The Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition

The Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai was established in 1963 jointly sponsored by the Government of TamilNadu and the Govt. of India at national Level as one of the Pioneer Institutes in India for imparting quality training in Three Year Diploma Course in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and also in various allied Craft Certificate Courses of 6 months duration. The Govt. of TamilNadu was closely associated with the institute since its very inception. The entire Recurring and Capital expenditure is funded by the ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India from 1.4.79. The Institute has recorded rapid growth, expansion and popularity in the past 43 years with senior management level employment for the students. At present Capital Grant only is funded by the ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and from 1998-1999 Recurring Expenditure is self financed by the Institute.

Hotel and Catering is one of the largest industries employing lakhs of people. Holiday makers, business travelers, overseas tourists, visitors to theme parks and leisure centers, week end breakers, all travel away from home and create demand for food, accommodation and hospitality. Industrial catering, fast food centers, theme restaurants Clubs, Catering & Hotel Management establishment, self entrepreneurship and off shore catering in food products are other sectors in the catering industry which covers such large operations as health and education and airline and cruises operations.

Institute of Hotel Management, Chennai has provided high quality courses in Hotel & Catering for over 43 years and has excellent links with the industry and has made a name at global and national level providing personnel for the industry both at Home and abroad.

Our diploma holders are employed at home and abroad in management operations, consultancy, research and design for a variety of organizations which can range in size from multinational hotels, computer and leisure centers to independent restaurants, conference venues, tourism departments and up to even managering and liasoning.

The Institute is a member of the following associations/institutions

* Federation of Hotels & Restaurants Association of India (FHRAI), New Delhi
* South India Hotel & Restaurants Association (SIHRA), Chennai
* Society of Indian Bakers, New Delhi
* Chennai Hotels Association, Chennai
* Tamil Nadu tourism Development Corporation, Chennai
* Skall Club
* Hotels & Restaurants Approval Classification Committee, GOI
* State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Trichy
* Science City, Chennai

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2 - 4 lacs
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Hotel Management
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INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT CATERING TECHNOLOGY & APPLIED NUTRITION (Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India) (Affiliated to National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Noida & IGNOU, New Delhi) C.I.T. Campus, Tharamani P.O.,
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S.No Name Qualification and Achievements 1 MR. S.RAJAMOHAN Principal and Secretary image2 a. B.A. Economics b. Master of Tourism Management c. 3 years Diploma in Hotel Management d. Certified Hospitality Educator (C.H.E.) from AHMA e. National Resource DTS, National Resource DOT f. Master Trainer, Department of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India. 2 MR.M.THIRULOGACHANDER SR.LECTR-CUM-SR.INSTR & HEAD OF DEPARTMENT INCHARGE 100 a. B.A., (Economics) b. M.A., (Public Admn.) c. M.Sc., (Hotel Management) d. Diploma in Hotel Management (DHMCT) e. Diploma in Computer Programming f. Diploma in Teachers Training/Bombay g. Passed the Pragya under Hindi Teaching Scheme conducted by Department of Official Languages, GOI 3 MRS.R.PARIMALA LECTR.