UPSC - Union Public Service Commission

Most of educated youngsters dream of obtaining government job. It has become priority of students and job-seekers all over the India. Government jobs not only offer security of employment, but also provide fixed and decent pay and permanent tenure for the job. Therefore, many youngsters prefer them over private employment which is known for insecurity. The biggest organization in India which monitors and conducts the government employment is the Union Public Service Commission.

The history of UPSC dates back to 1926. Previously, passing Indian civil services was the only option to get into British-Indian government. However, the demand increased for a separate body which would conduct the examination for various posts in the government. Therefore, Federal Public Service Commission was set up in October, 1926. After Independence, it was renamed as the Union Public Service Commission.

Currently, UPSC works as a central agency for conducting various entrance examinations to enter into government sections and the institutes affiliated to it. It typically arranges and supervises the Civil Services Examination, Engineering Services Examination, Combined Defense Services Examination, National Defence Academy Examination, and so on.

Functions of the Union Public Service Commission

Apart from conducting examinations at different levels for various posts, UPSC performs many other functions such as:

  1. Recruitment of suitable and qualified personnel in government agencies
  2. Advice to Government and related agencies on appointment on various posts(availability, requirement and regulations of the posts)
  3. Management of disciplinary rules and regulations in the Government, jurisdiction over legal and official issues related to employees
  4. Other matters as specified time to time by the Constitution of India

Reforms in Recent Years

UPSC, has been adopting recent changes in employment structure and method of conducting examinations. Over the years, it has functioned on the basis of various rules as mentioned in its preamble. Following are some innovations made in operational system of Union Public Service Commission in recent period:

  1. Reforms in Examinations- The commission has brought out many changes in the scheme of Civil Services and Engineering examinations. The syllabus for preliminary exam for Civil Services has been reviewed and modified as per current sources. The candidates have been allowed to give an interview in the local language of their choice. The language committee was established under Prof. M. Anandakrishnan. This committee would look into the matters of language selection for written paper and the interview.
  2. SWS (Single Window System) - The commission has introduced a single window system to accept deputation proposals and examine them quickly. The system has increased the rate of deputation allotment which in turn has improved efficiency in the government work.
  3. ORA System: UPSC has implemented an Online Recruitment Application system now. This has reduced the time wastage in accepting applications, scrutinizing them and recommending the selected commissions for employment. Lakhs of students appear for the UPSC examinations every year. The ORA system has definitely reduced the workload of the commission and brought efficiency in the overall functioning of the organization.
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