Excellency Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, then Honourable President of India, visited our campus and dedicated the institute to the Nation in December 2005. The Medical College hospital was inaugurated in December 2004 by Shri. Oomman Chandy, then Chief Minister of Kerala.

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Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram
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2 - 4 lacs
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Post Graduation
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+91 472 3041234, 30410000 | Fax : +91 472 2875247, 3041234
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Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation [ A Unit of Foundation of Non-Resident Indians Trust ] Venjaramoode P O,Thiruvananathapuram, Kerala, India
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DESIGNATION NAME PRINCIPAL Dr.V.GIRIJA, MD Parvathy,TC 2/349,Pillaveedu Nagar Pattom.P.O, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 004 Residence: 0471-2447761 Mobile Number : 9446585055,Fax -04723041004 MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT Dr.C S KUTTAPPAN, MD Percode,TC 29/434, Thengappura Lane, Pettah,Thiruvananthapuram Residence: 0471-2477585 Mobile Number : 9447527585,Fax -04722871111 Dept. of Anatomy Professor Dr.K. Chandra Kumari Dr.Vilasini Ammal V.R Asso.Professor Dr. Mamatha Chimmalgi Dr. N Santhosh Kumar Asst.Professor Mr..Anil Kumar K V Dept. of Physiology Professor Dr.Kalyani Sen Dr. Nagaveni Laxmisan Asso.Professor Dr. Jagaath Singh K Asst.Professor Dr. Deepa G Dr. Beena Kumari R Lecturer in Biophysics Mrs. Smitha H Dept. of Biochemistry Professor Dr.Sreekumari.S Dr. V Anandavalli Ammal Asso.Professor Dr.K S Sreekanth Asst.Professor Mrs. Manju K S Dept. of Pharmacology Professor Dr. S Vijayalekshmi Amma Asso.Professor Dr. P N Rajamony Asst.Professor Dr.Sobha Pharma Chemist Mr. Renjith R Dept. of Pathology Professor Dr. Sheela Vasudevan Dr. Remadevi A V Dr.Basanthi Asso.Professor Asst.Professor Dr. Ashokan K Dept. of Microbiology Professor Dr. Mary Mathew K Dr.L Bhargavy Asso.Professor Dr. Anoop Sinha Asst.Professor Dept. of Forensic Medicine Professor Dr.Raja Ram Asso.Professor Dr.O .Geetha Asst.Professor Dr.S.Mohan Das Dept. of Community Medicine Professor Dr. Thankam K Dr. V Girija Dr.Valasala L S Dr.Jeesha.C.haran Asso.Professor Asst.Professor Dr. Benny P V Dr.Anil Bindu S Dr.Ashu Gupta Miss. Manju L Dr.NAzeema Beevi Dept. of General Medicine Professor Dr. A G Priyadersini Dr. S Bhasi Dr. Jayarus Asso.Professor Asst.Professor Dr. Manojan K K Dr. P V Ajith Kumar Dr. Elizabeth Jacob Dr. Anil Robby D Dr. Syam D Gopal Dr. Manoj P Dr.Arun Raj C N Dr.Sumesh Raj Dr.Jayachandran Dr.Arun Mohan Dr.Abhilash K Dr.Thankam .D Dept. of Psychiatry Professor /Asso.Professor Dr. K A Kumar Asst.Professor Dr. Anju Mathew Dept. of Dermatology Professor Dr. K Yogirajan Asso.Prof Asst.Professor Dr. M K Padmaprasad Dr.Lekshmi P Kumar Dept. of Pulmonology Professor Dr.Jose Raj ,Dr.Joshi.M Asso.Professor Dr. Santhosh Kumar P H Asst.Professor Dr.Sudin Koshy Dept. of General Surgery Professor Dr. P C Ramesan Dr. R Samadarshi Asso.Professor Dr.Jabbar K.S Dr.Snehaja Lal Asst.Professor Dr. Sunantha Kumari L T Dr. Baiju Senathipan Dr. Jimmy Thomas Dr.Ravi Kumar Dr.Arun B Dr.Kumar Laxman Dr.Thomas Thomas Kalaikattil Dr.Sanu.V Dr.Janardhanan Potty Dept. of Orthopaedic Professor Dr.M Raffic Dr. B Renuka Asso.Professor Dr.Dinesh Mithra Asst.Professor Dr. Sharafudeen Dr. Ashok Thomas Dr.Jai Knishnan Dept. E N T Professor Dr. K B Rajamma Asso. /Asst.Professor Dr. Asha Bhaskaran Dr. Pradeep S Dept. Ophthalmology Professor Dr. J Antony Asso.Professor Asst.Professor Dr. Jayaprasad B Dept. Paediatrics Professor Dr. P M C Nair Dr. N Sreedevi Asso.Professor Asst.Professor Dr. Shaji S M Dr.Abey Mathew