-CUM-INSTR. DSC09448 a. B.Sc., (Hospitality & Hotel Administration) b. Master of Tourism Management c. Certificate Course in Bakery & Confectionery d. Passed the Pragya under Hindi Teaching Scheme conducted by Department of Official Languages, GOI e. “Recognised User” for Direct Trainer Skills Course developed by Thames Valley University, United Kingdom in association with the Training Division, Department of Personnel and Training, Govt. of India. 4 MR.D.ELANGOVAN LECTR-CUM-INSTR. DSC01012 a. Diploma in Hotel Management (DHMCT) b. Masters of Tourism Management c. Certificate in Food & Beverage 5 MR.T.ANANTHAKRISHNAN LECTR.-CUM-INSTR. DSC08106 a. M.Phil (Management) b. Diploma in Hotel Management (DHMCT) c. Dip. in Human Resource Management d. Master of Tourism Management/MKU e..Passed the Pragya under Hindi Teaching Scheme conducted by Department of Official Languages, GOI 6 MR.SYED WASHIM AHAMED LECTR.-CUM-INSTR. DSC09446 a. B.Sc., (Hospitality & Hotel Administration) b. B.A., 7 MR. M. MATHEW AROCKIARAJ LECTR-CUM-INSTR. DSC08045 a. DHMCT b. B.B.A. c. M.B.A. d. AHMA (F&B Management) e. Certificate course in Computer Science. f. Certificate Course in Elementary First Aid g. Certificate Course in Safety & Social Responsibility h. Certificate Course in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting. i. Certificate Course in Personal Survival Techniques. 8 MR. UDAY P.S. CHAMYAL LECTR-CUM-INSTR. (On deputation to IHM/Dehradum) uday a. DHMCT b. B.Sc., c. M.B.A. d. PGDHRM e. D.I.M. 9 MR R.M.PERUMAL LECTURER-CUM-INSTRUCTOR a. DHMCT b. M.B.A. c. M.T.M. d. AHMA 10. MR.JITENDRA DAS LECTURER-CUM-INSTRUCTOR DAS1 a. M.Phil. (Tourism Management) b. Master in Tourism Management (Gold Medalist) c. Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Studies d. DHMCT 11 MRS.C.SHARMILA ASST.LECTR-CUM-ASST.INSTR passportnew a. M. Phil (Computer Science) b. M.C.A. c. B.Sc., (Computer Science) d. B.Ed., (Computer Science) e..Passed the Pragya under Hindi Teaching Scheme conducted by Department of Official Languages, GOI 12 MR.N.SENTHIL KUMAR ASST.LECTR-CUM-ASST..INSTR. DSC08043 a. DHMCT b. Certificate Course in Food Production 13 MR.A.MICHAEL SANTHOSH ASST.LECTR-CUM-ASST..INSTR. DSC08090 a. B.Sc., (H&HA) b. B.B.A. 14 MR.J.EUGENE ASST.LECTR-CUM-ASST..INSTR. DSC08109 a. DHMCT b. M.T.M. 14 MR.C.RAVI MAINTANANCE FOREMAN-CUM-CARETAKER DSC01093 a. D.E.E. b. Elect. Supervisory Certificate c. Passed the Pragya under Hindi Teaching Scheme conducted by Department of Official Languages, GOI 15 MRS.SANTHA J.PHILIP DEMONSTRATOR DSC01105 a. B.Sc., (Physics) b. M.A., (Public Administration) c. Certificate Course in Cookery d. Post Diploma in Teachers Training e. Completed Bridge Course examination except Computer subject. f. Passed the Pragya under Hindi Teaching Scheme conducted by Department of Official Languages, GOI FACULTY ON CONTRACT 1 MS. M.HEMALATHA P2090449 a. M.Phil (Management) b. M.Com., b. Bachelor of Bank Management (BBM) c. National Trade Certificate in COPA d. National Trade Certificate in PASAA 2 MR. S. GOWRISHANKER g ph a. Bachelor of Tourism & Hotel Management b. DHMCT 3 MR. D. VENKAT KUPPUSWAMY venky a. DHMCT b. M.A., (Tourism Management) 4 MRS. S.PADMAPRIYA a. M.Phil (Human Development & Family studies) b. M.Sc., (Human Development & Family studies) c. B.Sc., (Nutrition, Food Service Management & Dietetics) d. P.G.Diploma in Guidance & Counseling e. Basic Knowledge of Computers 5 MS. S.SATHYA a. B.Sc., (Hospitality & Hotel Administration) 6 Mr. R. Balasubramanian a. B.Sc., (Hospitality & Hotel Administration) b. Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) 7 Ms. Shipra a. B.Sc., (Hospitality & Hotel Administration) b. Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT)
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
As centre of excellence maximum training facilities are provided to the staff and students of this Institute at 4 star and 5 star category hotels. Thus bringing in professionalism in academics on par with operations. Staff Training: Staff have been sent for training periodically arranged by the Institute according to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Tourism instructions and to be abreast with the changes in the Hospitality and Hotel industries thus bringing professionalism, modern technology and academics at par with operations. Medical Check up: Medical check ups done by Red Cross Society are held twice a year to identify