Vignana Jyothi society was established ten years ago by a group of like minded industrialists and businessmen of Andhra Pradesh with a view to plough back into the society something that could set the society flourishing. This group comprised successful industrialists, businessmen and professionals who had won recognition for their professional competence and business ethics.

Education is the backbone of a society's growth and development. It was therefore felt that maximum contribution to society can be made in this sphere. It was with this background that the Vignana Jyothi Society was formed with the objective of promoting excellence in education in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The society called "VIGNANA JYOTHI" was registered on 21st January 1991.

Today, Vignana Jyothi has created an edifice with unshakable foundations which can only grow higher and higher.Our Schools, Management Institute & Engineering College stand testimony to this.

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Established in: 
21st January 1991.
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Fee Structure: 
0 - 2 lacs
Kind of courses: 
Under Graduation
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Phone Numbers: 
Phone : 91 - 040 - 23042758/59/60 Fax : 91 - 040 - 23042761
Contact Person: 
Dr C.D.Naidu Principal
VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology Batchupally Hyderabad- 500 072,Rangareddy Dt.Andhra Pradesh, India.
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Placement Amount: 
3 - 5 lacs
D.Pardhasaradhi In-charge Training & Placement Cell MTP Department VNR Vignan Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology Bachupally Hyderabad – 500 090 Ph. No. 040 23042575 (Direct) Board: 040 23042758, 59, 60 Ext 235, 236 Mobile No. 9949571339, Email-id: , Mr. D. Srinivasa Rao Training Officer: Mobile no. 9347357742 Mentoring, Training and Placement (MTP) Services at VNR VJIET VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology has been striving to give its students the most congenial environment to enhance their growth and help achieve their goals. The integrated Mentoring, Training & Placement (MTP) Program is a step initiated by the Management of VNRVJIET towards achieving this mission. MTP is an innovative and novel program designed to train ALL students from the very beginning to equip the students with strong academic knowledge and aggressively exploit opportunities available with Indian and Global Corporates. This program enables every student to become pro-active in defining his own requirements for training so as to enhance her/ his skills. MTP aims to take positive action through its three areas of activity: • Mentoring by a faculty member • Training by Professional Trainers • Placement through Campus interviews. In this program, students are encouraged to take initiative to interact regularly with their mentor. The student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified by the mentor and trained in the right direction to overcome weaknesses and further strengthen the positive attributes to groom her /him into a complete individual for future endeavors. This is consciously done with a specific aim to prepare the student to face challenges in this competitive world and to achieve personal and professional goals through placement. MTP program thus aims to monitor and ensure student progress by providing timely counseling and advice so that they are trained and groomed to become good individuals and are placed well in their respective careers. Purpose of the MTP program is to enhance: • Academic achievement • Personal growth • Career and employment opportunities As the student progresses through the Academic Program, each member of the MTP team mentors, trains and supports the student depending on the individual’s status and concern. The student records the efforts put in all aspects namely Academics, CCA, ECA the MTP Record. This is a continuous process which enables each student to realize her/his goals and ambitions. This is done through SWOT analysis i.e. Identifying Strengths, and building up a career based on these strengths Identifying Weaknesses and consciously correcting them Identifying Opportunities for good placement, and Training him to correct weaknesses and develop additional soft skills, moral values etc…. How to benefit from MTP Services MTP is an interactive process between the student and the Mentor. During the mentoring schedules held every fortnight, the student’s performance is monitored through the MTP record wherein the activities of the student are updated regularly during the four years of study in the Institute. Regular interaction with the mentor is the key to achieving bigger, better goals. The student also volunteers ideas and put forth her/ his experiences in this record. Thus the MTP book is much beyond a record of activities. It is a mirror of the student and his work in the Engineering Student life. A memoir to treasure! The following persons are associated with the MTP services: • Training & Placement Head: Mr D.Pardhasaradhi •Mentoring Coordinator : Dr T.Jayashree • Training Officer : Mr D.Srinivas Rao If there are any questions or comments about MTP, or if there is any issue related to MTP to be addressed, please write/ talk to us at: MTP Cell, P.G Block, Room no P002 or mail us at: . M/s WIPRO Technologies 2. M/s Infosys, Bangalore 3. M/s Satyam Computers 4. M/s Cognizant solutions 5. M/s Sasken, Bangalore 6. M/s InfoTech Enterprises 7. M/s Thermal systems 8. M/s Mahindra & Mahindra 9. M/s Caritor, Bangalore 10. M/s Intergraph 11. M/s ADEA Internationals, Bangalore 12. M/s Crompton Greaves CoreEl, Bangalore 13. M/s Southern Global Services 14. M/s CDOC 15. M/s IVY Computech 16. M/s VEM Technologies 17. M/s VIJAI Electricals 18. M/s CMC Ltd 19. M/s Seenaiah & co 20. M/s SOMA Engineering works 21. M/s 22. M/s People one consultants 23. M/s Neo – trax software solutions 24. M/s Kene India software solutions 25. M/s ITC – Infotech, Bangalore 26. M/s MAQ Software. Bombay 27. M/s LVL 7 28. M/s Integra Microsystems 29. M/s SEW Constructions 30. M/s Slash Support Technologies 31. M/s Syntel Ltd 32. M/s Manpower Consultants 33. M/s GMR Constructions Ltd 34. M/s Semantic Space Technologies Ltd 35. M/s Sandvik Asia ltd 36. M/s Aztech Software 37. M/s Apps Associates 38. M/s TCS 39. M/s Micro soft 40. M/s Motorola 41. M/s G.E 42. M/s G.E Capital 43. M/s Oracle 44. M/s IBM 45. M/s Qual Core Logic Ltd 46. M/s 24/7 Customer Care 47. M/s American Online 48. M/s L Cube, Channai 49. M/s Danlaw Technology Ltd 50. M/s Essar Groups 51. M/s Tata Honeywell 52. M/s Trianz.Com 53. M/s Sum Total Systems, Inc 54. M/s L&T infotech 55. M/s Ramsys Info 56. M/s Sonata Software 57. M/s Sify 58. M/s QUEST 59. M/s Accenture 60. M/s Maytas Infrastructures Pvt Ltd. 61. M/s Juno Online Services 62. M/s JDA Software India Pvt Ltd. 63. M/s Dell 64. M/s IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd 65. M/s i-Gate 66. M/s Minvesta 67. M/s Sapient Technologies 68. M/s Medho Servo Drives 69. M/s Broadcom 70. M/s Simplex Infrastructures Ltd. 71. M/s Topnotch Infrastructure Pvt Ltd 72. M/s Simon Craves India Ltd
Last Qualification Percentage: 
50 - 60 %
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