Dr.Balaji M D Dept. Radiodiagnosis Professor Dr. V L Ratnakumari Asso.Professor Asst.Professor Dr. Vinoo Jacob Dr.Krishna Kumar Dept.Obst & Gynaec Professor Dr. P B Sulekha Devi Dr. A Naseema Asso.Professor Dr.Kumari Beena. S Dr. Nimmy P Asst.Professor Dr. Suja Daniel Dr. Neelima V Nair Dr.Roshni .R Dr.Lekshmi.M Dept. of Anaesthesia Professor Dr. O Hemalatha Dr. S Sathiavathy Dr. Radhika K Asso.Professor Asst.Professor Dr. Madhu.V Dr. Biju C Nair Dept. of Dentistry Professor/ Asso.Professor Dr. Ramesh Shama Reddy Asst.Professor Dr. Sulphi Abdul Basheer NON TEACHING STAFFS ANATOMY DEPARTMENT 1. Technicians Suganthi Amma, Velu.G, Liji.V, Bindhu.B 2. Technician Modeller Sainul Arif, 3. Lab Attenders Shanta.K, Sainudeen.M ,Sindhu.K, Beenamol.A, Reeja.C, Manju.S 4. Steno Typist Beena Kumari.C.O. 5. Store Keeper Cum Clerk Sindhu.O 6. Sweeper Beena.A, Raji.V.G., Shaila.J, Usha.S, Laila Beevi, Sindhu.S.N. PHYSIOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1. Technicians Renjini.M.D., Shibin.P, Nisan, Jyothi.A, 3. Lab Attenders Jayasree.S, Suma Kumari.S, Sheela.S 4. Steno Typist Simimol. 5. Store Keeper Cum Clerk Jayasree.B 6. Sweeper Laila Beevi, Sheela.S BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT 1. Technicians Reshmi.S.Nair, Darshanaa.S, Shajeer.A, Sandhya.V.S 2. Lab Attenders Ambika.O 3. Store Keeper Cum Clerk Sheela Kumari 4. Sweeper Praseeda , Chandrika.G PHARMACOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1. Technicians Divya.V.R, Renju Chandran, Athira.S 2. Lab Attenders Sakunthala Kumari, Biju.C.O., Sindhu.C.S. 3. Store Keeper Cum Clerk Radhakrishnan Nair 4. Sweeper Usha.S, Bilmet MICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1. Technicians Sreena.K.T.K., Anuja.B.Lal, Jyothi.R, Bindhu John 2. Lab Attenders Sheeja.P, Chandran.K, Geetha.T 3. Store Keeper Jayaraj.R 4. Record Clerk Sreeja.R 5. Steno Typist Dhanya.D 4. Sweeper Sreelatha, Lija.S, Omana.P PATHOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1. Technicians D.BalaMurugan, Lathika.S, Shaili.G.R., Rajendran.S, Athulya.J.L, Maya.S.Nair,Viji gopinath, Deepa Rani 2. Lab Attenders Sheela Venu, Ambika.P, Sandhya.B, Bindhu.O.K,Deepa.G 3. Clerk Renji.D 3. Store Keeper RajeevKumar 4. Record Clerk Mini.K.S 5. Steno Typist Rajan Babu 6. Sweepers Deepa.L, Reena.S, Aswathy.B.K., Jaya.S FORENSIC MEDICINE 1. Technicians Vibha.S.L, Preetha.N 2. Lab Attenders Sree Renjini, Renuka Rajeev 3. Steno Typist Ajith Kumar 4. Store Keeper Cum Clerk Subha Mahesh 5. Sweeper Prasanna.P, Soumya.S COMMUNITY MEDICINE DEPARTMENT 1. Technicians Ramachandran Nair, Athira.S 2. Stenographer Rajendran.G 3. Record Clerk Rojar Housma 4. Store Keeper Vishnu.L 5. Sweeper Princy.S.A, Sreekumari.L 6. Social worker Aneesh.S.R. RURAL HEALTH CENTRE (COMMUNITY MEDICINE) 1. Medical Social Worker Rohit, Asha Gopi 2 Public Health Nurse Reshmi.K.S 3. Health Inspectors Sujith Muhammed, Beena Kumari.S 4. Health Educator Vineeth.V.S. 5. Technicians Anusree, Gayathri.C.R 6 Peon Latha Rajendran 7. Van Driver Renjith.B.S 8. Store Keeper Shahas 9. Record Clerk Beena.S.S 10. Sweepers Indira, Ambika URBAN HEALTH CENTRE (COMMUNITY MEDICINE) 1. Medical Social Worker Ramesh Kumar 2 Public Health Nurse Manju.B 3. Health Inspectors Jaims.J, Bincy.B 4. Health Educator Jaya.R 5. Technicians Sreeja.A, Sreeja.S.S 6 Peon Santha.K 7. Van Driver Ragesh.R 8. Store Keeper Renu.R.V. 9. Record Clerk Abhilash.S 10. Sweepers Sreekala, Divya.L GENERAL MEDICINE DEPARTMENT 1 ECG Technician Miss. Jaseena S 2 Tech.Asst./Tech Miss. Preetha.P.R 3 Lab Attenders Miss. Suma, Miss. Usha Kumari 4 Store Keeper Miss. Sindhu P S 5 Steno Typist Miss. Shibila 6 Record Clerk Miss. Sreeja.S GENERAL SURGERY DEPARTMENT 1 Technician Jayasoorya.L.R, Nasiya.N.Y, Sangeetha Nair .G.M. 2 Lab Attender Omana.A, Rema.S, Geetha.R, Prasanth Kumar.P.S. 3 Store Keeper Sheela.S 4 Steno Typist Reeja Raj 5 Record Clerk Sheela