any physical problems as a prevention so that all students in the Catering Industry handling food and coming in directly with the guest may be in good health. Blood grouping: Blood grouping is also done by the Red Cross Society which is indicated on the Identity card for the purpose of any emergency. Attendance: According to the norms of the National Council for Hotel Management, New Delhi all candidates admitted to the various courses will be required to put in a minimum of 70% of attendance in each subject and overall 75% attendance during the academic session. Students failing to secure overall 75% attendance shall be detained from appearing in the Annual Examinations to be conducted by the National Council. The Principal of the Institute is empowered to condone upto 10% of absence on medical grounds or for any other valid reasons. Such requests in writing should however, be accompanied by leave letter / medical certificate issued by any registered medical practitioner immediately after the sickness / valid reasons for absence. This will be strictly adhered to, to ensure maximum learning by attending classes, academic proficiency and to acquire good results. Identity Card: The students are given identity cards at the beginning of the year which they have to preserve it with utmost care which is to be used while in the classes and for other benefits outside the college for membership in other libraries, students concessions, internet etc. Concessions: Local train and bus concession are provided for all the local students. Out station students are issued with concession for their travel during Winter/Summer vacations only. Locker facilities: Locker facilities are provided on payment of Rs.50.00. Students Activities: Regular student activities held round the year to encourage the students to develop all round efficiency like various competitions, quiz, food festivals, fairs, seminars, conferences, workshops and other tourism oriented activities. Canteen facilities: Sale of tea, coffee and snacks are carried out in the canteen at cost price for the use of staff and students. Out door catering: The Institute undertakes out door catering and also provides personnel for out door catering services at different Hotels as nominated accordingly to encourage the students to develop their skill, situation handling, team work, execution, attitude and knowledge about banquet service in star hotels held for important and esteemed guests. Out Catering Programme and Students Training Government Departments, other public and private organizations approach the Institute to take up out-catering for their official functions and this is undertaken as it provides training and avenues to earn revenues. Such revenue has helped to cover the deficit. ADHOC TRAINING PROGRAMME / SHORT TERM COURSE, CONDUCTED BY THE INSTITUTE FOR UPDATE/REFRESH THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR COOKS/WAITERS OF AIR FORCE STATION, CHENNAI, AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS DURING 2008-09: - Name of the Organisation sponsored/deputed Duration (1 week – 5 weeks) Nature of the course conducted No. of trainees attended Tamilnadu Corpn. for Dev. of Women Ltd., Kancheepuram Dist. Kancheepuram. 12.05.08 to 4.06.08 5 weeks (6 days a week) Short Course in Catering Technology 30 IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 30.06.08 to 4.7.08 One week Onsite Adhoc Trg. Prog. In Food Production for the cooks 16 Air Force Station, Tambaram, Chennai. 18.8.2008 to 29.8.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 5 -do- 18.8.2008 to 29.8.2008 2 weeks Short Term course in Food & Beverage Service. 4 -do- 1.9.2008 to 12.9.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 5 -do- 1.9.2008 to 12.9.2008 2 weeks Short Term course in Food & Beverage Service. 6 Air Force Station, Tambaram, Chennai. 15.9.2008 to 26.9.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 5 Air Force Station, Avadi, Chennai. 15.9.2008 to 26.9.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 3 Ordnance Clothing Factory, Avadi, Chennai. 15.9.2008 to 26.9.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 3 Air Force Station, Avadi, Chennai. 13.10.2008 to 24.10.