V. M. Salgaocar College of Law

The College is housed in its own, exclusive, spacious campus in Miramar-Goa. This beautiful, coastal locale provides an excellent environment for academic, all round development of the students. It also has an added benefit of being within the City limits of Panjim, the Capital City of the State of Goa, which has a well developed infrastructure for National as well as International Travel.
The College has very good infrastructure befitting its place among one of the renowned places of excellence in Legal education. The College has spacious classrooms, well equipped with OHP facilities for interactive teaching. In addition the college has a spacious staff room, conference hall, a very well equipped library, computer laboratory, canteen, sports and other facilities.
The College is permanently affiliated to Goa University and recognized by the University Grants Commission and the Bar Council of India for imparting professional education in Law. It is a full-time College and functions from 7a.m. to 5p.m.

The Devi Shervani Education Society, under the auspices of which this college began, was founded by Late Mr. V.M. Salgaocar, an industrialist and philanthropist of Goa in the year 1972 and is registered under the societies Registration Act 1860.
This institution began its pioneering quest for excellence in legal studies in Goa under the name of Mahadevrao Salgaocar College of Law, being founded by Late Mr. V.M. Salgaocar who named the college in memory of his father Late Mr. Mahadevrao Salgaocar.
In the year 1997, as per the decision of the Governing Council, the name of the College was changed to V. M. Salgaocar College of Law.
V.M. S. College of Legal Education, Panjim - Goa, India

Our Endeavor

In the recent past, V.M. Salgaocar College of Law has been taking great strides in improving the quality of legal education and thus substantially enhancing the quality of law graduates who obtain a Law Degree from Goa University.
The Education at the college is not limited to imparting of legal knowledge to the students on various legal subjects but includes a kind of legal training which could enable the students to develop the capacity for rational thinking, articulation, presentation of arguments and sensitivity to the social needs.