Guru Das, Jeena.A PAEDIATRICS DEPARTMENT 1 Child Psychologist Sheeja.V 2 Health Educator Jaya.R 3 Technician Soumya.S 4 Lab Attender Lekhakumari.S 5 Store Keeper Sindhu.B 6 Steno Typist Lissy.V.K 7 Record Clerk Swapna.S 8 Social Worker Deepa Kumari.S PULMONOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1 Record Clerk Sreedevi.K.V 2 Lab Attender Sindhu.L ENT DEPARTMENT 1 Technician Sreeg.S.Sankar 2 Lab Attender Vasantha Kumari 3 Store Keeper Girijakumari.B 4 Steno Typist Mini.S 5 Record Clerk Sreelakshmi.R.G 6 Speech Therapist Saritha.S DERMATOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1 Technician Vimal.V 2 Lab Attender Soumya.S ORTHOPAEDICS DEPARTMENT 1 Technician Preetha.L 2 Lab Attender Jaleena.R.S 3 Store Keeper Sali.P.R 4 Record Clerk Kumari Bindhu 5 Steno Typist Prathibha.S OPHTHALMOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1 Technician Sabitha.S.D 2 Lab Attender Binu Raj 3 Store Keeper Biju Mon 4 Steno Typist Rohini .P.J. 5 Record Clerk Remya.R.S. 6 Refractionist Bini Sreedhar ANASTHESIA DEPARTMENT 1 Technician AjayVarghese, Swapna.M.D. Sherin Mary Varghese, Prakash.B.Nair, Durga Devi, Sajeev.S, Rajagopalan Nair, Syam Krishnan 2 Steno Typist Manju.V.G 3 Record Clerk Raghul.R.S. 4 Store Keeper Ajitha.P OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1 Social Worker Rohit K divakaran,Anish S.R 2 Technical Asst. Preetha,Nijesh 3 Lab Attender Sreeja 4 Stenographer Sreeja L.J 5 Record Clerk Bindhu 6 Store Keeper Preeja RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT 1 Radiographic Technicians Sajitha.S, Sreelekha.J.S, Safeer.M, Harikrishna.S, Poornima.M.S. Sajitha.S.Y., Sanal Kumar.A.K., Anoop 2 Dark Room Assistants Shan, Vishnupriya.P,Sajitha.V.P., Renjini.R.U 3 Stenographer Ratheesh.A.R 4 Store Keeper Bindhu O.K. 5 Record Clerk Jyothi Lekshmi DENTISTRY DEPARTMENT 1 Dental Technicians 2 Store Keeper Cum Clerk Vijayamma.O CSSD 1 Cssd Manager Binu.K.B 2 Cssd Technicians Ashok.K.Prabhu, Usha.L 3 Cssd Assistant Babu raj,Ajith.A,Rahul K.T,Anoop S.M,Renjith .A
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
Highlights of Facilities * A dedicated team of health care professionals at your service * Innovative, state-of-the-art equipment support for the treatment. * Round the clock service of accident and trauma care department. * Located very near to state high way and only 12km from national highway. * Fully computerized hospital management system. * Continuing Medical Education Programmes and organization of seminars on various health topics. * Five critical care units including Neonatal ICU. * Gokulam Heart Institute for advanced cardiology care. * Multi sliced CT scan. Critical Care Units The hospital has the following intensive care units * Medical Intensive Care unit * Paediatric Intensive Care Unit * Neonatal Intensive Care Unit * Surgical Intensive Care Unit * Critical care Unit * High-tech Multi scan * 24 hrs functioning Blood Bank Central Laboratory Services The SGMC hospital is well supported by a sophisticated Central Laboratory and has the divisions- Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Cytology, Microbiology and Histopathology, Immunology, Virology, Parasitology. These labs are equipped with some of the latest fully computerized state of the art equipments which ensure accuracy and dependability of the investigations done. Our institution offers internship training for VHSC, DMLT, BSc. MLT, Pharmacy, CSSD, OT students. A certificate will be issued at the end of the training period. Blood bank We have a full fledged blood bank functioning under the Department of Transfusion Medicine. We accept blood from healthy donors and thorough screening will be carried out against various diseases transmitted through the blood. Outreach programmes will be organized to promote voluntary blood donation.
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