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 3 Air Force Station, Avadi, Chennai. 3.11.08 to 14.11.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 2 Ordnance Clothing Factory, Avadi, Chennai. 3.11.08 to 14.11.2008 2 weeks Short Term Course in Food Production. 1 Cancer Institute, Chennai.20 3.11.08 to 7.11.08 One week Short Term Course in Food Production (FN & AN). 1 Cancer Institute, Chennai.20 10.11.2008 to 14.11.2008 One week Short Term Course in Food Production (FN & AN). 1 Cancer Institute, Chennai.20 17.11.2008 to 21.11.2008. One week Short Term Course in Food Production (FN & AN). 1 Air Force Station, Avadi Chennai.46 19.1.2009 to 30.1.09 2 weeks Adhoc Trg. Prog. In Food Production for cooks 3 Air Force Station, Avadi Chennai.46 2.2.09 to 13.2.2009 2 weeks Adhoc Trg. Prog. In Food Production for cooks 5 TOTAL NO. OF TRAINEES 94 TRAINING PROGRAMME UNDER CAPACITY BUILDING FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS OF MINISTRY OF TOURISM, GOVT. OF INDIA. Short Term Course in CBSP/Tourism Awareness under CBSP scheme as per the guidelines/nature of training given, for the cooks, waiters of Hotel staff, and from unorganised sector - dhaba staff, street vendors, of 2 days / 1 day /4 hours duration has been conducted in Chennai and various parts of Tamil Nadu. So far from 2003-04 to 2008-09 under CBSP programme, 44 programmes were conducted and 2603 persons were trained. UPGRADATION OF COMMUNICATION SKILL OF IHM STUDENTS UNDER CBSP SCHEME: It has been experienced that now more and more students from the rural area joining the Hotel Management course to pursue their career in the Hospitality and its related sector. The students from the rural areas are hard working but they lack in the communication skill, which retard their growth prospect in the Hospitality sector. Hence it is proposed to impart a special language-training programme to upgrade the communication skills of these students so that it would be help in their career development in the Hotel Management. These classes are proposed to be conducted after the regular teaching hours and in Saturday/Sunday by outside resource person or in house resource person. 2 hours sessions per day/batch for 24 days/sessions In view of the above Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India has sanctioned a grant of Rs.4,56,960.00 to conduct classes for upgradation of Communication skills of IHM students and released a sum of Rs.2,50,000.00 in Jan. 2009 during 2008-09. However due to short of time and forthcoming annual examination in the year only 13 sessions were held for students of all the courses. ADVISORIAL / CONSULTANCY UNDERTAKEN BY THE INSTITUTE: The following consultancy / advisorial services were rendered during 2008-09 by the Institute Name of organization Nature of consultancy rendered. M/s. Chennai Petroleum Corpn. Ltd., Manali, Chennai.68 Price estimate for the items listed for their industrial canteen have been furnished Staff deputed for Training Sl.No. Name of Staff Place of Training Period of Training Subject 1 Mr. Jitendra Das, Lecturer The Residency Tower, Chennai 24.06.08 to 26.06.08 Observation Training at Housekeeping Department 2 Mr. M.Mathew Arockiaraj, Lectr. IHM, Mumbai 26 .06.08 to 28.06.08 Demonstration on Contemporary French Cuisine Seminars/Workshops attended by Faculty/Staff Sl.No. Name of Staff Place of Workshop/Seminar Period of Workshop Subject 1 Mr.M.Thirulogachander HOD i/c. & Mr.R.Kumar, UDC Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi 09.06.2008 Workshop on OBC Reservation 2 Mr. S. Rajamohan, Principal Anna Institute of Management, Chennai 17 to 21.11.08 Conducted DTS Course to various organizations. 3 Mr. A.Michael Santhosh, Asst. Lectr. IHM, Bangalore 02 to 06.02.09 Professional Development Programme in the area of F&B Management 4 Mr. S. Rajamohan, Principal BPCL, Kochi Refinary, Kochi 05 to 06.02.09 Workshop of Master Trainers 5 Mr. J. Eugene, Asst. Lectr. Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal 26 to 28.02.09 International Symposium on “Hospitality Vission-2009 6 Mr. R.Kumar, UDC (Estt.) Golden Landmark Hotel, Bangalore 26 to 28.02.09 Workshop on SCs/STs/OBCs Reservation Policy 7 Mrs. C.Sharmila, Asst. Lectr. EMTC, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 09.03.2009 Workshop on “Operationalisation of EDUSAT Connectivity INNOVATIONS /GOOD PRACTICES: a. The Institute has attained the Second Top Rank for super excellence 2009 ranking by the CSR GHRDC (Competition Success Review) ranking among the Top 10 Institutions offering Hospitality Education in India including all top Govt. as well as Private Institutions. b. As per the directions of the National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology and Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India a 5 days National Level Regional Cuisine Workshop was organized at this Institute from 10-14 Nov. 2008 for the affiliated IHMs under NCHMCT, Noida. 25 IHMs have participated. c. Outdoor consultancies are undertaken. d. Collaborating with Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., Chennai in oganizing Food Festivals, theme lunch, participation in fairs and exhibitions and participating in their tourism development projects. e. Collaborating with T.T.D.C. in establishing snacketeria in nearby Tourism spot Gandhi Mandapam, Children’s park and snake park. Introduction of OBC Reservations: OBC Reservation for admission to the the First year of 3-Year B.Sc. degree course in H&HA has been implemented from the academic year 2008-09 in a phased manner as detailed below: Course 2007-08 2008-09 (9%) 2009-10 (18%) 2010-11 (27%) 2011-12 2012-13 B.Sc. First year 180 205 237 285 285 285 B.Sc. Second year .. 170 200 236 285 285 B.Sc. Third year .. 135 170 200 236 285 TOTAL .. 510 607 721 806 855 Craft/Diploma Courses: Course 2007-08 2008-09 (9%) 2009-10 (18%) 2010-11 (27%) 2011-12 2012-13 Diploma in Food Production 80 91 105 127 127 127 Craft Course in Food Production 90 103 119 143 143 143 TOTAL 194 224 270 270 270 Augment infrastructure to cover increase intake owing to OBC Reservations: Construction of Second Floor over the Girls Hostel (9 rooms). Construction of Boys Hostel Annexe (Gr + 3 floor) (56 rooms). Construction of Addl. Floor (second floor) over the Annexe building. Construction of Addl. building near the Annexure building . Total area of construction .. 74,921 sq.ft. at a cost of Rs.14,47,54,000/- Hostel furniture requirement .. Rs.15,00,000/- Furniture & equipments requirement for Instt. .. Rs.1,50,39,301/- Total grant required for the above : Rs.16,12,93,301/- Grant sanctioned so far : Rs.11,49,00,000/- including hostel furniture ofRs.15,00,000/- Amount received as on 31.3.2009 : Rs.2,83,50,000/- as Ist instalment. EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES: (a) Students Activities: June 27 to July 6, 2008 - Institute has put up a stall in Education Fair, at Rajaji Hall, Chennai organized T.T.D.C. for giving information of the courses conducted, placement opportunities in the Hospitality Industry by students and staff volunteers. July 15, 2008 - Diploma/Craft Courses Induction Programme was held. July 21, 2008 - 1st year B.Sc. Course Induction programme was held. Sept. 05, 2008 - Onam and Teachers’ Day was celebrated by the students. On this occasion 60 feet cake has been made by the students which has been sponsored by Sri. Issac, ex-student of this Institute. As a token of love and affection a part of the cake made, has been distributed to the children of near by Seva Samajam, and to the patients of Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai. Sep. 25 & 26, 2008 - Our second & third years students have participated in the 5th National Level Seminar on “Emerging Trends in the Tourism Sector to compete the Global Challenges” held at SIHMCT , Trichy. Students were presented papers. Out of 6 papers presentations, our Institute won 4 first prizes and 2 second prizes. Sep. 26, 2008 - World Tourism Day was celebrated by the students. Oct. 1-12, 2008 - This Institute has participated in the Food & Games Exposition organized by Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., at Island Grounds where the students presented the exceptional display of Indian and International cuisine along with vegetables, fruits, bread and ice carvings to the crowd of Chennai. Jan. 23 & 24, 2009 - Our Final years have participated in the “Outlook 2009 – A National Level Seminar and Competitions on Hospitality held at Oriental School of Hotel Management, Wayanadau, Kerala and won the overall championship trophy and many other prizes. Feb.28, 2009 - Our Final Year students have organized a one day FOOD FESTIVAL “ZAIKA” (Flavours of India) with a global touch where the students presented a varied display of 51 dishes from Indian and International cuisine in association with IHM Chennai Alumni Association with sponsors from Alumni, Hoteliers, and others. Mar. 27, 2009 - Our Craft & Diploma students have participated in “Chef Challengers 2009” Inter college competition held at Karaikudi National Catering College, Karaikudi and won prizes. Mar. 31, 2009 - Annual Day Celebrations was held and Students’ Annual Magazine “Sparsh 2009” was released by Dr.V.Irai Anbu, I.A.S, Secretary and Tourism department, Chairman/BOG, IHM, Chennai in the presence of Mr.A.Jeyachandran, Corporate consultant – Training, Taj Coromandel, Chennai (b) Sports – Sports and cultural activities are integral part of our Institute. During the year 2008-09 Institute have organized inter class football, volley ball, throw ball, table tennis competitions wherein the students have showed their sporting skills. (c ) Mediclaim – Students (Accident) Welfare policy was introduced in 2006-07 and continued during the academic year 2008-09 also towards the welfare of the students. This policy covers Group Mediclaim Insurance and Group PA Insurance and a number of students were benefited. (d) Students have been deputed to participate in different competitions conducted by private catering colleges and have won prizes. (e) GUEST LECTURES ARRANGED BY THE INSTITUTE TO THE FINAL YEARS DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2008-09 S.No Date of Guest Lecture Topic Lecture given by Duration Remarks 1 25.07.2008 Menu Engineering / Fore casting Corporate Chef Balagurunathan, Hotel Asiana, Chennai 2 Hrs. 2 29.08.2008 Bartending & Flairing Mr.Brice Magee, Bar Man Institute, Bangalore. 3 Hrs. Lecture-cum-Demo. 3 05.09.2008 Fantasy Cake Decoration Demo by Chef. Jacob, Rich Top Creams. 3 Hrs. Practical Demo. 4 19.09.2008 Room /designing & Star Classification Mr.Leo Fernando, Director, Hotel Asiana, Chennai. 2-1/2 Hrs. 5 23.01.2009 Security Measures to be adapted by Hotels to tackle grave situations Major Ramachandran, Security Export. 2 Hrs. 6 28.01.2009 An incite into career development offered by Universities in abroad Ms. Daljith Rao, Marketing & operations 2 Hrs. 7 30.01.2009 Approach and presentation skills while facing Campus interview Mr.Mahendiran, Training Manager, Quality inn Sabari Classic, Chennai 2 Hrs. 8 13.02.2009 Operations related to Food & Beverage in the fight kitchen Chef.Sudir Arora, Oberoi Flight Kitchen 2-1/2 Hrs. 9 17.02.2009 Soft Skills Mr.Abdul Aziz 3 Hrs. 10 06.03.2009 Marketing practices in Beverage Industry Mr.Amrita Chakraverty, Tulleeho 2 Hrs. 11 09.03.2009 How to become a successful entrepreneur MR.Bipin kumar, CEO, Fifth Avenue, Alumni and Entrepreneur, Chennai 3 Hrs. 12 12.03.2009 Cruise Line Catering and Facility Planning. Mr.Chef Trilokchander, Indus Cruise Line 2 Hrs. PROGRESSIVE USE OF HINDI: The following staff have undergone Praboth, Praveen and Pragya course under Hindi Teaching Scheme of Govt. of India during 2008-09: S.No. Name of the staff July-Nov.2008 Jan – May 2009 1. Mr.M.S.Dinakar Pragya 2. Mr.C.S.Prakash Pragya 3. Mr.M.Mathew Arockiaraj Prabodh 4. Mr.R.M.Perumal Prabodh 5. Mr.T.M.Kaliaperumal Prabodh 6. Mr.R.Surya Prabha Praveen 7. Mr.S.Vasagar Praveen 8. Mrs.C.Sharmila Pragya RAISING ADDITIONAL RESOURCES DURING THE YEAR 2008-09: S.No. Details. Amount Rs. 1. By way of conduct of Adhoc Training Programmes for the cooks/waiters/SHG women and others deputed by various organizations. 2,17,021/- 2. By conducting Bakery seminar 18,780/- 3. By rendering consultancy services 8,500/- 4. By way institutional charges for sending the students for service 16,135/- 5. By way of conducting DOEACC Examinations (Hall charges etc) 2,561/- 6. By way of letting the premises for conduct of various examinations etc. for outside agencies. 1,26,272/- 7. By way of undertaking outdoor catering programmes. 