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Pune has been popular among all the Asian and European countries as the Oxford of East. Many students come to the Pune city to appear for various courses in many streams like Arts, Science, Commerce, Medical and Engineering. There are many colleges and schools across the city which is famous for the superior quality of education they provide. The organisation which monitors almost all of these colleges is the Pune University.

Pune University is an important educational organization which operates the education facilities and administers examinations in various fields. It has a famous reputation all over India and abroad too.

History of the Pune University

The University of Pune was established by a separate act by Bombay Legislature in 1948. The university was established at Governor’s office which was built in 1864. Around 411 acres area has been allotted to university. The campus includes administrative office, bank, post-office and academic departments. It also contains hostels and canteens for the students.

The university campus has a historical background. It is the same place where Battle of Kharki took place. It was the part of Anglo-Maratha war. Today, the university monitors education of nearly thousands of students in the same campus.

Mission and Objectives of the University

This huge educational organization covers up large area of pune city and surrounding districts. It has set up few objectives so that the work will progress in a good direction. These objectives are as follows:

  • Achieving a high standard in educational facilities. The university aims at providing excellent education and knowledge opportunities to the students.
  • Participating in global movement of educational empowerment by creating ad fostering innovative ways of providing education.
  • Training the teachers and facilitators to improvise current syllabus and procuring modern technology to reach to larger masses.

Courses Offered in the Pune University

The university facilitates various courses for the students all over the world. These programs are available at graduate and post-graduate level. It also offers doctorate level certificates to the aspirants who want to specialize in a certain subject. Following are some of the departments that work under the Pune University:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Zoology
  3. Geography
  4. Geological science
  5. Foreign Languages
  6. Microbiology and Biotechnology
  7. Communication studies and Management Studies
  8. Environmental science and Computer science
  9. Linguistic and languages
  10. Economic and politics

Recognitions and Affiliations

Degree from Pune University is recognized all over the India and in some foreign countries also. After graduating from Pune University, you can apply for the education abroad. The organisation also recognizes various research institutions in pune like NCL(National Chemical Laboratory) and NCCS (NationalCenter for Cell Science).

In this way, Pune University is carving its unique path in the field of education in India. It has been ranked in places between around 191-200 in AsianUniversity rankings in previous year. The university is constantly updating the work environment and technologies to cope up with demands of new generation. It is striving hard to become best one in the field.

How to reach
Phone Numbers: 
25601099 / 25696061 / 25690062 / 25696064 / 25696065
University Of Pune, Ganeshkhind, Pune 411007.
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Regular Course
Distance Learning
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0 - 2 lacs
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Under Graduation
Post Graduation
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