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Goa University
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0 - 2 lacs
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V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar - Panjim, Goa, 403 001 - India.
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50 - 60 %
Library: A library is the heart of an educational Institution. Our Library has not only been the heart of this Institution but a source of inspiration to all other Advocates and Judges in Goa since its inception, as the first law college in Goa. The college has a well-equipped library occupying the whole of the second floor of the college building. The library hall is divided into two parts, a spacious library reading hall on one side and office cum stock room on the other side. The books are issued to the students on production of their library cards and the identity card as per the library rules. In addition, reference facility is also available throughout the day. The college Library is presently having over 14,000 books, including 484 books from Book Bank Section and 254 books & reports of Portuguese pre-liberation period. Besides, the College subscribes to a host of national and international legal periodicals. The students are expected to read the legal periodicals on a day-to-day basis and also refer to books for participating in various extra curricular activities and also for academic improvement. It has over 2,500 bound volumes of periodicals that are available for reference. Almost all the Journals are preserved from Volume I onwards till date. The library will be open from 8 a.m. to 5-p.m. for issue of books; the students are expected to pay a deposit of INR 500.00, which is refundable. The reading room The library has a large hall with accommodation for 300 students with necessary infrastructure for its use as a reading room. The College subscribes to almost all the national dailies, local newspapers, weeklies and magazines. These are readily available for the use of the students. Newspapers are available at the separate newspaper stand; magazines and weeklies are available against production of their identity cards. Reference Section The College has introduced the system of open assess where the students are allowed to enter the reference section and choose the books for themselves. All the cupboards in the reference section are open to facilitate free access to the students. The reference section has 5 separate sections : LL.B. Reference Section Books on Law and all law-related subjects, like political science, economics, history are available for the use of the students. The General Knowledge Section Books on General Knowledge, Encyclopedia, Competitive Examination Journals, textbooks are kept in this section for the use of all the students. The postgraduate section Since the College conducts the LL.M. programme on behalf of Goa University, in addition to the books received from Goa University, the College also has large number of reference books namely foreign editions on various important subjects like legal theory, human rights etc. These books are generally made available to the postgraduate students. The LL.B. students are also allowed to use the books on specific occasions or as and when they are participating in any symposium, seminars or moot courts. They may refer to such books only when the required subject matter is not available under the LL.B. Section. UGC Section The College has received development grant from the University Grants Commission for development of the library section. The books, which are purchased out of the UGC grant are mainly reference books and books on developing areas in law. These books are available to all the students. Intellectual Property Section The College is also recognized as a center for studies on Intellectual Property Law under the sponsorship of the Human Resource Ministry. The College library has a separate section dealing with Intellectual Property wherein reading material as well as reference material on Intellectual Property Law is available to the students. There is a proposal to construct a new library building, which will cater extensively to the needs of the student community and the legal fraternity of Goa. An innovative service is introduced to keep the users alert on the information appearing in the Journals, news papers and reports received in the Library. All interesting news items, reports and articles on legal aspects are clipped from the Journals and news papers and kept for reference. Famous quotations are also being displayed at the entrance of the Library every day. Contact Information The College Library, V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar - Panjim, Goa, 403 001 - India. Phone: +91-832-462225 Fax: +91-832-421571 Email: library@vmslaw.edu Cyber Society: In keeping with the progress and the revolution in information and technology, the use of computers and the modern methods of information and communication become essential for the lawyers of the 21st century. In order to cater to this felt need, the College has set up the V.M. Salgaocar College of Law Cyber Society with a fully equipped Computer Lab. Regulations Each student who becomes a member of the Cyber Society will be issued a membership card with which she/he can avail of the computer facility in the College. The computer room in-charge will note down the date, time, duration and the computer number, which was used by a particular member. The members will be allowed to use the computer as well as access internet, create E mail address, receive or send E mails, download information on their floppy and also use all other allied facilities connected with their academic pursuits. However, the facility for printing of downloaded material will be available only on payment basis depending upon the availability of printer and the rate fixed from time to time. Each student will be given 20 hours of free Internet use during the year. Any use beyond this will be charged at the rate of INR 15.00 per hour. Such students who have exhausted their credit hours should pay an advance of INR 150.00 for every continuing use. However, use of computers without Internet facility will not be charged. The students are expected not to exchange their computer time with any other student. If such a transaction takes place, both the giver as well as the receiver would lose their computer credit time. The students are expected not to disturb or use computers when the classes are being engaged for the students who have computers as a compulsory subject. Any unlawful or unethical use of the computer facility including but not limited to accessing of pornographic material on Internet will result in the cancellation of their membership and they will be refused admission to the College thereafter. Those who are not computer literate will be provided basic training in the use of computers like WINDOWS, WORD, EXCEL, MS DOS and Internet & E-mail browsing. Membership Every student who is granted admission is expected to be a member of this society. The membership fees are INR 300.00 per year. Contact Information Cyber Society, V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar - Panjim, Goa, 403 001 - India. Phone: +91-832-462225 Fax: +91-832-421571 Email: cybersociety@vmslaw.edu "Ignorance of Law is no excuse" is an ancient legal maxim. With the legislatures churning out loads of legislation and the Executive issuing far reaching notifications/regulations day by day, it has become extremely important for the common man to ascertain the various legal rules that regulates their conduct in a given situation. The problem has become acute in case of the poor and the deprived classes. It is in this context that the Central Government has set up a Statutory Authority called the National Legal Services Authority with the judge of the Supreme Court as its Chairman. Law colleges all over have been invited to participate in the legal literacy and awareness campaign in the country. It is to fulfill this obligation that Legal Aid and Awareness society is set up in this college. Objective 1) To conduct Legal Awareness Campaigns preferably in the remote corners of the states. 2) To provide legal aid to those who are needy and hence unable to approach the Court for justice. 3) To create awareness among the students regarding the actual socio-legal situation in the country. 4) To enable the students to analyse, interpret and implement various legal and constitutional provisions available for the benefit of the poor and the deprived classes. 5) To provide practical training to the students, in the field of advocacy. Membership Every student who is granted admission is expected to be a member of this society. The membership fees are INR 300.00 per year. Activities of the V. M. S. College of Law, Legal Aid Society LEGAL AID CELLS V. M. Salgaocar College of Law has been the first college in India to have setup the largest number of professionally run Legal Aid Cells in India. These cells are situated in various parts of Goa. LEGAL AWARENESS The College undertakes various legal awareness projects to educate the public on various socio-legal issues. The same is being done by organising lecture series, local discussion programmes, street plays etc, in various parts of the State. GOA CENTRE FOR CONCILIATION The delay caused by the system of adjudication in India has become a cause of injustice. Social reformers, legislators as well as concerned citizens have been searching for an alternative for speedy settlement of cases. The Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1996 is one such endeavor in this regard. The Act mainly focuses on the method of arbitration as a means for settlement of such disputes. Past experience has shown that arbitration is not only expensive but often leads to further delay. Conciliation as a method of settlement is a viable alternative. The courts in India and the legal profession are used to a particular procedure in the resolution of disputes and often find it extremely difficult if not impossible to adopt methods of conciliation. With the limited experience of the College through its various legal aid cells in the northern parts of Goa, the College has experimented with the method of conciliation and has found that conciliation is an effective method of settlement of disputes. The basic advantages are it is cost effective, it is prompt and is not ridden with procedural hurdles and once settlement is arrived, not only the disputes are settled but the parties grievance and personal enmities are also solved. In this context, the College has decided to set up a Center for Conciliation where law students, junior advocates and others will be trained in the art of conciliation. The Center will conduct various state level and national level programs first to create awareness regarding the advantage of conciliation over other methods of settlement of disputes and then to train personnel who will take up the profession of conciliators. The College intends to set up a Conciliation Training Center. Contact Information Prof. M. R. K. Prasad Co-ordinator, The Legal Aid Society, V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar - Panjim, Goa, 403 001 - India. Phone: +91-832-462225 +91-832-461809 Fax: +91-832-421571 Email: legalaidsociety@vmslaw.edu mrkprasad@vmslaw.edu
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