10,620/- 8. Alumni of IHM, Chennai had donated equipments etc as detailed below and distributed to various departments: - Whirlpool refrigerator-180 litres .. 2 Nos. - Whirlpool refrigerator – 175 litres .. 1 no. - Wall clock .. 2 nos. - Preethi Eco Chef Heavy duty mixer .. 1 - Blender .. 1 - All purpose goblets .. 60 nos. PRINCIPAL / INSTITUTE IS A MEMBER OF THE FOLLOWING ASSOCIATIONS/ INSTITUTIONS 1. Federation of Hotels & Restaurants Association of India, New Delhi. 2. South India Hotels & Restaurants Association, Chennai. 3. Chennai Hotels Association, Chennai 4. Hotels & Restaurants Approval Classification Committee, GOI. 5. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, Chennai. 6. State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Trichy. 7. Science City, Chennai–25. Activities of IHM-Chennai Alumni Association IHM Chennai Alumni Association have actively participated in the institute activities by way of sponsorship of events/donating amount/giving guest lectures to our students etc. Nov. 03, 2008 – Executive Meeting of IHM Alumni was held at Comfort Inn Marina Towers, Chennai and the meeting was hosted by Mr.H.Jayashankar Gupta, Alumni and General Manager of the said Hotel. Feb. 02, 2009 - Our Final Year students have organized a one day FOOD FESTIVAL “ZAIKA” (Flavours of India) with a global touch where the students presented a varied display of 51 dishes from Indian and International cuisine in association with IHM Chennai Alumni Association with sponsors from Alumni, Hoteliers, and others. March, 28, 2009 – IHM Alumni meet was held at the Institute premises and number of alumni members were present. On this occasion alumni were donated equipments etc to the Institute. Campus Recruitment: The qualified students of the Degree/ Diploma/ Craft/ PGD Courses get good employment and job opportunities in the Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Catering Establishments, Airlines and Shipping and Railway Catering/ hospitals/ Guest-Houses/ Catering Institutes, etc. through campus recruitment which are organized by the institute for all courses. Many students have already gone abroad for advanced training in Catering Technology and Hotel Management as well as on good foreign placements. It is no exaggeration that all the bright students of this Institute with creditable academic record have been placed in good position in India and abroad while the employment of the rest is good. Interview Output/Guest Lectures/Achievements, etc. Other facilities: Library containing more than 5,000 books. Full fledged Computer Lab. Five Fully equipped kitchens/Bakery & Confectionery Department. Experienced and Qualified teaching staff. During Second Year Degree, the students have to undergo Industrial training in various Hotels for six months. PGD - Accommodation Operation, Dip-Food Production, Dip-Bakery & Confectionery, Dip-F. O. O., Craft-Food production students have to undergo Hotel Training for six months. PGD Dietetics & Hospital Food Service students have to undergo internship for three months in any hospital. Craft Food & Beverage Service students have to undergo hotel training for one month. Continuous Interaction with leading Hoteliers. Specialized guest lectures/demonstrations/ seminars/ conferences held frequently. Campus recruitments conducted for placements/ Training etc.
Hostel & accomodation: 
Separate Boys and Girls Hostel are available within the Institute campus. The Boys hostel has a capacity of 108 inmates and the Girls Hostel has a capacity of 51 inmates. The hostels are well furnished and looked after by separate In charges under the control of the Principal who is the Warden. The fees is Rs.31,600.00 per annum payable at the time of Hostel admission. Details Hostel Fees Payable at the time of admission (First Years) Rs. Hostel Fees Payable by Second year Girl students Rs. Advance towards Hostel Mess Charges 19000.00 12000.00 Hostel Rent Charges. 4000.00 2800.00 Hostel Establishment Charges. 3000.00 2100.00 Water Charges 1800.00 1260.00 Electricity Charges 1200.00 840.00 Medical Charges 600.00 600.00 Caution Deposit (refundable) 2000.00 1000.00 Total 31600.00 20600.00
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